Beyond The Grave

Gemma Noel is a normal 14 year old. She has a best friend, a crush and spends lots of time shopping and reading... oh, and she's dead! Gemma is quite used to being ignored seeing as the living can't see her, but when a boy catches her eye one day and she realizes he is very much alive, things start to change.


2. Can He See Me?

I almost fell off my tomb. Did Cute boy just catch my eye? You might think i'm over reacting, but don't forget that i'm dead and he isn't. He shouldn't be able to see me... but he could. As I watched him his face turned a deathly pale colour. He froze. I could see realization slowly seep into him. Stumbling slightly, he backed away gazing transfixed at the people around him. I turned round to Amy but she had also frozen with a look of shock on her face. Almost everyone in the graveyard seemed to turn to face Cute boy (I really need to find out his name) with a look of disbelief on plastered across their faces. Cute boy had enough sense to turn and run through the gates. I had a feeling he wouldn't be back for a while. "Did he just look you?", Amy whispered. I jumped, i'd forgotten about her as she was being so unusually quiet. I nodded my head too stunned to talk. Around us I could hear people talking about what had just happened and feel the pointed looks people were shooting at me. "I'm just..just going to um...", I stuttered gesturing to my tombstone. I quickly yanked open the door and went inside my room. Oh dear, i'm confusing you again aren't I? Every tombstone is a sort of door. All our rooms are attached to the tombs but you can't see them from the outside. It's a bit like the tent in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. No? Not a potterhead huh?! I'm getting distracted again. Whoops. I lay for a while on my head in the dimming room thinking about what had happened. It kept playing over in my head. caught my eye as he was walking away. It just wasn't possible. Yet it had happened. I was sure of it. I felt my heart give a little leap! If he could see me then surely he would be able to hear me. I could ask him his name. A whole new world of possibilities opened up to me and I fell asleep with a small smile playing on my lips.  

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