Beyond The Grave

Gemma Noel is a normal 14 year old. She has a best friend, a crush and spends lots of time shopping and reading... oh, and she's dead! Gemma is quite used to being ignored seeing as the living can't see her, but when a boy catches her eye one day and she realizes he is very much alive, things start to change.


3. Archie and His Crazy Ideas

I woke the next day feeling confused. As I lay in bed with the sun streaming into my room, yesterday came flooding back to me. I was still unsure about what had happened. I knew that the boy had seen me, I knew he was living, but was it real or was this all a dream? I decided to walk into town, I didn't really feel like talking to  Amy today. 

Starbucks has always been my favorite cafe. The people in there were always friendly and they did an amazing hot chocolate. It had cream with marshmallows and chocolate flakes! Archie (who was dead of course), was there too so I sat at a table with him, both of us drinking ghostly impressions of the drinks around us. Archie was 15. I met him when he died. He was really confused and upset, all he remembered was driving to a party and he couldn't understand why he was here. It was quite a shock for him when we broke the news. Anyway, he had learn't to trust me and we were quite good friends now. He patiently listened as I told him about yesterdays events. "I always knew you were different!", he snorted. I glared at him. "But this is bad", he said, becoming deadly serious again. Archie had a few theories, such as that the boy was dead but I couldn't tell. I turned this one down replying that i'd been able to tell he was alive, for a start he could't see us at first. He also suggested that he had been given the 'sight' as he called it. That maybe someone had purposely given him the ability to see us and that we might have to help him. I also turned this one down as that sounds like magic, and magic isn't real. "Seriously? You are dead, in Starbucks, and your'e telling me magic isn't real?" I pondered over this and said i'd think about it. We would have carried on talking except two girls came and sat on us. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to have someone go through you? It's like being plunged into a bucket of icy water. Archie told me he had to meet someone so I was left to wander around the shops alone with only my crazy, messed up mind to accompany me.   

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