As Shadows Fall

The year is 3019, and the Elves of Lothlorien cross the River Anduin to confront the orcish fortress of Dol Guldur. The elves face wave after wave of enemy with ease, but the orcs have one last trick up their sleeve...


1. A word, if I may.


This is a public service announcement. Several things about this fanfic are not quite true to the books, I am aware of this. So please, do not comment angrily, go instead and spend your energies being awesome. You know you can do it. 

Thank you.


'A swift cut sword, a punishing star, the elves who do no wrong,

Will slay the weak, and red shall seep, their blood on the hands of the strong!

With glinting gold and spears of old, fell voices from on high,

When arrows soar and voices roar, the elves are going to war!'

Anon. battle cry of the assorted elven armies.


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