His Two Sides [Harry/Marcel Styles] AU

"Just get over it Marcel, look at me. I'm taken, I'm popular, and everyone loves me. And now look at you"

"B-but you don't-"

"I do. Idiot"

Marcel Styles was the nerdy boy who always cares about studies, classes, homeworks. While Stephanie Matthews was the popular girl with a natural beauty. Nobody actually cares about this Marcel boy, nobody. But nobody knows the real him. He hid a really big secret from everyone; he had two sides of Marcel. The bright side also known as Marcel, and the dark side also known as Harry who happened to be Stephanie's boyfriend.

"Who do you think you are?"



9. Chapter 9

VAS HAPPENIN?! hi you readers out there! :) Just wanna say thanks for reading, liking, adding, and commenting this story. it literally makes me smile and.. yea happy. So thank you so much! ILYSM <3

Here we go! :)

"What happened between you and Harry?" Perrie asked as Eleanor sat down next to me.

​​​​​"W-we... We had a fight." I said and they widened their eyes. I told them everything, the kisses, the fight and of course that girl.

​​​​​"We're sorry." Eleanor apologized; I shook my head and sniffed.

​​​"No, don't be. It's alright" I gave her a smile and she patted my back.

​​​"Guys! Let go of me! I need to see her!" Harry shouted which made me even sadder.

​​​"Steph!!" He shouted again. El and Perrie led me to El's room and locked the door. I wanted him to leave. But I also wanted him here sat next to me with his hands around me while singing Stevie Wonder's songs. And now, he couldn't do those things anymore. I didn't hear my name being called, so I guess Harry had already left.

​​​"C'mon, we'll ask the boys to take you home" Perrie said and the three of us went downstairs.

​​​"Geez. Harry.." Liam said and sat down next to Niall.

​​​"Boys? She needs a ride home" El said, my eyes were still watery my hands were kinda shaking a little.

​​​"We'll take you home!" All of them stood up from their seats, I giggled.

​​​"All of you?" I asked through my giggles.

​​​"Hmm.. Niall and Liam" Zayn said and they nodded. After saying goodbyes, Niall drove the car with Liam beside him. I sat on the back thinking, and thinking. I looked at the wet window that reflects my reflection. There was this girl, who gives a shit.

​​​"Steph?" Liam called my name; I jumped a little and wiped the tears on my eyes.

​​​"Y-yeah?" I said.

​​​"We're here, oh and we send your car here as soon as possible,” Liam said and I thanked them.

​​​"Smile Steph, you're too pretty to frown" Niall said cheerily which made me happy and laughed.

​​​"Thanks for the ride guys" I hopped out.

​​​"If you need something else, feel free to call us" Liam said and gave me a smile, and I nodded 
​​​waved them. It was drizzling so must hurry before I got wet! I opened the front door without knocking or ringing the bell.
"Oh my God, Where have you been?" My mom said and hugged me tightly. 

​​​​​"M-mom.. I can't.. Breathe.." I said and she let go. He held my wrists with a worried face.

​​​"I-I.." I was going to tell her what's as going on between Harry, and me but I decided not to tell her. She would be like; ugh you know what I mean.

​​​"I was from my friend's house, Eleanor's" I smiled a little and went upstairs. I think, Troy and I had the same problem. Like really, what a coincidence.

​​​"You can fool her but you can't fool me" Troy said behind me. I took a deep breath before turning myself.

​​​"You guys are breaking up?" He asked. I kept quiet. I didn't know what to say. Specifically, I didn't even know whether we were still together or not.

​​​"I don't know,” I said simply. His face became sad, but not as sad as me.

​​​"He's a good guy. He would've never cheat on you. Unlike Delilah" He sat down and started to play the grand piano using "Jar Of Hearts" by Christina Perri.

​​​"So don't come back to me, who do you think you are?" I followed the lyric with my normal tone. 

​​​​​​And that line, fits my situation.


​​​"Get some rest" Troy said and closed the piano with a golden cover. I nodded slowly and went to my room.

​​​*Beep Beep* I stroke my hair behind my ear and took out my phone. 34 texts and 40 missed calls 

​​​​​from the one and the only one,


​​​I decided to check one of them, it says,

​​​From: Harry<3 "I'm sorry... Please forgive me. I'll do anything :("

​​​Damn it I still had the '<3' after his name. You'll do anything? Murder her for me. I didn't answer anything from him. I threw my phone on the floor and I threw myself on my bed. Usually, we had a pillow fight. Yea, pillow fights right before we went to sleep and always end up making out. I missed the fun only, and now I cried again. Stupid girl.
*Beep Beep*

My phone rang again, but it had a different ringtone. It was from Tess.

​​​"H-hey Tess.." I said through my tears.

​​​"Oh my God.. What happens Steph?" She asked worriedly.

​​​"I-it's...Harry.." I said and lowered down my voice.

​​​"Do you want me to go there?" She asked but I denied it.

​​​"No, no need to. It's already late. Let's just talk about this tomorrow" I said and she said yes. I 
​​​hung up the phone and placed it down on my nightstand.

​​​2 days later..

​​​Tess, April and I talked a bit yesterday, they knew me very well. And now, I'm shopping alone. I need more clothes to refresh my mind. And a cup of coffee would be perfect. I ordered a vanilla Frappuccino, and I sat down there. I opened up my phone and yeah, missed calls and texts were still blocking my locked screen. I locked it again and just sat there and wandering around. Until I saw him. Right there. He didn't see me though, I went outside Starbucks. But apparently, he saw me here. And went outside as well.

​​​Damn it.

​​​I ran away, but he kept chasing me.

​​​"Steph wait!" Harry shouted, but I kept running away.

​​​"Steph!" He shouted again. I saw the traffic light was on the yellow one, but I didn't have a choice but to across the street. But suddenly, it became green.

​​​"Steph! Watch out!" Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me. I was nearly die. I repeat, NEARLY DIE! My head was buried in his chest, same for my hands. He wrapped his hands around me. Just like he normally does.

​​​"G-get off me!" I said and pushed him.

​​​"You can leave now,” I said while turning myself around.

​​​"I'm sorry Steph..." He apologized. I kept quiet and corded my hands.

​​​"About my words? That I told you that I slept with a girl? It was just a lie,” he admitted and I widened my eyes.

​​​"What?" I said in shock.

​​​"It was just a lie. You know that I hate losing, so that's why I said that. I'm sorry.." He said and frowned. I didn't respond to anything; I stood there like an idiot.

​​​"And when I say that I don't fucking need you?.."

​​​"I need you Stephanie, I really really need you. And I missed you so much" he said, his eyes were a bit watery. I shook my head.

​​​"I need time" All I could say and left him there. Yea, I walked away just like nothing happened. 

​​​Next day,

"And maybe we could move the lights over-" Layla cut her words after she saw Marcel.

​​​"Marcel? You're late!" Layla said. Marcel looked really weird today, he was frowning, his hands were shaking, and his face was a bit pale.

​​​"Marcel?" Layla asked with a disgusted face. He lifted his head and started to smile.

​​​"Oh, sorry. I'll continue my work" he said and went to his table that full of decorations. ... I took a needle to stitch the long rope, it was furry and colorful.

​​​"Ouch!" I said and placed down the needle. I shook my finger, which attracted Marcel's attention.

​​​"L-let me help y-you" He said and sat next to me. When he held my finger, it feels warm and it feels very familiar.

​​​"Are y-you okay?" He asked I looked down and shook my head.

​​​"Me and my boyfriend had a fight. I don't even know whether we are still together or not,” I said and he nodded slowly.

​​​"He said that he slept with a girl, that hurt me so much" I added.

​​​"I'm s-sure h-he didn't m-mean t-that..." He said, I lifted my head and giggled.

​​​"And how do you know that?" I asked, I smiled a bit.

​​​"W-well.. A perfect boyfriend l-like him would never do t-that to a girl l-like you" He said and gave me a smile. That was pretty sweet though.

​​​"Thanks" I thanked him and it all became quiet. "Anyway, what would... You do if you're in my position?" I asked without looking at him.

​​​"I-if he say t-that h-he's sorry, then y-you should forgive h-him..." He said. "Cause he really r-really mean it.." He added and I looked at him.

​​​"Thanks helping me" I thanked him and went back to work. Marcel was still sat there on the wooden bench. "Marcel?" I turned my head.

​​​"Y-yes?" He responded.

​​​"Do you mind helping my parts after school?" I asked and he nodded. "O-of course!" He stood up and went back to work.

​​​After school,

​​​​​"Now we need music..." I mumbled, and took out my MacBook Pro.

​​​"Let's see..." I mumbled again in whole shuffling the songs. I kept changing the songs; I really had no idea what to choose.

​​​"Hmm... H-how about Crazier?"

​​​"Crazier by T-Swift?" I asked while searching for the songs and finally I found it. And yea, it was perfect for the slow dance.

​​​"It's perfect!" I said cheerily. And Marcel smiled.

​​​"Is this o-okay?" He asked and I nodded. Crazier by T-Swift, memories..

​​​Flashback We were at Robin and Anne's wedding occasion.

​​​"Babe?" He called me.

​​​"Yes?" I said and fixed my curled hair a bit.

​​​"Do you mind button this up for me? And.. This tie to?" He asked with his unbuttoned white shirt. I 
​​​chuckled and nodded. I buttoned his shirt while he kept looking at me with that smile.

​​​"You look beautiful today" he said and smiled cheekily.

​​​"Thank you,” I giggled while tying his tie.

​​​"Done" I said and he took a look at himself in the mirror that reflects both of us in formal outfits.

​​​"Do you see what I see there?" He asked.

​​​"What?" I asked him and leant my head on his shoulder.

​​​"I see Mr. Styles, and future Mrs. Styles" he said and smiled, and I giggled. Future Mrs. Styles he 
​​​said. ...

​​​I watched Harry as Anne's best man. He was really a gentleman.

​​​"You did a great job,” I said while taking drinks. "Do you know where I want I kiss you?" He 

​​​"My lips?" I guessed and he shook his head.


​​​"My neck?"


​​​"My cheek?"


​​​"Where?" I asked and he smiled.

​​​"Right there front of our families after we both say 'I do' " he said and I blushed. Seeing Anne and 
​​​Robin slow dancing together in the center of the room attracted our attention.

​​​"Can I have this dance?" Harry bent down with his opened hands. I giggled there.

​​​"Of course" I giggled again. The music was slow, green lights, and Harry. It was perfect. His 
​​​hands were on my waist, and my hands were on his shoulders, leant my head on his shoulder.

​​​"Steph?" He whispered next to my ear.


​​​"I love you,” he said, like for the billionth times.

​​​"I love you too" I said and looked at his eyes. I lost in his green eyes, totally lost. He lifted his head 
​​​and kissed me in front of his families, and guests.

​​​End of flashback

​​​"S-Stephanie?..." Marcel waves his hands in front of me and I jumped a little.


​​​"D-do you know h-how to dance?" He asked and I nodded while putting some papers back into 
​​​my bag.

​​​"Yep, you?" I asked him back. And he shook his head nervously.

​​​"No worries, it's easy just concentrate with your feet and done!" I said as held my bag and ready to go.
"O-okay..." He said and took his bag. Hmm.. I feel guilty by the way he looked.

​​​"I'll teach you. Just meet me here tomorrow exactly at this time" I said and began to walk. He thanked me before I left the gym. I went to the basement and saw a black Range Rover parked there, it couldn't be. Harry? The door's opened and the person came out, It wasn't Harry.

​​​"Hello there!" He greeted me with a smile on his face.

​​​"Hi" I greeted him back.

​​​"Umm... Anyway I needed to see the principal. But I don't-"

​​​"I'll take you there" I cut him and he giggled. We both went inside and went to the principal's office. 
​​​On our way, we talked a bit he told me that he's a new student.


​​​"Thanks for helping me" He said I nodded.

​​​"I'm Justin, by the way" He said and we shook hands.

​​​"I'm Stephanie, just call me Steph" I smiled.

​​​"Steph, I like that name" I was blushing a bit, I mean yea many boys told me that they liked my 
​​​name, but he said it in a different way.

​​​"See you tomorrow" I said and left, when I turned my head, his eyes met mine and gave me a 
​​​smile. You know what? There's a cute boy in my school.

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