His Two Sides [Harry/Marcel Styles] AU

"Just get over it Marcel, look at me. I'm taken, I'm popular, and everyone loves me. And now look at you"

"B-but you don't-"

"I do. Idiot"

Marcel Styles was the nerdy boy who always cares about studies, classes, homeworks. While Stephanie Matthews was the popular girl with a natural beauty. Nobody actually cares about this Marcel boy, nobody. But nobody knows the real him. He hid a really big secret from everyone; he had two sides of Marcel. The bright side also known as Marcel, and the dark side also known as Harry who happened to be Stephanie's boyfriend.

"Who do you think you are?"



8. Chapter 8

​​​​​​​​​​​​​I had no choice but I really need to know about this girl that he had been texting to. I knocked his door, and he opened it. His face seemed to be really happy to see me here, and just to tell you the truth I missed that smile.

​​​"Stephanie" He said and smirked, I didn't respond anything I walked inside and sat down on the sofa with my hands crossed.

​​​"Explain to me. Everything" I said and he giggled.

​​​"Let's just go to my room. So we could talk seriously," He suggested.

​​​"I'm staying here" I rejected his offer. But he showed his puppy eyes.

​​​"Fine" I sighed and went upstairs with him. I sat on the chair my hands were still crossed. He was 
​​​still smirking. I got a bad feeling about this idea.

​​​"Explain" I said and he nodded.
"I was.. Busy, at the campus I had a lot of projects to do and I had no time to call you or text you.. I'm sorry," He explained. Seriously, he was lying. I could feel it. But I will find the truth behind those masked words.

​​​"Now, explain about that girl" I said, he smiled and came to me slowly. And took off his red T-shirt. I took a step back. This wasn't the right time.

​​​"What's wrong?" He asked and ended with a smirk.

​​​"Harry.. Not n-now..." I said and took another step back. But he grabbed my wrist and pushed me against the wall. I cannot believe this, my boyfriend doing these things to me.

​​​"Look at me Steph" He said but I ignored it, I kept looking away.

​​​"Steph look at me" He repeated, I lifted my head slowly and his lips immediately pressed into mine.

​​​"H-Harry.. Stop!" I begged but he kept kissing me roughly.

​​​"Harry! STOP!!!" I repeated, but he didn't listen. He wrapped his hands on my waist and brought me to the bed.

​​​"Make me" He whispered and continued kissing my neck. I moved my legs as fast as I could so it could distract him.

​​​"Oh no you don't" He smirked again; now he was on top of me. I closed my eyes; I didn't come here for this.. I came here for explanations.

​​​"Harry.. Please.. Stop.." I begged and dropped a tear. And suddenly, he stopped.

​​​"Why are you crying?" He asked and lifted his body from me.

​​​"I-I'm n-not.." I wiped them away. Harry gave me a quick peck on my lips and stood up.

​​​"Don't you ever think that kiss would make me forget about what we were talking about?" I warned him and he turned around. I sat down and fixed my messy hair. When he turned around, his lip was frowning. He shook his head and sat down on the chair. He held his forehead with his palm. While I sat down and stared at the walls tried not to look at him. It was all quiet, he didn't say anything and I didn't say anything as well. Awkward.

​​​"Steph?" He called my name with a little voice. I didn't answer him. Just kept quiet, after he explains about everything.

​​​"Steph.. I.." He said, I couldn't say anything. I kept frowning, not knowing what to do. Until I had enough.
​​"I gotta go" I stood up and slammed the door and went downstairs.

​​​"Steph, wait" he said and followed me downstairs.

​​​"No" all I could say.

​​​"Please babe, let me-"

​​​"Explain? You don't want to explain anything to me!" I cut him.

​​​"Look, you want me to explain about her?! Fine! I'll explain it to you! She's a girl from my campus and I slept with her! Happy now?!" He explained in anger.

​​​"Y-you w-what?!" I dropped my mouth and widened my eyes.

​​​"I. Slept. With. Her" He said and stared at me coldly. My eyes became watery, my heart dropped, 
​​​my head was about to explode, my love for Harry was about at its final point.

​​​"H-how could you do that to me?!" I said with my cracked voice. But he didn't answer me.

​​​"Go" he said and turned around.

​​​"I hate you" I mumbled, I took a deep breath and make my move to the door.

​​​"No.. Steph, don't go.." He grabbed my wrist that made me stop walking.

​​​"Let me go" I ordered and he didn't answer anything. He pulled me into a hug. But I pushed him.

​​​"Steph! Argh! Fine, Go away! I don't fucking need you anyway!" He shouted and I cried even more. I drove my car in high speed, I disobeyed the traffic lights. I cried, and cried, and cried. I closed my mouth with my palm. He didn't just texted and called that girl, he SLEPT with her!

​​​*Car honks* 

​​​​​"Oh my God.." I said and stopped the car. I almost hit another car. I rested my head on the steering wheel. It was raining. And suddenly, someone knocked my window. I lifted my head to see,


​​​I opened the door and hugged him immediately. I don't care he was Harry's best friend, I don't.

​​​"Steph? What are you doing this late at night? Why are you crying?" He questioned.

​​​"Long story" that was all I could say.


​​​"How are you feeling?" Liam asked and I gave him a smile.

​​​"Weak" I said simply. And he frowned. I told the boys about everything, but I haven't told Perrie and Eleanor yet.

​​​"But I'm feeling better to see you guys here. Thank you" I thanked them and they all gave me smiles.

​​​"Come, change your clothes. I think I have some spare Pjs for you to wear Eleanor said and grabbed my hand leading me to her room.

​​​"You can wear this," she said.

​​​"Thank you Eleanor" I thanked her and she giggled.

​​​"Glad I can help, I'll be waiting outside" she said and left the room. I locked the room and took 
​​​a quick shower. I change my wet clothes into a Gray sweatpants and black jacket with a gray PINK T-shirt. I opened the door and saw Eleanor sitting on the couch next to the stairs.

​​​"You should have some rest, it's been a tiring day for you. You can sleep in my room of you want, I'll sleep with Louis" Eleanor said and I nodded.

​​​"Thank you Eleanor, I really appreciate it" I thanked her. This was a Louis' house, El had her own room but they usually slept together I guess.


​​​It was around 2am, I kept thinking about his word,

​​​"I don't fucking need you!"

​​​Next day,

​​​"Good morning Steph!" Louis and Eleanor greeted.

​​​"Morning" I respond and gave him a smile. I sat down next to Niall who was pretty busy with his extra plate.

​​​"Niall, give her pancakes back" Perrie said after she washed her hands in the sink. Niall sighed and gave a plate with two pancakes and a maple syrup.

​​​"Feeling better?" Niall asked and I nodded.

​​​"Yea, I guess so-" He cut me by spraying a whipped cream on my face.

​​​"What the.." I giggled and he chuckled. Somehow this feels very familiar.


​​​"Morning Harry" I greeted him who was just waking up from his sleep.

​​​"Last night was good" He smirked and I giggled.

​​​"Anyway, what's for breakfast?" He asked and sat down on the chair and stared at me sweetly.

​​​"Pancakes" I said simply as I flipped the pancake

​​​"Stop staring at me like that" I said and he laughed.

​​​"Why?" He asked through his laughs.

​​​"It's because-"

​​​"You're beautiful" He cut me and stood up from his chair. I didn't say anything, just smiling there 
​​​like an idiot.

​​​"Here's your breakfast" I placed down his plate, but he was still staring at me.

​​​"And here's your breakfast" He started kissing my neck.

​​​"Stop that or I'll eat your pancakes," I said and he laughed again. He didn't listen to me; he kept doing it until his lips met mine.

​​​"My turn" I said and chuckled, I sprayed him some whipped cream to his face.

​​​"Stephaniee!!" He said while cleaning his face with his hands and sat down on the chair.


​​​​​"Gotcha!" I said and he smiled. 

​​​​​"Here's for you!" Harry sprayed whipped cream on my face, he laughed so was I. This was a funny sweet moment. Creams everywhere, my cheeks, my foreheads, my palms, and my lips everywhere.

​​​"I'll grab a napkin," I said but he stopped me.

​​​"I'll help, I'll clean your lips" He smiled and kissed my lips again. And not for long, he pulled away.

​​​"I love you" He said for the billionth times, our foreheads were touched. He looked into my eyes 
​​​and I looked at him.

​​​"I love you too" I said and gave him a smile.

​​​"You taste so good with cream on your lips" He said followed by his cheeky smile. He sat down 
​​​on the chair and ate his pancakes. I chuckled and sat down next to him.

We were like kids, we played pillow fight before we sleep, we played video games, hide and seek, 
​​​but always end up making out. Was that normal?

​​​End of flashback

​​​"Hello? Anybody in there?" Niall waved his front of my face.

​​​"Hey, do you want to go out? We could have a little shopping? And I need a Shopaholic like you to choose my outfit for my date!" Eleanor asked cheerily. And I agreed.

​​​"Sure! Let's go!" I said and finished my breakfast.


​​​"White? Or blue?" Eleanor asked. She was holding a dress; I liked both of them so it was a hard decision.

​​​"Hmm.. White one! You look awesome with the color white" I said and she thanked me, she went to the fitting room and wow, she looked stunning!

​​​"Oh my God, you look beautiful!" I complimented.

​​​"Louis sure does lucky to have a girlfriend as pretty as you" Perrie said and gave her a smile.

​​​"Thanks guys! I'll take this one" She said and went inside again.

​​​"Now, it's time for you to choose!" Perrie and El grabbed my hands and took me to a rack with full of stylish collections.

​​​"You need something new Steph" Eleanor handed me a pretty casual dress, while Perrie handed 
​​​me a crop-top and high waisted skirt. I liked both of them so I took El's and Perrie's choices. After 
​​​I paid the bills we head straight to lunch. I liked being around these two girls; they were almost the same to Tess and April. They were really nice, kind, and supportive as well. We spent like 6 hours in the mall.


​​​"That was so much fun!" Perrie said and parked the car.

​​​"Yeah that boy from the movie was so sweet!" Eleanor said as he hopped out.

​​​"Yea. And now stop talking about boys" Perrie said and she laughed. We went inside and greeted by the boys.

​​​"Ah, welcome back ladies!" Louis greeted, Eleanor whispered.

​​​"Hey, you better put your shopping bags upstairs. They would probably rip the bags off if you put them here" She giggled and I nodded. I put the shopping bags in El's room. I decided to take a quick shower and then changed my clothes. I was halfway through the stairs, and I heard some shouts and my name being called.

​​​"I need to see her!" He said. Harry's here.

​​​"Zayn! Let me go! I need to see her!" He shouted again, I walked slowly and his eyes met mine.

​​​"Steph.." He said and smiled, he came closer to me but Louis blocked him.

​​​"You need to leave Harry" Louis said, blocking him from me. I took a step back.

​​​"Steph? You should go upstairs. We'll take care of him," Niall said and I nodded.

​​​"Niall! Don't touch her! She's my girlfriend!" Harry barked, I didn't want to see him.

​​​"No, Steph Wait!" Harry shouted again but I ignored him and went upstairs. I was crying though, yea I'm worthless, I'm weak, and I'm such a stupid girl.

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