His Two Sides [Harry/Marcel Styles] AU

"Just get over it Marcel, look at me. I'm taken, I'm popular, and everyone loves me. And now look at you"

"B-but you don't-"

"I do. Idiot"

Marcel Styles was the nerdy boy who always cares about studies, classes, homeworks. While Stephanie Matthews was the popular girl with a natural beauty. Nobody actually cares about this Marcel boy, nobody. But nobody knows the real him. He hid a really big secret from everyone; he had two sides of Marcel. The bright side also known as Marcel, and the dark side also known as Harry who happened to be Stephanie's boyfriend.

"Who do you think you are?"



7. Chapter 7

I dropped tears. I dropped my glass and it broken into pieces. I drove my car in a high speed. Hoping my dad would be okay. As soon as I got there, I parked my car and told the nurse on the front desk my dad's name.

Steven Matthews.

She led the way, the way to the ICU room. Oh no..No I hate that name.

"Mom! Troy! How's dad? Where is he?" I asked them in panic.

"Don't tell me. His inside that room." I lowered down my voice. They hugged me warmly, no. I don't want to lose my dad.

"He will be just fine dear" mom patted my head and gave me a kiss on my forehead. She was crying, same for Troy. The whole families were all here, okay not the entire families. Only the closest ones. I was covering my whole face with my palms.

"Babe? You're okay?" I heard a familiar voice whispered in my ear. I lifted my head to see, Harry. Maybe we had a little fight, but I didn't really care about that. I quickly hugged him. He kissed my forehead and rubbed my hair up and down.

"Baby, calm down." He tried to calm me down.

"What w-would happened if h-he-" Harry cut me.

"No. Don't say that. Not before we get together" He smiled.

"I miss you.." He added, his jaw was on top of my head.

"I miss you too.." I said through my cracked voice. ... My hands were wrapped with Harry's. My heavy head was leaning against his shoulder. With one single wish. That my dad would wake up soon.

"I'm sorry," Harry apologized and I lifted my head.

"What? Why?" I asked. "If I ever made you down. I'm truly sorry" He said and smiled a little. I didn't respond, he may say that he's sorry but I cannot just say 'oh yes, I forgive you' just no. I nodded slowly, and gave him a smile.

"Only 2 people can enter" The doctor came out from the room. Mom, Troy, and I, and the rest of the other family looked each other confusedly.

"Steph, and mom. Go ahead" Troy said. I looked at him and nodded, tried to hold back his tears.

"It's okay, you go ahead. Stephanie" he added. I thanked him and went inside.

"I'll be back soon,” I said to Harry and he nodded. I continued walking in slowly. His face was pale, his eyes were closed. I stood next to the bed and held his hand. It was cold, I dropped tears. I couldn't believe this.. Was happening.

"I miss you.. Dad" I said. He didn't answer.

"I-I.. Just hope that you'll wake up soon. I cannot wait to celebrate your birthday, and sings 'Happy Birthday to you' " I said and smiled. Mom was staring at me, her face decorated with sadness.

"Remember when.. You gave me your necklace? You said it was for a good luck. I still have it.." I said.

"Just in case, you need that luck." I took off the necklace and put it around his neck. I smiled but still dropping tears.

"1 minute Ms. Matthews." The nurse informed me.

"Have a nice dream dad. I'll be waiting for you" I kissed his forehead and slowly let his hands go. Mom and I went outside slowly, our faces were still covered in sadness frowns.

"How is he?" Troy asked and I didn't respond.

"Steph?" He said again. I bit my lower lip and shook my head.

"No luck." I said with my little voice and he began to frown. I came to see Harry, but he was on the phone with someone or a girl.

"Y-yeah, I can't...I'm...No..... Please.... Don't do that.... Fine" he hung up right when he saw me here.

"H-hey there Steph. How's your dad?" He asked and put his phone back into his pocket.

"Nothing happened..." I sniffed. He came closer to me and hugged me again.

"Look, I know that this is not the right time but.. I have to go.." He said and I widened my eyes.

"W-what?!" I said and pushed him.

"I'm sorry... But I have to go now.." He said and frowned.

"Harry.. Why can't you stay? When you needed me I was always there, but when I needed you and suddenly you will always busy!" I raised my voice a bit. But he slowly came closer to me again.


"Oh right... You will always there when that girl asks you to" I said and stared at him coldly. But he wiped my tears away. But I smacked his hands.

"No, Steph.. Don't think that way.. You're the only one" He said, I looked away and pushed him again. I turned myself around I don't want to see his face at this time. I want him to stay with me but I also want him to leave.

"I will always love you,” He said with a little voice that I only I could hear it. Then he walked slowly and left me here. Seriously, I don't understand boys.

"Steph?" Angela called my name, Angela was my cousin she was also 18.

"I'm fine" I wiped away the tears I left before.

10 hours later, I didn't get anything from Harry. He didn't come to see me here. He didn't.

Next Day,

"Excellent work Ms. Matthews!" Mr. Robinson said as he placed down my homework on my table. I respond to him at all. I sat there while he is doing his boring speeches about the history. And same at lunch time. I sat there daydreaming, no thinking. Thinking about something.

"Stephanie!" Tess and April said and I jumped a little.

"W-what?!" I asked and grabbed my spoon, and began to stir my soup.

"Are you okay?" April asked, I nodded. "Never better" I faked a smile.

"Cause you're stirring your fries.. Not your soup?" Tess helped her, I took a peek and yeah Tess was right.

"Something is definitely wrong with you.." April said and sat on the table.

"Tell us! We could help you" Tess said. I placed down my spoon and sighed.

"It's about Harry, right?" Tess guessed and sat down on the table next to April.

"What would you do.. If you are in my position right now?" I asked them. Tess shook her head cause she didn't have a boyfriend.

"Well, I never had a fight with Edward before"

"You're dating Edward?!" Tess and I said in unison. April blushed.

"We're... Y-yea" She said and smiled.

"Anyway, you should give him another chance. He probably busy on campus maybe?" April continued. I kept quiet there and kept listening to her love advice. April was the top source for boys.

"I think he's cheating on me.. With another girl.." I admitted and her face became angry.

"If your Harry dare to hurt you, I swear I would kick his ass!" She said.

"Other than that, he introduced you his friends. Why don't you introduce him yours? Like, Cindy, Jane, Kimberly, Aaron, Marcel, Tommy, Amy-"

"April! You mentioned the popular names only!" I warned her and she smiled.

"Not all popular, she also mentioned Marcel. Your partner, Harry needs to see him!" Tess said and smiled.

"Marcel?" I mumbled. That loser?

After school,

We head to the gym; I just realized that Marcel wasn't here today. I would work alone for the prom process. It was extremely tiring; I had to plug cables, sweep the stage, painting papers, argh and many more. Damn that Marcel.

*Beep Beep*

"Steph? :(" It was from Harry, I don't really want to talk him now. So I ignored him.

"Steph please answer me :("

Still ignoring him,

"Steph baby please :("

Still ignoring,

"Please :("


"I'll explain everything to you :( babe please.. I'll be waiting at my house" I cannot forgive him just like that, and he needed to explain everything about this girl.


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