His Two Sides [Harry/Marcel Styles] AU

"Just get over it Marcel, look at me. I'm taken, I'm popular, and everyone loves me. And now look at you"

"B-but you don't-"

"I do. Idiot"

Marcel Styles was the nerdy boy who always cares about studies, classes, homeworks. While Stephanie Matthews was the popular girl with a natural beauty. Nobody actually cares about this Marcel boy, nobody. But nobody knows the real him. He hid a really big secret from everyone; he had two sides of Marcel. The bright side also known as Marcel, and the dark side also known as Harry who happened to be Stephanie's boyfriend.

"Who do you think you are?"



4. Chapter 4

Edited. I guess.

There was no school for today, which was good. I planned to have a full day with Harry and his friends

I knew Louis and Eleanor, but not the others!

I knocked Harry's door and fixed my hair, and my top a bit. Not for long, he opened the door.

"Hey babe," he said and pulled me into a hug.

"Guys, this is Stephanie my girlfriend" Harry announced and they cheered.

Okay so.. After telling my names and you know what I mean, blablabla. The blonde one was Niall; the black haired one was Zayn. The one with the short hair yet had a quiff like Zayn was Liam. Did I get it all right?

And for the girls, I knew Eleanor so the blond girl was Perrie.

"So.. What's for today?" I asked them all as I sat down on the sofa.

"All of us are going to hang out together, you too" Harry answered and sat down next to me, his right hand was wrapping my shoulders.

"You guys are so cute together! How long have you met?" Perrie and slighted a smile.

"Almost a year, we're dating for 3 months now" Harry answered.

"3 months." I said and Perrie smiled.

"And she was the one who begged me to be her boyfriend" Harry added and smirked. I widened my eyes and smacked his shoulder.

"Or maybe, you were the one who came to me with your red roses, and you kneeled down, begging for me to say 'yes'" I stared at him and he laughed.

"Yea... That was one of the best days in my life. Can't believe it's been 3 months.” he said.

"Yea, so many things that we've been trough. Including fights" I said and looked at Harry, and then I looked away.

"Baby.. You've promised not to bring that up again..." Harry poured and I giggled.

"Did I?" I said though my little laugh. But he kept frowning. Oh no..

"Don't give me that face.. You should be happy" I said and tried to make him smile by lifting his.. Oh no... I couldn't even explain his face, his dimples, his lips, just no.

But he laughed and showed his two dimples. He was just perfect.

"Sorry.." I apologized. Sure I promised him not to bring that 'fights' again. Cause I couldn't even explain to you what happened.

It was painful to me.

"It's alright," he said and smirked. He continued to wrap his hand again.

"Okay, now are you guys ready?" Louis slowly stood up and took his key.

"You'll be with me, no worries,” Harry whispered and I nodded.

"Where are we going Harry?" I asked him and he bit his lower lip.

"You'll see" he responded. Just by the way he looks, I felt nervous and happy at the same time.


"Here we are.." Harry said and stopped the engine.

"Harry? I have a bad feeling about this place" I said as I stuffed my things into my bag.

"No it's okay, this is the place that I usually hang out with my other friends" He said and hopped out. But I stayed inside.

"Everything will be alright. You have me here to protect you" He went inside again and kissed my forehead.

I nodded quickly and hopped outside. It was around 2pm, so yeah.. It won't be dangerous unless it was night time.

"Steph?" I heard Eleanor called my name.


"Do you know what place is this?" She asked.

What? She didn't know?

I shook my head and say no.


"Well.. We'll know it when we found it out right? Let's go" she grabbed my hand and we both went inside with the others.

It wasn't a club. It wasn't a mall. It wasn't something that I expected. It was only a café. But a different one, this café had a lot of customers that you may call them sluts and man-whore.

"I hate this place" Eleanor and I said in unison.

"What's wrong with this place?" Perrie poked me by her elbow. I lifted my shoulders. I want to go home. Like now! I want to call Tess and April to come over to my house and watch Pretty Little Liars online together.

"Maybe some place for all those bitches and sluts to hang out at?" I crossed my hands. The boys went somewhere. Just poof! They disappeared.

"C'mon, let's just go inside" Eleanor suggested and we both nodded. We started to look for them, and finally we found them.

They were sitting on the couches and the surface, like normal lads.

"Ah girls.. Where were you?" Louis asked. And I sighed.

"Looking for you" Eleanor answered it for me, she looked kinda angry. Louis hid himself behind Liam's back.

"Where were you guys?" Perrie asked and sat down next to Zayn.

"From the cashier. We asked them to place us in this spot cause it's our favorite!" Niall said and Perrie nodded slowly.

"Steph? Sit next to me" Harry said and patted the empty spot next to him.

But I kept standing there and stared at him coldly.

"Aww.. C'mon.. You're not mad aren't you?" He said and frowned. Then he gave me his puppy face. Damn it.

I began to smile and sat next to him, oh well.

He wrapped his hand around my shoulders again, like he usually did.

And I love it.

"Do you want some drinks?" Harry asked I raised my eyebrow.

"I don't really drink..." I said trying to deny it. Cause I wasn't a drinker.

"No, just normal drinks" he said and I nodded. He stood up and gets it for me.

"Toodles!" I heard a girl's voice coming my way. A familiar voice.

"Steph?" She said and stopped her moves. It was April.

"April! What are you doing here?" I asked her, she smiled. But she was different. She wore a red tight dress, and high heels. Tight dress? That was like something that she wouldn't and won't wear.

Her long dark brown hair was curled nicely, her face was wearing a light makeup, and her blue eyes were very stunning.

"Well, just chilling out with my friends here" she said and looked at them.

"I'm here with my friends, as well as Harry,” I said and the boys and girls gave her a wave.

"Nice to see you all" She said and waved them back.

"Sorry, but I gotta go now, see you on Monday?" She said and gave me a hug.

"Bye" she walked away. Right after April walked away, Harry came to our table with my water.

"Thanks" I thanked him and drank it.

"Who was she?" Liam asked me.

"Oh, she was my friend. Good friend" I looked at him.

"Does she always dress like that?" Niall continued. I shook my head. I had no idea. Usually she would wear some shorts, or skirts, not tight dresses.

"No. She'd never dress up like that... She hates tight things.." I admitted and he nodded. Guess, I didn't really know April that well.


It was fun to be with them, they were loud, funny, and very kind. I liked being around them, they were friendly as well. Harry was so lucky to have this many friends. Unlike me.

Maybe I was a popular girl in school, but all those people weren't like them. I want more friends, not only Tess and April. I want more friends, just like these guys.

But I couldn't. Cause they were like, 'don't you ever mess with her. She's a devil'

'She may be pretty, but her heart is not as pretty as her face'

'Do whatever she wants you to, or else'

But for some reasons, I like how it feels. I like how it feels to control someone; it feels like we were on top of the world.

"We're here" Harry stopped the car. Wait.. Was I daydreamed for the whole time?

"Why are you so quiet?" Harry asked and frowned a bit. I shook my head and smiled.

"N-no.. Just.. Thinking about how nice your friends are.." I said and he began to smile, I just love the way he smiles. Love it!

"Hey.. Do you mind me staying here for tonight?" I asked, he wasn't surprised by my question. I stayed at his house for many times, only on the weekends. He nodded and smirked.

"I don't want games" I stared at him coldly and he loses his smirk.

"Never" I warned him and he laughed.

"Aye, aye, captain" He said, I hopped out as well as him.

"Both of you are late!" Liam said as he noticed us coming from the front door. They were watching a movie.

"Yea, I guess so" Harry placed down his key to the table and joined them. Then he looked at me and asked me to sit next to him. I did what he wanted me to do.

"I'm tired,” I whispered and he looked at me.

"Then sleep, it's okay I'll carry you later" He smiled and patted his lap. I shook my head.

"Carry me? I don't trust you,” I giggled and he chuckled.

"Just wake me later okay?" I gave him my pinky finger and he gave me his.

"Good night, sweetheart" He smiled and kissed my forehead.

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