His Two Sides [Harry/Marcel Styles] AU

"Just get over it Marcel, look at me. I'm taken, I'm popular, and everyone loves me. And now look at you"

"B-but you don't-"

"I do. Idiot"

Marcel Styles was the nerdy boy who always cares about studies, classes, homeworks. While Stephanie Matthews was the popular girl with a natural beauty. Nobody actually cares about this Marcel boy, nobody. But nobody knows the real him. He hid a really big secret from everyone; he had two sides of Marcel. The bright side also known as Marcel, and the dark side also known as Harry who happened to be Stephanie's boyfriend.

"Who do you think you are?"



19. Chapter 19

"Why are you here? How did you find me?" I asked him. "I saw y-you here..." He replied and I nodded. "L-let's go.. Y-you should head back h-home.." He said and I nod again. "Thank you Marcel, by the way.. Umm.. Do you have time? We could grab ice-cream or coffee? Or shop for my dress for the prom?" I asked slowly and yet I was nervous. Why? He helps me to stand up and I thanked him. Then, I led him to my car. He sat next to me for the second time. I'd never thought that this would happen again. But I feel safer, warmer whenever he's around me. Like he was someone important, and special to me. "So.. What are you wearing? For the prom?" I asked while driving. "I-I don't.. K-know..." He said hardly to speak. "No worries. I'm an expert, I'll help you out!" I smiled and he smiled me back. That was a really warm smile, though. As soon as we got to the store, I dragged him inside to help me out. "Hmmm..." I mumbled, Marcel followed me behind me. "Ooh! Marcel, red, pink, or green?" I asked him while holding the three dresses. He gave me his thinking face and bit his lower lips. "I p-prefer.. That w-white dress.." He pointed to the lovelies dress the store had. "Wow.." I walked towards that dress. "This is perfect!" I held the dress and went to the fitting room. "Just wait right here Marcel, I won't be long" I said and he nodded, I went inside and closed the curtains. Harry's/Marcel's POV: I've promised myself and Aaron to tell her the truth about Marcel. And I know exactly when, the prom. I've told her that I'll be leaving after the prom. Should I come? But her date is Marcel. Which is me, myself. But I want everyone to know that I still love her and I regret what have I done to her. Behind her back. "Marcel? Come here" Steph said and I did. "Steph? I am here" She opened the curtains slowly and wow. I think I just saw an angel. And I was still regretting why. Why would I hurt a beautiful girl like her? Why? "It's your turn now Marcel, let's go!" She took my hand and dragged me to the men's section. "I suggest you to wear something black and white" She said without looking at me. "I think you have the same size as Harry.. Large then" She handed a white shirt, a black tuxedo and black pants. "Go ahead, I'll be here" She smiled and I gave her a warm smile. I closed the curtain behind me and took off my shirt. God, how much I hate this clothes so much, but I'll do anything for her, because I love her to death. It took me about 5 minutes to change and I hope she wouldn't mind. I opened the curtains and I saw nobody, outside, Stephanie wasn't there. Maybe? She left me here all alone? I tried not to panic. I was afraid if she left me here just because Marcel wasn't a dreamy guy. "Stephanie?" I called her using my real voice. I opened few curtains and there's no sign of Steph. But at last I found her. In the 'Harry' way. "M-Marcel?!" She almost shouted, but I covered her mouth and smiled. It calms her down and she takes a deep breath while trying to hide herself. She was wearing the white dress, but half zipped. If I was dressed as Harry, I would've fucked her here. "What are you doing here Marcel?" She whispered with a smile on her face while zipping up her zipper but I stopped her. "I-I was.. L-looking for you... I thought y-you left me here.." I said and looking straight into her eyes. "What? Why would I do that?" She asked through her laugh. "Maybe i-it's because... I am n-not your t-type.. I-I am not.. H-Harry.." What the fuck did I just say? "What the hell? You're better than Harry. Better" She said and took a step forward. "B-but look at m-me.." "Looks or the appearance doesn't really matter Marcel. You're a very nice and a warm hearted guy. I love it" She said straight to my eyes. This was way too close. "T-thank you.. I-I better go o-out now" I said and she nodded. I walked out, but she stops me. "Marcel wait," She grabbed my hand and presses her lips on mine with her eyes closed. Why would she kiss Marcel instead of Harry? All I knew from the very beginning, she hated Marcel. She loved Harry. And now what? The opposite. But surely I missed how she kiss me. How she hugs me, how she smiles, how she cook breakfast for me, how we cuddle together, how she say 'I love you' to me, I love every single thing about her. And how cheeky I was, I closed the curtain behind me so no one could see us here. "Steph..." I said while holding her legs that were wrapped around my waists. "Hmm?.." She lifted her head. "I-I.." I said hardly to speak. "You what Marcel?" She asked kindly. "I-I.. Love, you" I admitted. She didn't shock or had a heart attack. Duh, she didn't and she won't because she was the School's Beauty Queen. While I as Marcel was the nerd. She gave me a warm smile and giggled. "I knew it!" She said through her giggles and hugged me. "I think I feel the same way." She whispered. It makes me shock, Stephanie fucking Matthews loves Marcel. "C'mon, we should get going now." She said while grabbing my hands. I paid her dress and she thanked me. She drove me home as well. "T-thanks Stephanie.." I unbuckled my seat belt and she gave me a quick kiss on my cheek before I get out. "Goodnight Marcel" She winked and I smiled. She drives away, leaving me alone. I took off my glasses and my vest. I fixed my hair a bit so my neighbor could see me as Harry not Marcel. "Wow.. You haven't given up aren't you? You little bad boy" I heard a familiar voice appear behind the trees. "R-Regina.." All I could say. She walked towards me wrapping her hands on my chest behind me. "What are you doing Regina?" I asked her roughly. "Ouch! I'm yours am I? I have rights to do everything that I want to you" She said with a bitchy tone. "No, we are not. We are not together anyway. It was just a dare" "A true love dare" She corrected. I sighed and walked inside, leaving her behind. "Stay with me. If you want your precious Stephanie not to know all about you" She warns and I rolled my eyes ignoring her. "Including, Marcel, and her father's death." She added and it made me stop walking. I turned myself to her with anger. "What do you want?" I asked her. "I want you to stay away from her and be with me" She smiles evilly. "What? No way!" I denied. "Or I'll tell her the truth! That you are Marcel! And both of us planned to kill her dad!" She warned again. I wanted to slap her in the face but I knew it would be a bad thing to do. "Remember our deals. Our deals with Aaron" She added again which makes me down and feel destroyed. I bit my lower lip and sighed. "Fine. I-I'll... Do it.." I looked down while she laughs about what I just decided. I was such a fool. "I'm doing this for Stephanie. Not for myself or for you. Remember that" I warned her, she rolled her eyes and nodded. "Whatever. Remember our deals. Do not break it, or I'll break your girl's heart" She winks and left me here alone. I went inside and press the level, I take out my keys and open the door. I took off my shirt, fix my hair into my usual style and sat down on my bed thinking. Why would I be part of Regina's plan? Why would I hurt a girl that changed my life? Why? Why Steph? I took my phone and decided to text her, H: "Steph?" I waited for 5 minutes until she replied. S: "What" H: "Where are you now?" S: "My house" H: "Oh, do you have time? I really need to see you" S: "Idk, maybe I can. When?" H: "Around 7, meet me at the same restaurant that we went the other day" S: "What do you want? Do you want to break me again?" Ouch. H: "No.. There's, something that I need to tell you. Something important" S: "Fine. 7 then" H: "Thanks Steph ;)" She didn't reply after that, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and took a quick shower then I grab my boxer and went to sleep. Today was a tiring, yet a very fun day. Next day, Stephanie's POV: I didn't see Harry coming, it was 7:15 he's late for 15 minutes. What is he going to say? Will he hurt me again? He hurt me too many times. For few minutes later, I saw him walking to my table. "Stephanie" He smiled and I smile a bit. He sat down across me. "I've ordered our drinks no need to order it" I said and he nodded putting down the menu book. "Here's your apple juices" The waiter girl placed down our drinks and we thanked her. "So, what do you want to tell me?" I asked him. And he didn't answer. "If you're going to ask me to be your girlfriend, you know my answer would be no" I chuckled and he laughs. "Yeah, you're right" He said and drink his apple juice. "Why Harry? Why do you keep aftering me even though you know I would say 'no' to you? Aren't you tired of doing that?" "When you love someone, it's worth fighting for, no matter the odds" I remained silent and try to look away while he's staring at me. This is really awkward. "Seriously, what are you going to tell me?" I asked seriously and he lost his smile. "Your dad's death?" He asked, weird thoughts filled my minds. "I was-" I cut his words with a slap. "What the hell?" He held his red cheek, I stand up from my chair and my eyes feel watery now. "What was that for?" He stood up in anger. "How could you do that to my dad?" "I haven't even finished my words yet!" He shouted. "I hate you!" I shouted back and ran away. But he grabs my forearms, but I jerk it away. "Shit. Stephanie wait!" I heard his loud voice coming and following me. "Steph, wait" He grabbed my hands and hold it tight. "Let me go. Just let me go, " I said, but he disobeyed me. "You're such a dick! Let me go you asshole!" I shouted and he slapped me. "Be quiet!" He ordered which was I did. "All of these things wouldn't happen if you weren't cheating on me!" I said which made him angry again. "So it's my fault, eh?" He asked while rolling his eyes at me. "Yes! Harry Edward Styles! Yes! You make me want to pull all my hair out, you make me insecure, you make me scared, you hurt me more than twice, you.. Argh! You're a monster!" I shouted. "Of course, that's right. Stephanie Marceline Matthews' always right! She's the queen, she rules everything, she's always right, even though it was her fault as well by bragging stupid shits, well guess what? She's also a stupid girl that doesn't know that I was part of Regina's plan about her dad who is now resting in peace forever!" Harry's/Marcel's POV: What the fuck did I just say? She took a step back, scared, broken, insecure, and wow. She was afraid and scared of me. I don't want her to be scared of me, I want her to feel comfortable when I was around her. I was such a fuckhead. Why did I say those mean things to hear? She didn't deserve it. "Steph..." I hugged her tightly, she was crying so hard. Her hair was very messy, her eyes full of water, her hands were shaking. "I never meant to start a war between us, Regina is a bad person. I did this just for you Steph, I don't want to lose you." I whispered. "It's crossing the line Harry" "No, I didn't know she would go that far. Our plan was trying to hurt your dad. That's all. I think Regina decided to cross the line by herself" "I'm sorry, Stephanie. Please forgive me. I'm begging you, please.. I won't hurt you again. Just please.. Give me another chance" "I don't know Harry. I don't know what to do. Absolutely nothing"
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