His Two Sides [Harry/Marcel Styles] AU

"Just get over it Marcel, look at me. I'm taken, I'm popular, and everyone loves me. And now look at you"

"B-but you don't-"

"I do. Idiot"

Marcel Styles was the nerdy boy who always cares about studies, classes, homeworks. While Stephanie Matthews was the popular girl with a natural beauty. Nobody actually cares about this Marcel boy, nobody. But nobody knows the real him. He hid a really big secret from everyone; he had two sides of Marcel. The bright side also known as Marcel, and the dark side also known as Harry who happened to be Stephanie's boyfriend.

"Who do you think you are?"



18. Chapter 18

The funeral was over, I stayed there in the graveyard alone. Crying, dying, scared, and broken.

At first, I thought my life would be really easy, I had everything, my family members were complete, I had a boyfriend, popularity, and the ability to control anyone. But now, I lost all of them.

"I love you dad" I said. Then I feel an umbrella blocking my head from the rain. I lifted my head and saw Harry.

"What are you doing here?" I sniffed.

"I was here for the whole time Steph" he said and took a step back.

"Go away" I ordered, but he was still there.

"I said go away" but he was still there. I stood up and brought my wooden flower basket with me and walk away.

"Steph, wait!" He said.

"Just stop Harry! I have enough, you hurt me twice and that is it. I was completely broken when Aaron tells me the truth, the real you. Even though we weren't together at that time, but still, you fucking used me as your Barbie! What the hell you want-"

"You. I want you, Stephanie. I want you, I miss you, I love you, I hurt you and I'm sorry.." He grabbed my hand and held it tight.

"Sorry doesn't change what you did" All I could say.

"Pretending to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done. It's because I fell in love with you, since Aaron dared me.."

'Dared me', he said.

"But why did you make out with my best friend April?! And how about that Regina?"

"It's because I don't want Aaron to spread the truth about the news about me. About us" He admitted and I dropped my mouth.

"'m sorry.." He apologized again.

"I don't understand you Harry. I don't, you're such a bipolar" I said and walked again, but he stopped me, he pulled me and pressed his lips on mine. I pushed him by his chest and slapped him hard.

"You cannot do that! Especially in a graveyard!" I Breathed out, he held his cheek it was red. I wanted to say 'sorry' but I don't want to as well. I left him there, but he made me stop walking just by 6 simple words came out from him.

"I know who killed your dad."

"Who?" I asked in anger. He shook his head, he grabbed my hand and brought me to his car.

"Harry Edward Styles! Stop this freaking car now!" I command, but he ignored me.

"I'll prove you that you're wrong" He said and I raised my eyebrow.

"What do you mean?.." I asked, his face softened.

"I-I'll prove you.. That.. I'm right" He stopped the car and when I took a peek, it was the same nightclub like the other day.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked nervously.

"I promise. I won't hurt you, or touch you" He led me inside, bad memories replays as we entered into. We went to the second floor. Harry banged a door and we both get in. Aaron was shirtless, with a girl on the bed, she was wearing a tight dress, strapless.

It didn't surprise Harry though, duh, of course not.

"Playing with another Barbie aren't we?" Harry leaned on the wall. The girl was one of Regina's friends I believe.

"What do you want?" He asked Harry.

"I want you to prove her that I am right, " Harry said and he raised his eyebrow.

"I don't need him to explain everything! You should be the one who explains everything to me!" I said, Harry rolled his eyes and sighed.

"If I tell you the truth, you wouldn't believe me anyway" Well, that's true tough.

"And now I have Aaron right here to explain everything" He continued. I sat on the chair, Harry threw Aaron T-shirt from the floor to his face.

"Be sure to wear it before you can get near her" Harry warned and Aaron nodded, then he sat down on the other chair.

"Harry is nothing more than an asshole, I have nothing to do with this anymore-"

"Yes, you do! You were behind all of these stupid things! If it wasn't you and your fucking dare!" Harry raised his voice, Aaron stood up from his chair and faced Harry.

"And if she wasn't alive, you won't be suffering like this! And you have to remember our deals!" Aaron said and Harry slapped him. He grabbed his collar and pushed him against the wall.

"Harry stop!" I screamed. This is too much.

"Listen! She's my girl and I would never let you have her!" Harry said, and it touched my heart.

"What deals?!" I shouted Aaron smirked and Harry's face became worried.

"It's my time" Aaron whispered.

"I dared him to fuck you before I could. And he did, you were the prize. Whoever fuck you first, he can have you, but Harry didn't want you so what can I say more?" Aaron smirked and Harry punched him in the face.

He didn't want you. He never did.

"The dare had expired! I would never let you have her" Harry raised his voice bigger than before.

"Just stop! Please.." I covered my ears with my hands. I opened the door, but I can't it stuck. I tried to open it, but I can't.

"Here let me-" I cut Harry's words.

"Open the door!" I banged the door with my feet and it's open. Before I left them there, I heard Harry mouthed "She sure is a very strong girl." Like that. But whatever don't care about that. I exit the place and ran.

Ran as fast as I can, this heels were killing me.

"Steph wait!" Harry followed and grabbed my hands.

"Where are you going?.." he asked nervously. I gave him a little smile which kinda surprised him a bit.

"I'm going home. Just.. Don't follow me Harry" I said and continue to walk but he was still following me.

"Look, I don't care whether we are together or not. I will say that I'm sorry for the rest of my life, even though you'd never forgive me. But I will never give up on you, I can't move on from you, I've tried drinking to let the pains away but it didn't work well. Just to let you know that I am leaving London right after your prom-day. Pretending to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done, it's because I love you. I truly am, truly madly deeply crazily. In love with you, you're different Steph, very different from the others, I'm sorry" He explained. It actually touched my heart, I wanted to hug him, I wanted to leave him there, I wanted to cry, I wanted to say 'Liar and leave me alone' but I didn't have any choice.

"That's the sweetest thing a guy has ever said to me" I smiled and he smiled as well.

"But it doesn't change anything" I left him there. But then, I felt large hands wrapping on my waist.

"Harry? W-what are you doing!" I asked.

"We're in public you dumbass!" I whispered.

"I don't care" all he could say.

Back hugs are actually really cute. Harry leans his head on my shoulder.

"I miss this, " he said.

"You know that I'm leaving soon, right?" he asked and I nodded slowly.

"I want to be your prom date, I want to spend my time with you before I leave"

"I'm going with Marcel" I replied.

"That nerd?" he chuckled.

"Marcel" I corrected him and he laughed.

"Whatever, I almost got his name right" He rolled his eyes.

"Almost is never enough. And when are you going to be like this?"

"As long as I want. I'll take you home"

"No, I'm going home by myself"

"Nope. I'll take you home or II'll never let my hands go"

"Fine. Only for this one"

He let his hands go and took my hand. He led me to his car. It was all quiet, very quiet. Awkward.

"So, until when are you going to move?" I broke the silence.

"I don't know. Forever, " he said without making eye contacts.


"Why do you care?" he asked back and I kept quiet.

"It's because my parents got a new job, since last month. And they decided to move"

"Oh" All I could say. Harry stopped the car

"Why did you just tell me now?" I asked again. He bit his lower lip and looked away.

"It's because I don't want to hurt you. I just don't want to lose you"

I feel guilty, like I'm the bad guy.

"Well, here we are. You're home"

I unbuckled my belt, took my bag with me. Before I open the door, I had to say the 'special' words.

"Thank you Harry" I said and a smile grew on his face. I open the door and hopped out.

"Goodnight babe" He said through the opened window with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes and went inside.

I closed the door behind me. And I saw my brother Troy standing there worriedly.

"Where were you? I was looking for you" He said worriedly.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he asked.

"Troy, I'm fine. Stop acting like I'm not okay"

Duh, I'm not okay.

"Mom was looking for you, " he said while opening the fridge in the kitchen.

"Where is she?" I asked and sat down on the chair.

"She's asleep, I don't want to wake her up, " he handed me a glass of water and I thanked him.

"I'm sleepy, gonna go to bed. Goodnight, " I placed down the glass and went upstairs. And I heard someone crying.

It was my mom. Her door wasn't fully closed so I could hear or see what happened. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, crying while holding a picture of us, Troy, her, me and my dad. I could see her tears dropped right to his face. This is too much.

I almost knocked on her door but I stop myself. I quietly walk to my room and closed the door. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and changed my clothes into a long pants and a white T-shirt with a silly lip that stuck its tongue out.

*beep beep*

"I know who killed your beloved father. Tomorrow, after school. XOXO"

"Shut the fuck up" I mumbled to myself.

Next day,

"A-and y-you need to find the s-slope of that l-line" Marcel explained and sketched a graph on my book.

"Argh.. Marcel can we just switch brains?" I groaned and he chuckled and also shook his head.

He drew a quick sketch of this line that he was talking about and gave me the answer.

"This is t-the answer.." He pointed and I write down the answer on another page.

"Alright class is over, off you go! Thank you for today and enjoy the rest of your day" The teacher said. I rolled my eyes and packed up my things.

"U-umm.. Do y-you have.. Umm time a-after this?" He asked and squeezed his hands. It reminds me of something, that shocking text from anonymous last night. It says I had to meet that person after school, which is now.

"O-oh! No, sorry but not today.. I have something to do.. Thank you by the way" I left him and rush out to my locker to take my things and straight to the parking lot outside.

*beep beep*

"Tik tok on the clock, I am waiting on the parking lot"

It took me about 2 minutes, to get downstairs and to the parking lot due to a bunch of bitches making a scene in a class or in the hallway, and because of that, I had to use the different path to go outside.

And at last. I am now in the parking lot. And I saw nobody in here.

"Wow, looks like Harry's princess is decided to show up" I turned myself and I saw Delilah.

Delilah, Troy's ex-girlfriend.

"N-no way.. Delilah you-"

"Oh no sweetie, I wouldn't do that such a thing. Ever" She gave me a warm smile.

"But she does" She pointed to a girl behind her. She shows herself, tall brown eyes, skinny body, long blond hair, and evil. And plus, Harry's girlfriend.

"Surprise!" She said.

"Regina! Holy... Fuck... Y-you..."

"Yes, Stephanie.. I did" She came nearer to me and whispered in my ear.

"That's what you get from stealing Harry from me" She whispered evilly and I dropped tears. Regina and Delilah left me there alone. Dying, crying, and broken. I tried to hold back my tears, but I can't.

"Shush.. Don't cry" A deep, raspy voice whispered and patted my back. And I knew who it was. Harry. But when I turned my head, I saw Marcel instead of Harry.

I wrapped my hands on his back, which surprised him and he strokes my hair, just like Harry.

That's Marcel for you. He'll always there for me.

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