His Two Sides [Harry/Marcel Styles] AU

"Just get over it Marcel, look at me. I'm taken, I'm popular, and everyone loves me. And now look at you"

"B-but you don't-"

"I do. Idiot"

Marcel Styles was the nerdy boy who always cares about studies, classes, homeworks. While Stephanie Matthews was the popular girl with a natural beauty. Nobody actually cares about this Marcel boy, nobody. But nobody knows the real him. He hid a really big secret from everyone; he had two sides of Marcel. The bright side also known as Marcel, and the dark side also known as Harry who happened to be Stephanie's boyfriend.

"Who do you think you are?"



15. Chapter 15

Harry's/Marcel's POV :

"Holy shit. Steph, you're so fit tonight" I breathed out and she giggled.

"Oh really?" She asked back through her sexy leg and changed place that made me lean against the wall. Our faces were only inches far, I want to do it. I want her, she's mine.

And only mine.

"You're playing roughly aren't you?" I said and flipped her to the wall. This time, she was the one who leaning against the wall.

"I want you. You are mine, and only mine" I whispered to her ear.

"Shut up, " she said and looked away. I slowly pressed my lips to hers.

This feels amazing.

She kissed back, I miss this moment, I miss how we love, I miss her. Her hands wrapped around my neck, my hands carried her legs that were wrapped around my waists.

"You always know how to turn me on" She whispered to my ears with small giggles.

I carried her to an empty dark room that has a single lamp hanging from the ceilings, a few couches, long table.

I placed her down on the bed and removed her jacket. And suddenly, she pulled away.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. She shook her head and moved far away from me. She hugged her knees and pushed her hair back.

"N-nothing.. I think my head's gonna explode anytime soon..." she said whilst holding her head.

I came closer and pushed her by her shoulders. And now, I am on top of her.

"Look at me Steph" I said, but she didn't listen.

"Steph look at me" I repeated and she did. I pressed my lips again and kissed her roughly.

"Harry..." She groaned.

"Why.. Are you doing these things.. To me?.. We aren't-"

"We are. And we will always be" I cut her and continued. She slowly removed my black T-shirt off, which was surprising me. A smirk grows on my lips.

"I want you Steph. I want to do it, " I said and she didn't answer. My finger slowly travelled down to her neck and stopped at the end of her T-shirt's collar.

"It's perfect. I love your short skirt, I love your top without sleeves on it, I love the way you took off my T-shirt" I added and she smiled.

"Well, I don't, " she said simply and moved away.

But I stopped her.

"You aren't going anywhere" I said with a smirk and held her hands. Both of us were sitting down in the centre of the bed.

"You just undressed me, " I said, and she looked away with the same drunken smile.

"Yes, " she said simply.

"Now can I have my turn?" I asked cheekily. But she didn't answer.

"As I said before, anything you want, " she finally answered. I widened my eyes and I couldn't hide my big smile. While her face was plastered with a normal, lazy face.

My hands were trailing down from her shoulder to her waist.

She was a sexy animal.

Her head was looking down, her cheeks were red, she crossed her hands to hide herself.

She wasn't completely naked, she wore a singlet. A black singlet that only covers her chest.

"Steph" I called her name but she didn't listen.

"Hey, " I said again and lifted her head by her jaw. Her brown eyes met mine.

I pressed my lips on hers again, but this time it's different. She slowly came closer to me and she was the one who on top of me. I pulled her closer, and closer.

"Fuck" I mumbled and she laughed.

"Shut up, " she said.


"Harry?.." She called my name.


"I believe unicorns do exist.." She said and laughed. Geez.. She says nonsense when she got drunk.

"Just go to sleep babe" I said and she laughed again.

"Don't call me babe.. Just call my.. Name... Tiffany.. Isn't it?" She said and traced my birds tattoos.

"Stephanie" I corrected her.

"Oh, right.." She said and stood up.

"What are you doi-" She cut me off by unzipping her skirt, half unzipped.

"Don't..." I said with my lower voice.

What? I have respect for women.

"What? I'm going to the bathroom.." She said and left me alone.

Stephanie's POV :

I turned the tap and washed my hands. I looked up to the mirror, I had a very messy hair, and a mark on my neck. I was in my bandeau that only covered my chest, and a skirt.

When I got back, I saw Harry lying on the bed shirtless, only in his black jeans.

"Steph? Come here, " he called and I did.

I laid my head on his chest as well as my hands, his hands was on my waist.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's midnight" he said.

Harry's/Marcel's POV :

We had fun, but something had bugging me. About my other side. She had no idea about that, should I tell her? Will she get mad?

"Umm.. Stephanie?..." I called her name.


Wait... If she gets angry, she would be like a devil. And she wouldn't want to see me again. Forever.

"What is it?" She said again.

"Umm... Do you still.. Umm... Remember Marcel?..." I asked and she nodded.

"I'm Mar-"

"Stop talking.. Anything, but not Marcel" She cut me with her finger on my lips.

"No.. I am.. Marcel..." I admitted, but she didn't react anything, she looked at me weirdly like I was nuts.

"Nice joke.." She laughed and closed her eyes.

"N-no I.." I cut my words by seeing her closing her eyes. I decided not to speak anything cause it would be useless to say an important thing to her when she's drunk. I would probably tell her when she recovered.

Next day,

Stephanie's POV :

I woke the next morning with my head on Harry's chest. I opened my eyes slowly and moved away. My head was really heavy, but I decided to go to wash my face.

When I look up to the mirror, I was only on my skirt, and my bra.

Holy shit.

Where did my singlet, T-shirt, and my jacket went to?

There was no towel at all to cover me. When I got back, I saw Harry zipping his jeans

"Stephanie" He said and wore his black T-shirt on.

I didn't answer him, I crossed my hands just to cover my chest. He eyed me from my toes to my hair. This is so awkward.

"What?" I finally speak.

"Nothing... Umm.. Can we talk?.." He said coming closer.



"I don't want to talk about it. Wait.. What time is it?!" I said getting panicked.

"It's 5 in the morning.." He said whilst looking at his black leathered skin watch.

"I have school in 2 hours!" I said and looked over the room to find my jacket, singlet, and my shirt. But I couldn't.

"Looking for these?" Harry pointed to the long table. I nodded slowly and he sat on the chair. I picked it up and wore them. His eyes can't leave me, even for a second.

"I'll drive you home, " he said. I shook my head.

"Where's my phone?.." I asked and he smirked.

"You mean this phone?" Harry took out my phone from his pocket.

What the fuck? How?

"Give it back" I tried to reach it, but Harry raised his hand higher. Geez, this boy, how can he be so tall?

"There's a lot of secrets in it.. Good thing that I know what your password is" He smirked again.

"I said give it back! And how did you get it?!" I asked while trying to reach it.

"I'm bored.. C'mon! Try to reach it!" He said and laughed.

"Harry! I have no time for games! I still need to decorate the gym with Marcel, shopping for my dress, music, and many more! Hurry up!" I smacked him with a pillow and he laughed even more.

"Why do you even care about Marcel? I thought you hate him?" He asked suddenly and I stopped my moves.

"I do... I don't know, " I smacked him again and made him fall on the bed and I tried to reach it again.

"So you're trying to say that, you like him?" He asked and I blushed.

"N-no.. That's not what I meant.."

"Then what?" He asked again.

"So you choose that nerd over me?" He laughed.

"He has a name Harry. And it's Marcel" I said and he smiled.

"What's with the smile?" I asked coldly, and he chuckled.

"N-nothing! Just funny how you choose him over your boyfriend"

"You're not my boyfriend. We're just friends"

After I took my phone, I quickly ran away and look for my bag.

"Stephanie!" I heard Harry calls my name but I ignored it. The whole club was silent, drunken people everywhere, they were asleep actually.

"Steph! Where are you?" Harry called again, I hid myself behind the mini bar.

"Stephanie, come out, come out wherever you are, " he changed his tone into a silly one.

I hugged my knees and pray. I closed both my eyes and shut my mouth. When I couldn't hear his voice anymore, I moved quietly and accidentally stepped on an empty bottle of whiskey.

It caught Harry's attention. His eyes met mine, I haven't seen my bag on the first floor so I decided to go upstairs. Harry was chasing me. I hid myself again in an empty room and block it with a wooden chair.

"Steph! Open the door!" He said, but his tone was different. More like a worried tone.

"No!" I yelled.

"No, Steph listen to me. You have to get out from there!" He said. What?

"It's dangerous! You shouldn't be alone in a room! In every room!" He added.

"What do you mean? I'm totally fi-" I cut my words when someone grabbed my hand. This can't be good.

"W-who are you?..." I asked,

He stepped closer, I saw a tall boy, brown hair, and a smirked on his lips.


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