His Two Sides [Harry/Marcel Styles] AU

"Just get over it Marcel, look at me. I'm taken, I'm popular, and everyone loves me. And now look at you"

"B-but you don't-"

"I do. Idiot"

Marcel Styles was the nerdy boy who always cares about studies, classes, homeworks. While Stephanie Matthews was the popular girl with a natural beauty. Nobody actually cares about this Marcel boy, nobody. But nobody knows the real him. He hid a really big secret from everyone; he had two sides of Marcel. The bright side also known as Marcel, and the dark side also known as Harry who happened to be Stephanie's boyfriend.

"Who do you think you are?"



12. Chapter 12

"Harry was such a gentleman" Mom said. I rolled my eyes with my disgusted face. But I smiled quickly as she looked at me.

"So? Where are you guys going for your summer holiday?" She asked.

"I don't know, Paris I guess.."

"That's so sweet, I remembered when your dad and I-"

"Mom, you told me that story billions times" I groaned and she laughed.

"Long last Hun" she said. Heh, yea right long last?

"By the way I'm going to the hospital tomorrow after school, " I said and she nodded. As soon as we got home, she went to her room and I went to mine. I sat down on my bed with my legs crossed.

*Beep Beep*

"Looks like our little plan works ;) I have a surprise for you xx.."

Geez, that little plan turns into a disaster. A surprise?

"Steph? Come here!" I heard my mom calling my name. I groaned and got off the bed.

"What is it mom?"

"The hospital called me. They said, your dad is awake!" She said and a smile grew on her face decorated with tears of happiness. I stood there, and hugged her. I was so happy to hear until I cried. Troy standing here tried to hold back his tears. I thought I would lose him in the first place, just by reading that ICU room. Many negative things had been poisoned my mind about my dad.

"Should we go and see him?" Troy asked.

"Yes, let's go" Mom said and took her bag with her. I cannot wait to see him. I want to see his smile again, I want to hear his laugh, I want to hug him tight, I want to hold his large hands again

"Hello there, Steven Matthews has been moved to another room. Please follow me" The nurse said and led us to the room.

"Mr. Matthews? You got visitors" The nurse smiled and we stepped in. Dad's face becomes happy.

"Hey dad" I hugged him, he was sitting on the bed with his blanket reached until his stomach.

"How are you feeling?" Mom leaned and kissed his cheek.

"I'm great, thank you for coming, " he said.

"What happened dad?" Troy asked and stood next to me. Dad shook his head and leant back.

"I had no idea, I can't remember anything.." He said whole ribbing behind his neck.

"Umm.. Mrs. Matthews can we have a minute?" The nurse said with a frowned. Mom nodded her head and went to the small kitchen along with the nurse.

"So? How's Delilah Troy?" He asked, Troy didn't hesitate to tell him about what happened. Sometimes, I wished I had the nerves that he has.

"We broke up" Troy said simply and dad lifted his head followed by a small smile.

"Don't worry, that's mean you deserve better" He said. And Troy nodded slowly.

"And how's you and Harry?" He asked I stared at Troy for a help, but he shook his head, telling me not to tell the truth.

"We're.. Perfectly.. Fine, " I smiled and he smiled as well. I don't want to let him down, Harry and dad were kinda close, and if he knows that I broke up with Harry it break his heart. And I don't want that. After that, my mom went back to the room with the same nurse. Her face was literally sad.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Troy asked and she sniffed.

"Come with me," she said.

"Steph, you stay here with your dad. It's something you wouldn't understand, " she added and I nodded. They left the room and there's only me and my dad in the room.

"I want to meet Harry again Stephanie" He said suddenly and I dropped my face. Not knowing what to say. "Err.. Y-yeah, but he's kinda busy with his projects," I said and he laughed.

"You can fool your mom, but you can't fool me, " he said through his leg.

"W-wha.." He cut me.

"You aren't together with Harry anymore. Am I right?" He asked. I bit my lower lip and nodded. But, how?

"I'm your father, Stephanie, I know you" He said and I smiled.

"And you'll gonna think that he doesn't deserve me just like Delilah?" I asked, but he didn't answer. He looked away, then finally he spoke.

"Of course not, he deserves you" He said. I smiled and hook my head slowly.

"Well, that's what you think dad" I said and went to the small kitchen and poured a cup of hot tea for him.

"Yeah, that's what I think, " he agreed and I handed the tea.

"Thank you Stephanie" he said and I nodded.

"Mom, seriously why should we-" Troy cut his words as he saw me staring at him.

"We should head back now" Mom said. Troy and I nodded, after saying good-bye I asked Troy what was he discussing about.

"What was that all about?" I asked while he drove the car. He showed his duck face and shook his head.

"You're too young to know, it's not really important anyway" He said simply I rolled my eyes and started to forget about it.

"You're too young to know" I mimicked the way he talks and he laughed.

"You're such a little girl, " he said through his laugh. Just like Harry did. Stop thinking about that bullshit Steph. Stop. Mom unlocked the front door and turned on the lights.

"Are you coming back to see dad tomorrow?" Troy asked and I nodded.

"Yea," I said simply. I almost forgot that I only have about 5 weeks left of school and then I can finally graduate from high school.

"Daydreaming are we?" Troy teased and I jumped

"Night-dreaming" I corrected him and went upstairs to my room. It was 11pm. After I changed my clothes into my PJs, I decided to enjoy the moon in the balcony. I Leant forward to the ceramic fence with my hand on my jaw.

My prom will be here for a few weeks and I have no partner to go with. There's no way that I would go with Harry. Just no. With Justin?

Bitchplease. I only met him for a few days. Aaron? Nah, he's an asshole.


Hell no. Why does my mind give me an option like him? After stressing out about partners. I decided to go to bed.

Next day,

"And he has reasons why..." I was in English class and it was really boring. And apparently, my teacher also known as Ms. Cinda, who was re-telling a novel that us students won't read or hear. I closed and hid my head behind the thick novel, same for the rest of the class.

"Ms. Matthews! Please continue the next line" She said and I groaned. I lifted my head and I had no idea what page we were at, what paragraph, sentence, argh.

"Page 146 paragraph 2" She said and I nodded as well as rolling my eyes.

"He has everything, he steals every girl's heart, he has a caring and loving family, nice big house, a pretty girlfriend, and supportive friends." I stopped and read the next line,

"He's a nice guy as well, but kinda naughty at the same time. He's also known as the 'Playboy' "

"Alright, thank you Ms. Matthews. Now everyone please group up with your prom project partners" She said and sat down on her wheeled chair while Marcel grabbed a chair and sat across me.

"Do y-you want to r-read it f-first?.." He asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Nope. You read it, I would never read this stupid story, " I said while rolling my eyes. He nodded and started to read the next line.

"H-he was a-also-.."

"I'll read it, it'll take the whole class for you to finish it, " I said and he looked down.

"He's been hiding from everyone, no one knows the real him, no one. He keeps a little big secret that might surprise everyone. But he decides not to tell anyone until the time has come."

Bells rang

"Alright, please continue reading at home" She announced and the whole class didn't answer anything and headed to the cafeteria. I stood up and stuffed my things back to my bag and left the room.

"S-Stephanie!.." Marcel called my name.


"N-nothing.." He said and I rolled my eyes. I left him there and went to the cafeteria with April and Tess. "So? How's the dinner?"

"It was fine, actually. Nothing really happened" I said normally, but I think they knew that I lied.

"What?" "Duh, something must happen! This is Steph and Harry that we're talking about" April said and sat on the table followed by Tess.

"Were you two making out together?!" Tess asked and I snapped at her.

"Tesslin Tyler!" I shouted and both of them giggled. "That was just a simple joke! I mean you would never do that, do you?"

"Of course not, " I said and drank my water. "Anyway, any plans for today?" April asked after she took a bite of her cheesecake.

"I'm going to visit my dad, wanna come along?" I asked. "I thought we have a homework?" She said and raised her eyebrow.

"The teacher says, please read it at home. Reading is not a homework" Tess corrected her and he laughed. "Bad girls" April said and smirked.

After school, "Mr. Matthews, your daughter is here to see you" The nurse said before exiting the room. I thanked before she got to the room.

"Hey dad" I said and placed down my bag on the sofa.

"Hello there Stephanie" He said and got up by pressing the remote control next to the bed.

"I got fruits for you, " I said and placed down the basket on the table.

"Ah, thank you very much" He said and I smiled.

"Anyway, when will they release you from here?" I asked and sat down on the chair next to the bed. "As soon as possible" He said simply and I nodded.

*Beep beep*

"I'll visit your house. Later ;)"

It was from Harry. I don't why, but he's a bit dark and different since we broke up. Which was weird. Or maybe this is the real Harry?

"Ah and Steph?" He said.


"Harry visited me. Yesterday right before you left"

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