My Own Secret *Larry Stylinson*

What if you were in the most popular band on the planet and you are madly in love with one of your bandmates.

Nobody knows and nobody will know about your secret crush. Just what if I told him that I loved him, our friendship would be over and the band will fall apart.

I am keeping this secret to my self so nothing can go wrong. I will keep it safe for everybody. He, especially will never know. Even if those green eyes beg me, even if he is brushing his curls, I still will keep my secret for him.

I'm sorry Harry Styles but you just can't know that secret. You can't know my own secret.


2. Chapter Two

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Chapter Two



A bright light on my face woke me up from my peaceful sleep. I tried to stand up but failed miserably with caused that I ended up on the floor. Yeah, don’t judge, I am clumsy! Another reason why Harry would never like me, like that but probably he isn’t even gay so why I am thinking this? I shook my head trying to get these thoughts away.

I stood up and walked towards the bathroom, I smelled under my armpit. Whoa! That wasn’t a bright idea, I defiantly need a shower and a good one. I am not going to tell you how I washed myself because that would be just weird, sorry for some of you girls but this body is only for Harry Edward Styles. Okay what am I saying? I need to get those fantasies out of my head!

I walked out of my room and bumped into Zayn, auwtch. “Hey watch it bro!” I shouted playfully. He just chuckled “Sorry dude, too busy  thinking about Styles?” HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! “Wh-at why-y would you a-ask that?” I stuttered out, damn that didn’t went smooth.

“Lou, calm down I was only joking but with that reaction I think you really were daydreaming about Harry!” He spoke wide-eyed. C’mon Louis deny this, deny, deny! “Zayn, I wasn’t okay?” I snapped.

“Sorry Lou” he whispered sadly while he was trying to walk away. “No Zayn, sorry I didn’t mean it like that! Please, I’m sorry!” He looked back up at me and smiled lightly “No problem Lou but just please tell me, you normally never snap at me like that” he said.

“O-okay but it’s personal so yeah...” I talked with a high voice. He smirked and replied “Yeah Louis just tell me, I won’t judge.”

“Okay don’t tell everyone but I have this tiny crush on Harry?” my sentence really came out as a question, damn this was hard. “You do? Oh thank god!” He smiled widely. I was so confused about his reaction “What do you mean by that?”

He looked shocked right now, it was like he said something wrong “Oh nothing Lou, it was nothing. Just ignore it.” He said quickly and I just nodded before he spoke again “Louis don’t worry about it, there is nothing wrong with it”

“Yes it is” I said fast, he looked puzzled. I continued “He would never like me in that way, I wouldn’t be his type and what am I even saying he isn’t even gay!”

Zayn was taken with surprise with my little speech, he opened his mouth to say something but he closed it quickly. I tilled my head to my left side. “Yeah, I really need to go now, bye Lou!” and after that he was gone. What a weird conversation, I just told him my biggest secret! My own secret.

Suddenly I heard yelling, Harry. “Why can’t you keep a secret! Why would you talk about that! Never bring that up again with him okay!” And then I heard a door shut with a very loud bang. He was pissed but what was he talking about? With ‘him’? Now I am jealous, damn. I listened and I heard Zayn cry, oh no.

I ran to the door and spun it open, revealing a crying Zayn. I wrapped him in my arms, in a friendly way. He continued to sob and I rubbed my hand over his back. He stopped crying after a while and he spoke with a little voice “You overheard our conversation didn’t you?”

I replied truthfully to him “Yeah I did, sorry?” He chuckled a bit and said “Don’t be” After a while I really wanted to know something but I was afraid to ask him about it “Who-o were you talking about, I-I mean—“ He was thinking but he just said like it was nothing but it turned my world upside down





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