My Own Secret *Larry Stylinson*

What if you were in the most popular band on the planet and you are madly in love with one of your bandmates.

Nobody knows and nobody will know about your secret crush. Just what if I told him that I loved him, our friendship would be over and the band will fall apart.

I am keeping this secret to my self so nothing can go wrong. I will keep it safe for everybody. He, especially will never know. Even if those green eyes beg me, even if he is brushing his curls, I still will keep my secret for him.

I'm sorry Harry Styles but you just can't know that secret. You can't know my own secret.


6. Chapter Six



Chapter Six



That car ride


Was the most


Awkward thing ever!


Please remind me that I need to be the first person in a car so I can choose my place! I’m glad we made it to the airport, I really needed to get out of this van.


When we arrived I jumped out of the car, sprinting towards the entrance of the airport. I ignored the stares I received and ran towards the check-in. To my luck there weren’t much fans, only older people who didn’t know me. “Louis!” I heard Liam shout and I waved shyly at him. “Why did you go out all alone, it could’ve been dangerous!” he got all daddy direction over me.


“Chill Li, there are no fans here so I’m fine.” I reassured him. He nodded “Okay Lou, now here are you bags”.


I caught them right on time and I heard Niall snicker to himself and muttering “Good reflex Tommo”. I smiled and went to the check-in once again but with all of the boys.


I gave the lady who was standing there my boarding pass and she grinned. Okay she knew me and was a fan. “Thank you miss” I said politely to her.


“You’re welcome Mister Tomlinson” She smiled and hugged me. Wow, okay? Then suddenly somebody pushes me aside and I heard a deep voice say rather angry “Okay here is my boarding card, can we go now Madame?”




She faked smiled and thanked the other boys too and wished us a safe flight.


What the hell was wrong with Harry! She was a sweet girl and pretty beautiful too, such a shame I’m gay. Was he jealous? Of course not Louis, what are you thinking?


We walked towards the plane with our bags. When we arrived at the entrance of the plane Liam spoke “Okay, the seating arrangements...”


Everybody sighed and I heard some no’s.


“Okay sorry boys but it need to be said.” Everybody nodded and he continued “I am going to sit next to Niall” He winked at him and Niall blushed a fierce red. Wait, what is going on between those two?


“Harry is going to sit next to Louis and Zayn you are sitting alone because you requested that”


Oh no he didn’t say that or did he? Everybody nodded but I stood there with my mouth wide open. He couldn’t do that to me! That car ride was already awkward and stupid and now I needed to sit with him on an 8 hour long plane ride. Killing me is less painful.


Everybody already sat on the plane and I sat myself on the window seat. Seconds later Harry arrived and sat next to me.


Since when did the space between those airplanes get so tiny? Our arms were literally touching. Oh lord, he is so hot.


Harry’s wearing a white shirt (you can see his tattoos and abs through it) and a black skinny jeans. Why does he have to look so perfect?


“Hi Lou” Harry said to me. I guess he wants to start a conversation with me?


“Hey” I said while looking outside. The plane was moving, yay!


“How are you?” he replied, I looked at him. Damn, his eyes are so beautiful. “‘M fine, you?”


“Great actually” he smiled to himself, I wonder what plays in that little curly head of him. “Good for you Haz” I replied


To plane took off and I looked around and seeing everybody already asleep. I groaned “Oh c’mon already?”


“Calm down Lou, would you like to have some sleep?” he talked


“Yeah maybe but I can’t fall asleep easily on a plane” I admitted, he smiled like some stupid idea popped into his head.


“You can lay on my lap?” Oh my god he said it, didn’t he? I considered that idea for a few moments and I decided to agree with it. “Yeah that would be nice”


He grinned at me and patted his lap.


I gently laid my head onto his lap and closed my eyes, I almost fell asleep but then I felt him stroking my hear and muttering the word




 I screamed on the inside and replayed that moment many times until darkness overtook my thoughts.




Hope it was okay? (:

Sorry bc I didn't update yesterday!


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