My Own Secret *Larry Stylinson*

What if you were in the most popular band on the planet and you are madly in love with one of your bandmates.

Nobody knows and nobody will know about your secret crush. Just what if I told him that I loved him, our friendship would be over and the band will fall apart.

I am keeping this secret to my self so nothing can go wrong. I will keep it safe for everybody. He, especially will never know. Even if those green eyes beg me, even if he is brushing his curls, I still will keep my secret for him.

I'm sorry Harry Styles but you just can't know that secret. You can't know my own secret.


9. Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine:




While everyone was packing their belongings out of their bags and putting them in their closets, I thought it was time to talk to Liam. I went out of my room, locked my door and walked to Liam’s. I knocked and I heard some stumbling and loud noises. I waited a little longer before a smiling Liam opened the door. I smiled back and said “Hi.”, he replied with the same and I walked in.


I really don’t know how to begin with this. I can’t just ask him about his crush on Niall, it would be so rude but still how else?


“So Liam…”I said mischievously.


He cocked an eyebrow and said “What Lou?”


“Nothing, just tell me how are things going between you and Danielle?” I asked him. His face went pale and began playing with his fingers.


“We are good, she’s not coming over though” he said.


“Why not?” I replied back.


I really need to know if he is sure about his sexuality and his relationships because things could end badly.


“I don’t know, I haven’t asked her because o------“He said but I stopped him “Liam, why didn’t you ask her? Don’t you want her to come over?”


His mouth fell open and he wanted to say something but came out as a stutter “I-I do wa-ant her to co-o-me o-over but”


Then he suddenly stops. He really doesn’t know how to feel, he is so confused about everything. I need to give him advice and ask some hard but honest questions.


“Liam do you still love her” I said.


“Of course I—“ he said but then again I stopped him


“Be honest Liam, I see that you are not okay, that you aren’t that in love with her anymore!” I snapped.


“Okay Lou, I don’t know anymore. I am feeling so strange the last days and I feel so confused. I thought I loved her but now I don’t feel that love anymore” He said sadly.


“Liam, there is nothing wrong with that, you can fall out of love but I think I know why you aren’t feeling that love with her anymore.” I pushed a little further.


“Why? Louis please tell me!” He pleased and begged me.


“You are in love with someone else” I said simply. His face went red like realisation dawned on him.


“Niall” He whispered to himself, too bad for him I have good ears.


“Yes Liam, its Niall” I said, making him jump in the air and getting really red.


I decided to leave ‘because it was already night and I know I had to tell Harry my secret.


“Okay Liam, I got to go. Please talk to Danielle and Niall to see what your true feelings are but I think I know already who you are going to choose.” I said with a wink.


He went straight red “Yeah yeah Lou, now go but before you go” He came running to me and pulled me in a big hug and he whispered ‘thank you’ to me.


“No problem Li! Bye!” I said and went out to Harry’s door.


Here we go Louis, stay calm. I knocked on his door and waited with lots of nerves. It’s only Harry I thought. Harry, the most perfect dude on the planet. Okay this isn’t helping, I think I need to slap my fa---


Before my thought could continue I saw that cute mob of curls and those amazing green eyes staring to me.


“Hey Lou, come in” he said friendly. 


“Hi Harry, yeah thank you” I stuttered, I’m so nervous. I think I’m going to pee myself.


“Harry? What’s up Lou?” he said with that look that makes girls -and boys- faint all over the planet.


“Okay Harry, I am going to tell you this. You need to promise me that you will keep it to yourself, that you won’t look at me different and that you won’t laugh at me” I said looking him straight in the eyes.


“Yeah Lou, no problem. I would never laugh at you or won’t be friends with you anymore. I can’t miss or lose you, you are my perfect best friend!” He said with a smile


Yeah best friend, nice…


“Okay here we go...” I said looking at him, he nodded reassuringly.


“Harry I’m gay.” I said. The boy who was seating next to me smiled only wider.


I was so confused by this and I don’t know what to expect but I am glad I told him my secret because it was killing me.


“Aw Louis, that’s not bad!” he said


“But Harry there is also another thing…” I said with red cheeks. I can’t believe I am telling him this too but he is sitting there with his big, red lips and I can’t handle it anymore.


“I love you” I muttered


He smiled.


Oh no, he thinks that I mean it like a best friend way. No, I need to tell him I love him like a boyfriend way!


“You know I don’t mean it like bestfri---“ before I could explain I felt some soft lips touch mine.


No way, He was kissing me. I need to kiss him back.


This kiss was so perfect, his soft big lips on my thin ones was the most amazing feeling on the world. We pulled back and I smiled widely at him


He came closer until his lips were touching my ear, I shivered at the touch


“Lou, want to know a secret?” He whispered in my ear.


I nodded in his shoulder.


“I’m gay and I love you too.”


I pulled his face back from my ear and smashed my lips once again to his own. I really can get used to this kissing thing with Harry.


I am so glad I said this secret to him because otherwise I wouldn’t be kissing the world most perfect human being right now.








Yay! They kissed!



What do you think?







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