My Own Secret *Larry Stylinson*

What if you were in the most popular band on the planet and you are madly in love with one of your bandmates.

Nobody knows and nobody will know about your secret crush. Just what if I told him that I loved him, our friendship would be over and the band will fall apart.

I am keeping this secret to my self so nothing can go wrong. I will keep it safe for everybody. He, especially will never know. Even if those green eyes beg me, even if he is brushing his curls, I still will keep my secret for him.

I'm sorry Harry Styles but you just can't know that secret. You can't know my own secret.


5. Chapter Five



Chapter Five



After I said Harry was the one who’ve got me out of my room they were grinning like maniacs, it was actually quit creepy. It was a hard time ignoring their happy stares and I saw them even high fiving each other. I really need new friends.


When Harry got downstairs, it wasn’t getting better so I quickly went towards the kitchen to get some food. I really didn’t want to be in the same room as Harry and those boys who I call my friends. They were actually acting like teenage girls and I just couldn’t handle that. Haha.


When I got some cookies in a bowl, I walked inside the room and they were chatting about our holiday we were getting the next week. It was a wonderful idea of Simon to get us a holiday! We were going to a deserted island in the middle of nowhere for a month. I was really excited because you know it’s an island and you’re alone… Don’t think like that, you dirty people! I just want to relax without all of the paps and stuff.


I was clearly left out of the conversation the lads were having ‘because Liam and Niall already left the room it was kind of – no, forget that; it was really – awkward. I just played with my fingers, eyes locked with my feet. I felt the stares dig in my skin and I was getting more uncomfortable every second.


I couldn’t sit there and wait until they were going to say anything so I slowly stood up and walked on the stairs. They thought I was already in my room because they were whispering this. I stopped walking on the stairs and I just listened to their conversation. Don’t blame me, I am just curious!


“I don’t know man, he really hates me” Harry said sadly


Zayn gave him a pat on the back “No, he doesn’t. He could never be mad at you, you know that.”


He shook his head in response “But Zayn you heard him, he doesn’t want to be my best friend anymore!” I actually heard his voice crack at the end of the sentence


I was actually mad at myself that day. He was keeping secrets from me so I thought I was a bad friend to him, that he didn’t trusted. But seeing and hearing this now from him is actually heart-breaking and I just wanted to hit myself.


“Harry, calm down. I know why you are keeping this a secret from him ‘because you are, you know, afraid?” Zayn’s questions to Harry.


“Yeah, everything will fall apart if I say it…” he mutters and put his hands in his hair. Probably frustrated with the whole situation.


Why is all of this so complicated, I didn’t hear Zayn responding to the sad boy so I went up to my room. Wrapped myself in the covers of my bed and fell in a deep sleep.






- - - - - -






The last days were firstly silent, really quit and I absolutely hatred it! It’s like everything is my fault but it isn’t okay, I didn’t cause my outburst. Secondly it was awkward. When I was in a room alone with either Zayn or Harry I immediately went toward my own room. I wonder what would happen if I would just sit there. Probably nothing.


We are almost leaving for our own holiday! Finally alone and relaxing in the warm sun by the sound of the crashing waves. Oh my God I can’t wait!


I’m packing my bags now, folding all my clothes neatly in it. Yeah, I am a good and proper boy. I took my suitcase and went downstairs with it, seeing all the boys standing there already. Was I that late?


“C’mon Lou, we’ve got to go!” Liam shouted excitedly. Niall nodded and jumped towards the van while he was throwing his bag in it. I walked towards the back of the van, followed by Harry and set my suitcase at the top and he put his on top of mine.


I opened the door of the van and I saw Liam and Niall already sitting in the middle row and I heard that Zayn had called shotgun.


So that can only mean one thing (A/N: Haha got it? :D  no? Okayyy!)




I have to sit next to Harry,


In the back of a van,


For a 2 hour long drive,


To the airport,


Oh lord, help me now.




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Yay! Hope you liked it.


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