My Own Secret *Larry Stylinson*

What if you were in the most popular band on the planet and you are madly in love with one of your bandmates.

Nobody knows and nobody will know about your secret crush. Just what if I told him that I loved him, our friendship would be over and the band will fall apart.

I am keeping this secret to my self so nothing can go wrong. I will keep it safe for everybody. He, especially will never know. Even if those green eyes beg me, even if he is brushing his curls, I still will keep my secret for him.

I'm sorry Harry Styles but you just can't know that secret. You can't know my own secret.


8. Chapter Eight

Long time no see!

Okay I’m sorry, enjoy!


Chapter Eight:



He smelled so nice and I grabbed his shirt and started sobbing in it. I felt so safe in his arms, I really love him. Why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he love him? Why doesn’t he see me looking at him like that? So many questions ran through my head and I only sobbed harder.

He is my best friend, he deserves to know my secret. He deserves to know everything about me like I know everything about him.



“Harry I need to tell you something”                           





“Yeah Lou, please tell me?” He begged

“Yeah it’s difficult to say” I started and he nodded reassuringly to me “Okay, I’m—“

“Hey dudes whatcha talking about?” Niall suddenly disturbs. He really has a good timing to ask something, I thought to myself. How should I feel about this? Happy that Niall disturbed our talk or disappointed for not telling Harry again? I really don’t know.

I took a glance at Harry’s face and saw just what I was excepting: an annoying look on his face. I shook it off and placed a smile, a fake one may I add, on my face.

“Nothing Niall, what are you doing?” I asked him nicely and I saw Harry’s face fall. I feel bad about not telling him because he really deserves to know but I’m such a child that keeps everything to himself.

“Liam told me to look for you because you weren’t out of our plane yet.” He smiled at us but I could see he was confused. I would be too if I saw two of my bandmates still sitting alone in a plane talking.

“Yeah we were just chatting but we’re coming” I said to him. He nodded and left. I stoop up from my seat and I saw Harry looking with a confused look on his face. Great, now he’s wondering why I want to leave so suddenly.

“We really need to go, the boys are a little bit worried I think” I said with a smile to him. He just shook his head and stood up. “But I’ll tell you tonight.” I continued.

That caught his attention and his green eyes stared into mine and I felt my knees go weak. “Okay thanks Lou, let’s go!” He ran out of the plane and I needed a moment because I was so dazzled by his appearance and his eyes and just everything. Damn, does that boy look good.

I grabbed everything together and went towards the exit. I walked down and saw the van with my crazy lads in. I opened the door and stepped in next to Harry. I saw Liam looking with a loving look at something, I turned my head a little more and saw the destination of his look: Niall. I really need to talk to Liam about his crush. I looked to my left and saw Harry staring down at me. I think he didn’t notice that I was looking back at him from the corner of my eyes. He is so perfect and his hand is nearly touching mine and it isn’t helping to situation.

His hands would be so big next to mine, he would slip his fingers next to my small ones and give it a small squeeze and make everything better.  I blushed at the thought and saw Liam looking with a grin on his face looking straight at me.




We arrived at our hotel and everybody has got a separate room. Mine was at the beginning next to Liam’s and the room on the other side was Harry’s.

This could be good.

But first I really needed to talk to Liam about his crush on our little Nialler.



Sorry small update!

It has been a long time since I’ve updated but once again it’s because of school

And I’ve got punished so I really can’t come on the computer

Hopefully I can but still hating this punishment!

Sorry loves!


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