Tippin' Skittles

{book 1} when harry meets Veronica they instantly connect but will she tell him about her past and why she is so scared of those three words any girl should be begging to hear.


3. Morning After

Chapter threeeee! I love this chapter sooo much! I hope you enjoy it!




I was woken in the morning by a light shake and a sweet voice, I opened my eyes to see Veronica, she was still gorgeous, even in the morning when she had just woken up.


"Harry, I need to get you back to Paul but do you want some breakfast? Maybe a brew?"


"yeah, thanks." suddenly I was awake. I can't remember much of last night, only that I was drunk and hyper then I woke up on Veronica's couch.


"hey Veronica, can I call you V?" it was frustrating knowing I could call her V but I kept saying Veronica, kept thinking it too.


"uh sure, why?"


"I just, I don't know." I felt weird, I couldn't act smooth, I felt my cheeks burn red.


"here have some toast and your tea."


"thanks V" I smile as I take a sip and pleasantly eat my toast.


"oh, I don't have your number." she gestures for my phone and I unlock it before handing it to her and she types it in. "I'll text you so you have my number, just incase you forget about me, or you don't think a crazy person has your number... Well a crazy stranger..."


She chuckles and once I text her and put a kiss after u sign it with a 'H'.


After we eat and V gets organised, we head out and she takes me back to Paul at the hotel he was at, me and the boys were at the apartment, well they were.


I kissed her And hugged her. "I'll see you again? Soon?"




I smile and we go our seperate ways for now.




I know the next like two parts so it will be up probably instantly, I had started to write this story before but it didn't feel right at the time. Now I've write these three parts I really like it.


Love you guys! K! Xxx




again the above has been taken from wattpad where the story is completed and I have began to write book 2, Niall's story which you will understand more later in this story.

also thank you for reading but I want to know who you are! so comment and tell me what you think!

before I start to beg ;) xx

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