Tippin' Skittles

{book 1} when harry meets Veronica they instantly connect but will she tell him about her past and why she is so scared of those three words any girl should be begging to hear.


1. Georgia Rose?

I also have posted this story on wattpad where it is completed.




I stepped into the coffee shop only minutes from the cinema, I was dying for a hot chocolate before meeting the boys and just about everybody else, I walked up to the counter and when I got my hot chocolate, I headed back towards the door. I wasn't looking where I was going and before I reached the door, I walked straight into a girl, she was gorgeous. My hot chocolate went all down my shirt and it sure was hot.

"I am so sorry!" she said grabbing napkins hoping it would help.

"It's alright, should have been watching where I was going." her lips were a mix or blue an red and she held an empty cup that had once been filled with a mixed slush puppy.

"No it was my fault. Let me buy you another hot chocolate." she said, her eyes were wide, looking dead into mine, they were beautiful, a mix of blue, green and brown.

"No I can't let you, but I can buy you another mixed slush puppy?" she smiled.

"Oh come on, you're the one that got covered in what you could have been drinking if it weren't for me, I was looking where I was going and everything but I still managed to..." she trialled off.

"okay but as long as you come to the cinema with me and let me buy your ticket."

"interesting, oh but when?" she smiled with a quizzical look on her face.

"now? I was just heading there, we won't be alone though, if that's alright?" I smirked back.

"I don't think I've got anything better, oh but what are we gonna see?" she ask, it was clear it didn't matter but I guessed she was playing with me.

"I have no idea. What's your name?" I smiled, we both slightly chuckled.

"my name is Georgia Rose." she smiled shaking my hand.

"oh? An is your daddy a dentist?"

"how did you know? I'm only joking, my name is Veronica, an my daddy is a hunter."

"well remind me to never get on his bad side."

"well let's go buy those drinks then." she smiled as we walked back to the counter.

"A mixed slushy and a hot chocolate please?" she asked, her voice hit a soft spot, she had a sweet tone.

"That's £7.83 please." the rather attractive girl behind the counter requested and Veronica handed over the money.

"Well Veronica, I'm Harry."

"I know. But nice of you to introduce yourself, I need to call a friend, just two seconds, yeah?" she says dialling a number on her phone.

"Hey anal, can we take a rain-check?

Great, yeah I'll tell you about it tomorrow then.

Oh you too well anyway I'll see you tomorrow. Love ya chick!"

She hangs up the phone and turns to me with a smile.

We headed out of the coffee shop which was surprisingly empty before going to the cinema and meet, everyone, it was a good thing we had basically rented a full, small theatre. I stood with Veronica and the boys, introducing them. Then Dani and Eleanor came over.

"boys, can we see Summers Peak? Please?"

Before we can reply Veronica steps in.

"Actually My friend saw it the other day, total chick flick and not a good one, it's a rubbish rip off of Setting Our Goals, and normally she likes things like that..." she smiles and then introduces herself to the girls.

"well its nice to meet you Veronica, I'm guessing you are with Mr flirt over here." Dani says pointing to me. Veronica just smiles and says "who else..." Eleanor decides to join in.

"well as long as he behaved." again Veronica smiles and actually makes me sound like I'm not a man slut.

"n'aw, well he's been a total gentleman!" she turns to look at me, smiling.

"see, I'm not a bad guy."

I knew they were joking but it kinda hurt.

"aw, we're just messing."


I really hope you like it so far. I know the whole Harry and Veronica is y'know... but I mean I found my new ship!


okay if there is anything at the end of this its because I have taken it straight from wattpad- I will make some adjustments though


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