Tippin' Skittles

{book 1} when harry meets Veronica they instantly connect but will she tell him about her past and why she is so scared of those three words any girl should be begging to hear.


2. Dance All Night

Ps I wrote this just after BSE came out but I hope as you read, my writing improves. It's not too bad to begin with but I still hope it gets better. Also it switches POV's every chapter so some may be shorter to suit...


Enjoy your reading!



"why don't we go see, Breaking Linx" I say and I seem to get it right with that one.

Paul comes over and looks around the group, looking at my like 'who are you?'

"alright guys, what's it gonna be?" Harry replies while introducing me to Paul.

"well hello Veronica and I'm guessing you're with Harry?" I smile an nod, does Harry do this a lot or something?

We made our way into the cinema after getting some sweets, me and Harry personally chose Skittles and Tangfastics! We sat up the very back, in the corner.

I was just sitting, getting tingles with every brush of our hands while getting sweets. He then pulled the armrest that sat between us up and he moved closer, as did I, he slid his hand into mine and suddenly, one of my favourite actors (one of the reasons I wanted to see this movie) appeared on screen and for the rest if the movie I stayed there, happy.

By the time we got out, I was smiling, a lot and Harry, and some of the others had noticed that I was blushing a little.

He took me aside and asked me "uh, Veronica, what age are you?"

"I'm 21, don't worry."

"well we are going out for a drink tonight, well right now actually, do you wanna come with us?" as long as I'm alright by tomorrow so I can have my meet up with Pamela, I called it off today but she got a date too, guess we both blew each other over for a guy.

"Sure!" I don't think I'll drink much tonight.

We made our way to a bar which is only a few minutes from my apartment.

We drank, I only had about 5 cocktails and 1 shot but Harry, he drank a lot! We danced most of the night, we left the bar around 2am and he wanted to walk me home, I was quite drunk but Harry was gone, he even had a couple more drinks on the way back to mine. Once we reached my door he fell against the door post, slurring a goodnight.

"Harry, you should come in."

"I'll be fine, unless you're trying to get me into bed but it's only the first date. If you count it as that."

"Harry you're drunk!"

"yeah and so are you."

"look just come in, have some coffee and you can sleep on the couch, I'll phone Paul and tell him." I grip him tight, holding him up as I basically carry him to the couch.

I get him his coffee and get his phone to call Paul, he curled up and fell asleep and I told Paul exactly what happened, how he had even more to drink once we left, he was passed out on my couch, I could let him go out there and end up passed out in the street and that I'd drop him off tomorrow. I got into pjs and web to bed myself after giving Harry a blanket and kissing his temple then whispering "goodnight Harry."


It's all nice right now and I have the plot for one or two more parts so they should be up soon!

Love you guys! K! Xxx




again the note at the end was just from Wattpad but I will have the other parts up soon as I really want to know what you guys think.


why haven't I posted it on here before?


but I do love who ever is reading this! you are all amazing!


Ps the picture attached is of Veronica! (if it isn't obvious) :D- ignore the TAKINGBACKLINCOLN written on the pictures, its my username on wattpad!


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