Silence [Hunger Games Fanfiction]

Traumatized by her brother’s death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 31st Hunger Games, that becomes impossible.

An unwanted admirer.

A true soul mate.

23 enemies.

Let the Games begin


9. Nine

 Eli must have been mad, because the next few hours of that day were excruciatingly painful. Both socially and physically. I was led to a prep room called the Remake Centre and was handed a robe. I put it on obediently and waited. Several minutes later, a purple head popped around the door. It was quite horrific. They looked like they were in need of medical attention. I was about to scream when I remembered the Capitol people often dyed their skin. The purple creature made what I think was a squeal of delight.

 “Feeeeeelixah!” it cried. I panicked. Did they speak another language that I was unaware of?

 “She is hereah!” it called, and I realised it must be the accent. Why did it…she speak like that? At the end of her sentences, it was like she felt the need to make a gasping noise. The woman waddled like a duck towards me, hands shaking in excitement. Another head, a male, came around the corner of the door, and I was relieved that he looked a little more human. His mustard coloured eyebrows curved all the way down his cheekbones to the corners of his lips, and I resisted the urge to laugh at him. He also had surgically planted horns sprouting from his bronze coloured hair, but I tried not to look too closely at them, as they sent shivers down my spine.

 Several minutes later, whilst the two stylists were fussing over me and discussing nails and hair, another woman walked in. I was surprised. She looked relatively normal, and unlike the other two, behaved in a sane manner. Her hair was short, but stuck out from her head at odd angles, so that it circled her face. Like a mane, I realised. I had seen photographs of a rare creature named a lion, which was used in the very first Hunger Games. She reminded me of one. Her features were slightly pointed too, and the only makeup she wore was black lipstick. I thought she was beautiful.

 “Hello,” she said. It also puzzled me that her accent was normal, and similar to those who live in District 10. “I’m Leonie. I suppose these two haven’t introduced themselves yet?”

 I shook my head shyly.

 “This is Felix,” she said, gesturing to the man “And Annabella. I’m sorry if they startled you. They get very excited around the time of the Games. We just have to do some basic things before you meet your stylist.”

 So that’s why I spent the next three hours having hair ripped from my body, being scrubbed until my skin was sore and experiencing social torture. Annabella and Felix jabbered non stop, and I had to restrain myself from punching them. However, I liked Leonie. Every now and then, I’d look at her, and she’d roll her eyes to make me smile. She genuinely seemed like someone I would be friends with back in District 10. Not that I had many friends.

 During the last hour or so of my makeover, Felix got himself worked up with excitement and began crying. I resisted the urge to laugh as Leonie ushered Annabella and Felix out the room to calm down. Then it was just the two of us. Leonie silently began to work on my nails, and I admired her light hand, and the way she made her work seem effortless.

 “I really am sorry about my co-workers. They can be very irritating at times,” she commented in her soft, quiet voice. It was quite soothing.

 “I expected you to be more like them. I’m glad you’re not. Are you actually from the Capitol, if you don’t mind me asking? You seem…”

 “A little out of place?” she laughed, finishing my thought stream “No, I’m from District 8. My father is Head Peacekeeper there. Making clothes was always my passion, so he arranged for me to have an apprenticeship here. I hope one day to follow in Sophia, your stylist’s, footsteps.”

 “Is she good?”

 “You can judge for yourself. But she is my idol. I respect her very much.”

 “Have you any idea what she has in store for me?”

 She filed the last nail on my left hand “Yes. But I’m saying nothing. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

I allowed Leonie to finish her work in peace, and thought about what my costume could be. District 10 is Livestock, which doesn’t leave a lot of creativity for stylists. Cowboy costumes are common, and both Valeria and Drew wore outfits resembling farm animals. I hoped that Sophia was more skilled in costumes than previous stylists.

 I met her several minutes after my conversation with Leonie, when the final coat of nail varnish was being applied. I didn’t know what to expect of her, but liked her immediately when I saw her. She was a pretty middle aged woman, with dark hair and light eyes, and her clothing was impressive without being over the top. Like Leonie, she didn’t give the impression of a Capitol citizen, but she didn’t fit in as a District citizen either. She smiled warmly at me.

 “Hello, Raven. I’ve heard Felix and Annabella have been a bit of a handful today.”

 “Yes, but Leonie has been excellent. It’s lovely to meet you,” I said politely, desperate to make a good impression.

 “You too. I think you’re done. For now. You’ve done an excellent job, Leonie. I’d be delighted if you’d join Raven and I for lunch.”

 Leonie nodded eagerly and bounded ahead to a dining room like an eager puppy. I was glad she was staying, though, because as nice as Sophia seemed, she intimidated me a little.

 “Sit down, Raven. I’ve invited Logan and my partner, Magnus, to dine with us. After all, you’re allies. You will also be wearing very similar costumes for the opening ceremony, so it won’t hurt to have him here.”

 There was a knock at the door, and an Avox allowed Logan and his stylist, Magnus into the room. As greetings were made, I took time to stare at the Avox. I had heard of them before, and had been told that they were people who had done bad things, but the blonde haired woman stood silently at the door looked like she’d never done anything bad in her life. She had a frightened rabbit look about her, and her eyes kept darting nervously around the room. Her eyes settled on me and she caught me staring. Quickly, her gaze returned to the floor. I had no time to worry about her, however, as Sophia clapped her hands to get our attention and brought me back to the present. Out the corner of my eye, I saw the Avox scurry from the room.

Logan sat beside me with a smile. I was glad he was back to normal, and that his cold attitude on the train had been forgotten.

 “How has your day been?” I asked him.

 “Pleasant. My prep team are very nice. If a little loud. How about you?”


 “There will be time for chit chat later. Right now, I want to talk about your outfits,” Sophia announced. She pressed a button at the side of the table, and lunch appeared. Dainty sandwiches in the shape of cows were served on a plate, and lettuce leaves were served on the edge of the plate. There was a bowl of nuts and a bowl of berries I knew as pokeberries. A selection of finely baked pastries. And to finish up, strawberries dipped in chocolate. I tried to eat slowly, but I found myself stuffing it down. It was too good to resist. Sophia spoke for a while about “stage presence” and how we should hold ourselves on the carriage. She requested that we didn’t have any physical contact with each other, which could lead the audience to think us weak.

 “Lastly,” she said “I want to give you a clue as to what your outfits are like. As you know, sponsorship is very important during the Games, which is why you need to make an impression now. Good training scores will also be vital, but so is your debut. So. I am new to this District, and I know how hard the kids here find it to get noticed. Take your mentors for example. Valeria was dressed as a chicken in her opening ceremonies. She was a laughing stock at first. I’m not going to allow that to happen at all. I thought about it for a long time, and thought of something new. Something outside the box. Coming from District 10, you must know that leather is made from animal hide? Let’s just say, I’ve found the perfect way to show you two off at your best.”

 Logan and I exchanged worried glances. Leather? That didn’t sound good.



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