Silence [Hunger Games Fanfiction]

Traumatized by her brother’s death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 31st Hunger Games, that becomes impossible.

An unwanted admirer.

A true soul mate.

23 enemies.

Let the Games begin


43. Forty-Three

The final interview I had to endure was in a small studio, with just a handful of spectators, including my team and some cameramen. It seemed less nerve wracking than the previous televised events, so when I greeted Venus, I was calm and collected.

 “You look fabulous, Raven!” she commented as way of small talk. I glanced down at my leather trousers and white feathered top shyly. It was my favourite outfit yet, and I was at last able to sit comfortably.

 “Thank you,” I said, as I took a seat next to her on a plush couch. The cameramen signalled for us to prepare, and the show began with Venus addressing the audience. She introduced me, and I had to smile nicely at the camera for a minute or so whilst they gobbled up my image. Then Venus turned towards me to begin asking questions.

 “Now, sweetie, what we all want to know is what your plans are for when you arrive home! Please, tell us!”

 “Well…” I said, procrastinating whilst wondering what the audience wanted to hear “I’ll be moving into the Victor’s Village. That’s my first priority. And then, I think it’s likely that…wedding arrangements will be in order.”

 Venus clapped her hands and squealed like a little girl “How thrilling! I trust I’ll be invited to the wedding?”

 I laughed somewhat convincingly “Well, of course! If I wasn’t a victor, I’m sure the wedding would have been on a very small scale. But naturally, since winning the Games, everything has changed dramatically. I expect the wedding will be quite large!”

 “Well, it would be lovely if you could get married here in the Capitol, wouldn’t it?”

 I tried not to grimace and made a noise which I hoped sounded approving. Fortunately, Venus moved on after that.

 “Our next priority is to find out everything about your time in the arena. You had a pretty nasty shock, losing Logan and your other allies. You seemed to be pretty close.”

 She paused to allow me to elaborate. I sighed “It was difficult. And still is. Perhaps there was nothing I could do to save them, but some of my decisions in the arena contributed to their deaths. It was I who took Kai to the lake where he died. It was I who suggested we should attack the Career base. And it was I who left Logan alone and unprepared. I’ll always feel guilty…” I swallowed the lump in my throat.

 “But remember, only one can win. And I’m sure none of them would blame you for their deaths. If they couldn’t win, they’d want you to.”

 I nodded, unable to speak. Venus seemed to realise she was on dangerous grounds, and began to ask about the injuries I had gained, and the deaths of Layla, Moonstone and Roger. I think she considered them my main kills, so we spoke for quite a while about them.

 “Now, we know that you are a strong fighter and a true warrior at heart. But during the final showdown, with you, Roger and Avery…well that must have been quite a shock. Can you tell us anything about that moment?”

 “I honestly thought that Roger would be the victor. Avery was at death’s door, and I didn’t expect her to…do that. I think, had she left it any later, I would be dead now. She saved my life,” I said honestly.

 “Perhaps. But I believe you had it in you to win, no matter what. You had such a strong presence in the arena, and of course, that reflects through you being here today. One final question. Do you have anything special planned for the Victor’s tour?”

 That’s right, I thought. Every victor is meant to have another special talent. I chewed my lip.

 “I hadn’t thought about it yet really. But I’m sure I’ll come up with something,” I said.

 “It’s been a pleasure having you here Raven,” Venus said, kissing my cheek cheerily “To all you viewers at home, Raven will be returning to her District shortly. She will be back in a few months for the Victory Tour, so you can catch up with her then! Happy Hunger Games!”

 It was time to depart from the Capitol. I was transported to the train station, where I waved goodbye to Sophia and Leonie. The other two were enjoying the after-games celebrations in the streets of the Capitol, and most likely having the time of their lives. Unfortunately, I only had a few months of peace from them. I’d see them again on the Victory Tour.

 The began to move, whizzing past the colourful lands I had grown used to. It was quite a journey back to District 10, and I didn’t feel like looking at the scenery. As we entered the tunnel through the mountain, I allowed Eli to put an arm around me and take me to the dining cart. I couldn’t stop myself from devouring half the food on the table, and stayed seated to eat more while the others watched the replay of my interview.

 I was allowed to take a short walk whilst the train stopped for fuel, and so walked the length of the train. In each carriage, I saw tributes talking, some fighting, some laughing. I spotted Roger shouting at his mentor. Clementia laughing at her escort. Kai quietly eating alone. I saw all of the tributes in the arena. Except for Logan.

 I shook my head. I was crazy. When I looked back, there was no one there.

 I tried to sleep for the rest of the journey, drifting in and out of a nightmarish sleep. Drew eventually shook me awake to tell me we were arriving. I stood at the door, waiting for the eager eyes of the cameras, the welcoming faces of the District’s people. Drew and Valeria grasped a hand each, and Eli placed his hands on my shoulders. As the train stopped, the cameras flashed and the cheers of the crowd filled my ears. I could see Eddie pushing his way forward, leaping over the barrier, designed to stop the crowd getting through, broke through the wall of camera men and threw his arms around me. I was lifted off my feet and he twirled me in his arms, before kissing me hard. I felt like I might suffocate, but with the cameras on me, I had to tolerate it. When he finally put me down, I was breathless and dizzy. Then I saw my Father at the front of the crowd, tears streaming down his face. I ran to him and embraced him, a happiness I hadn’t felt in days filling my heart.

 “Father!” I cried, though he was only centimetres away from me “Where is mother?” I asked, when I realised he was alone. He shook his head, fresh tears spilling over his cheeks.

 “Father? Where is Mother?” I asked again.

 “Raven…your mother is dead.”











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