Silence [Hunger Games Fanfiction]

Traumatized by her brother’s death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 31st Hunger Games, that becomes impossible.

An unwanted admirer.

A true soul mate.

23 enemies.

Let the Games begin


47. Forty-Seven

 Three months later…

 The light of the sun reflected off the mirror as I stared blankly at my reflection. The white dress made my skin look a grey colour, but the stylists insisted I looked beautiful. The lace clung to most of my body, covering my thin arms and collecting in a band around my waist, before falling gracefully to my bare feet. It was my one request, going bare foot. I had enough to worry about without tripping at the altar.

 “Are you excited, Raven?” Leonie asked when we had a moment alone together. Annabella and Felix had been relieved of duties to watch the wedding. And to relieve me of their idiocy.  Leonie was smiling dreamily as she threaded white flowers into my curls.

 “Yes,” I lied. Marrying Eddie was never going to be a happy day for me. But it could be worse, I reminded myself, as I had done many times since I announced that I was ready to marry him. I breathed deeply, glancing out the window. Crowds of Capitol citizens were gathering to see me walk to my chariot, where I would be escorted to The Dome, a large bowl made of a kaleidoscope of colours designed for important events. Eddie thought it was beautiful when he saw it for the first time. I thought it was a monstrosity.

 All the important people from the Capitol had been invited, along with my own family and Eddie’s parents. Drew and my father had the joint job of giving me away, and Valeria, Sophia and Venus were my bridesmaids. Apparently, it was the President’s idea. The three influential women walking me down the aisle was slightly comforting for me, but more importantly, a show of the Capitol’s allure and prestige. If Clementia was still alive, she would have been my first choice, along with my mother. But of course, if she was alive, I’d be dead.

 Leonie stood back to admire her work, a beam on her face.

 “Beautiful,” she breathed. My fingers trembled as I reached to touch my glossy lips. A kiss was to seal my destiny. Trap me in a web forever. But the wedding had become more than a wedding for me. It was the beginning of the end. I’d show them. I’d show them all…

 “Raven! Time to go!” Eli called cheerily, entering the room. At least he managed to put a smile on my face. He was sporting a floppy yellow hat and a bow tie to match along with green trousers with braces. Needless to say, he looked a state. He embraced me quickly, kissing both my cheeks lightly.

 “Lovely, darling, just lovely. The crowd will love this!” he insisted, taking my hand “Now hurry! You don’t want to be late for your big day!”

 All too fast, I was being gobbled up by cameras again. Wait until the Victory Tour I thought then you’ll have press attention! I smiled and waved, grabbing Leonie and Eli’s hands for comfort. It had been decided they would escort me in the chariot before taking their seats in the audience to stop me getting nervous. As a way of calming me down, Eli pointed out landmarks in the Capitol. Despite his act of dumbness on his exterior, he obviously knew the Capitol’s history like the back of his hand. It was nice to see him in his comfort zone, even if I was far from mine.

 I managed a dainty hop down from the chariot when we reached The Dome, my feet contacting with a fluffy purple carpet which had been laid out for my arrival. Eddie was already inside at the altar, waiting for me. For him, it would be the best day of his life, I was certain. And I certainly wasn’t going to be the one to ruin it. Meeting with the bridesmaids, Drew and my Father, I prepared myself to walk down the aisle. A bouquet of white roses was thrust into the hands of each bridesmaid. I saw Venus wince as a thorn cut her finger, but she stayed silent. Like all of us, she knew her place was to put on a good show. She smiled sadly at me as the procession music began. Maybe she knew what I was going through.

 The Mayor was sat at the piano as I walked. I recognized the old love song, a tradition at weddings in District 10, and I managed to step in synch with the music. Other than the music, the room was silent, cameras and hungry eyes swallowing me whole. The aisle seemed to get longer and longer, and I feared I might walk forever. But by the time the song was finished, I was stood before Eddie. He looked at me lovingly, reaching for my hands and entwining our fingers so that they locked together. There was no turning back.

 Following protocol, the Joiner of Hands helped us say our vows, and then we were required to say a few words of our own. Eddie went first, his hands trembling as he spoke.

 “My dear Raven. It hasn’t been easy for us. But as we spend more and more time together, I fall more in love with you. The thought of ever being parted from you breaks my heart, and I am happy in the knowledge that nothing can ever break us apart. Which is why I stand…humbly, before you today, praying that you will be as happy with me as I am with you.”

 I heard a loud sniff and a trumpeting noise as Eli blew his nose. Eddie gently caressed my cheek, smiling as he finished his speech.

 “I see a long future for us together. A family full of children and their children to come. It is my wish to grow old with you, and watch as your hair turns from black to grey. Because no matter how time ages us, my love will never differ.”

 Eddie’s speech was certainly moving. He even received a peal of applause, which gave me a little time to prepare myself. I remembered what Drew had told me several nights earlier.

 “Just pretend he’s Logan,” he’d whispered as I cried on his shoulder “Just pretend one last time.”

 I looked Eddie in the eye. I stared so hard that my eyes watered, Eddie’s face blurring. Logan’s smile in the back of my mind sent words spilling out of my mouth.

 “It’s hard to remember when last I was truly happy. Before today,” I said. I cleared my throat nervously “But seeing you in front of me today makes me realise how lucky I am. I hope that together, we can leave the past behind and make a fresh start.”

 I swallowed. Logan looked in my eyes, willing me to continue.

 “Some people have told me that love is hard. But when I fell in love with you, it was the simplest thing…it was easy. We are one. One mind, one soul…one heart.”

 As my speech finished, I could hear the Joiner of Hands speaking, but I paid little attention. Logan’s hands were in mine. Logan’s eyes held my gaze. Logan’s pulse beat against my outstretched finger. I closed my eyes, breathing heavily. Lips found mine, tender and warm. The standing ovation should have made me more aware, but I was so lost in love that it didn’t matter. But when I opened my eyes, all the adoration disappeared. Eddie’s lips were on mine, not Logan’s. I couldn’t breathe. I let go of his arm and fell back into darkness.


















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