Silence [Hunger Games Fanfiction]

Traumatized by her brother’s death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 31st Hunger Games, that becomes impossible.

An unwanted admirer.

A true soul mate.

23 enemies.

Let the Games begin


48. Forty-Eight

 I awoke to Eddie’s worried face pressed against my arm. I’d been escorted back to my temporary room in the Capitol. He beamed when I realised I was OK.

 “Raven, what happened? Are you ill?”

 “I…I think I just got a bit overexcited. It’s all very overwhelming,” I said, dazed.

 “Then I assume you’ll be OK for the after party? You can change here, and then the President would like to speak to you before you leave. Is that OK?”

 The thought of coming in contact with the President properly for the first time made my stomach churn, but I nodded. He kissed my forehead lightly, casually stroking a piece of my hair. Then he left, waving as he did so. I quickly changed into a dress that sparkled in the light, the midnight blue complementing the shoes the Mayor had got me, the same ones I wore for the reaping. It felt nice to have a familiar pair of shoes on, even if they were a bit small.

 A knock at the door indicated that the president had arrived. Swallowing, I turned the doorknob and opened the door cautiously. I was met with a pair of ominous eyes, cold eyes with no emotion left in them. I had to force a smile.

 “Do come in,” I murmured, widening the door unwillingly. The president followed me inside, taking a seat on a red chair. I promised myself that I would never sit on that chair again.

 “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it to your final interviews,” he said, leaning back in his chair with relaxed posture. “And I apologize again, for not having brought you a wedding present. Is there anything I can do for you? As a way of giving you a gift?”

 I stared at him hard. Was this man, the cruellest most repulsive man on earth, offering me a wedding gift? It suddenly occurred to me that I had a promise to fulfil. How could I have forgotten. I cursed my selfishness as I nodded to the president.

 “Yes, there is actually…I have a request. I was…served very well during my stay in the Capitol. I should like to take the Avox home.”

 President Snow squinted at me, as though trying to figure out what I was up to. He couldn’t possibly have any idea of my relationship with Pandora, though, and my face stayed poker straight. So he smiled. Nodded.

 “Of course. Which one?”

 He was trying to trick me. I bit my tongue to stop me saying her name, and pretended to be thinking.

 “She was blonde, I remember that. Very skittish as well. I think I could toughen her up a bit. And perhaps discipline her a little more.”

 President Snow now seemed clueless to my plans. He nodded in approval, shifting in the chair.

 “Then of course. It will be arranged. I’ll send her on her way now, so that when you arrive home, she’ll be ready to serve.”

 Trying not to show disgust, I nodded graciously.

 “Thank you, sir. Shall we proceed to the celebrations? We can discuss the Victory Tour on the way.”

 The president nodded, standing slowly. There was something about his slow, smooth movements that frightened me. I knew what he was capable of. Little did he know what I was capable of. But strangely enough, he seemed to be fond of me as we discussed the Victory Tour in the carriage to the ceremonies. I froze as he patted my shoulder affectionately.

 “You know, there aren’t many victors like you. Not many that enjoy the splendour of the Capitol and understand the way of life. But you fit in quite nicely.”

 Scared that he might offer me a house in the Capitol, I laughed unsurely “Well, District 10 has always been my home, and always will be. But I think it is lovely here.”

 The president nodded. We passed The Dome, and a large skyscraper building came into view.

 “That’s where you will celebrate the end of the Victory tour,” he told me “There is always a huge reception there.”

 I smiled, knowing that would be where the main part of my plan would unfold.

 “Will you attend?” I asked hopefully.

 “Sadly, no. I am very busy.”

 I was disappointed to say the least, but it couldn’t be helped. I took one last look at the skyscraper before rushing inside. After all, how many times do you get married? It was my night, and I was going to enjoy it.






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