Silence [Hunger Games Fanfiction]

Traumatized by her brother’s death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 31st Hunger Games, that becomes impossible.

An unwanted admirer.

A true soul mate.

23 enemies.

Let the Games begin


40. Forty

  Somewhat reluctantly, I took another step towards Roger. He tentatively followed suit with Avery behind him. We continued this until we stood mere metres apart. My hands shook, and I patted Logan’s diary, which was concealed under my top for comfort. The moment had arrived. I was afraid. There were two of them, and only one of me. And despite my ferocity, I didn’t doubt that Roger would beat me in a hand to hand combat. My chances were slim. I knew I must have looked weak to Roger, my bad arm in its makeshift cast, and, despite having taken the last morphine shot just after Logan’s death, I was in a lot of discomfort. Roger smirked. He thought he’d have it easy. But there was no way I’d go down easily.

 “Hello Raven,” he said, tossing his spear aside and producing a sword from his belt. Avery stood nervously to the side, unsure what her role was.

 “How nice to see you, Roger,” I said politely.

 “It’s a fine day for such games, isn’t it?”

 “Sure is,” I croaked, my voice barely audible.

 “I’m glad you agree.”

 “Roger, what-”

 “Shut up, Avery.”

 “You said I could help!” she whined.

 “For goodness sake,” he said. It happened so fast. He spun around and plunged his sword into Avery’s abdomen. She let out a tortured screech, and fell to the floor. Roger sniggered as he turned back to me.

 “Sorry for the disruption. She was becoming a pain.”

 “You’re sick.”

 “Thank you,” he grinned, sweeping his hair from his face with a manic gaze in his eyes. Never once did he look away from me. He circled me like a predator, and I mirrored him. His tongue darted quickly from his mouth and circled his cracked lips.

 All of a sudden, he lurched forward and tackled me to the ground. I was unprepared, and my throwing knife slipped from my grasp. I attempted to stab Roger’s face, but he deflected me easily, pinning my arm to the ground. He punched me in the face and I felt my jaw crack from the incredible force of the blow. He repeated the motion over and over, until my nose bled, blood filling my vision. My teeth shattered in my mouth and I spat them out defiantly. I managed to thrust my knee into Roger’s groin, which gave me a minute to get myself together. I tumbled sideways, so that I was on top of Roger, finally dominant in the battle. Droplets of my blood showered his face as he moaned in pain. I stabbed, aiming for his neck, but he managed to misdirect me just in time to see me bury the blade in his upper arm. Gritting his teeth, he threw me back to the ground, and I glanced quickly to see what state Avery was in. She was still hanging on, but barely.

 I clambered to my feet and drew my sword, letting a gargling battle cry fill my ears as I charged Roger, who had also regained his footing. Our blades slammed together with a clink, the sun reflecting light from Roger’s sword into my eyes. Skilfully, Roger aimed for my legs, but I managed to dart aside just in time. I wasn’t so lucky second time around. His sword slammed into my bad arm, and I shrieked, falling to my knees. I stabbed desperately at Roger’s leg and made a connection, my sword sinking right to the bone. Both wounded, we crawled towards each other, scrabbling for weapons and panting for breath. I was reminded of rabid dogs back in our District. We were feral. Animalistic. Callous.

 Another connection of blade on blade sent a shiver down my spine. I thrust my leg into Roger’s side wildly, flailing in the mud. I could feel the emptiness in my mouth in the absence of my teeth, and I flared with anger at what Roger had done to me. I shuffled closer and dug my elbow into his neck with as much force as I could muster. He gagged and a second blow to the stomach made him throw up. He succeeded in catching my arm before I could do any serious damage to his face, but a slit in his cheek cried tears of blood. A yank on my arm sent me stumbling forwards, and Roger grasped me in a head lock. My air supply cut off, and my body growing limp, I wondered if it was the end. But Roger was always the sort to play with his prey. He dropped me to the ground as though I was little more than a rag doll, and stared me in the eyes, grinning.

 “Why not show me a smile, hey Raven?” he cooed, licking his lips once again. I kept my mouth clamped shut, my remaining teeth sinking into my gums.

 “Very well. Have it your way. Let’s play,” he smiled, snatching my knife from my grasp. His free hand grasped my hair, keeping me in place as he forced the knife through my closed lips. I don’t know how long I screamed for. The knife’s cool metal met the corner of my lips, teasing its way up my cheek, the skin flapping as I cried. And then suddenly, peace. The blade fell to the floor with a thud. A cannon fired. Roger’s body grew heavy on mine, and my breathing slowed in confusion. Glancing sideways, I saw Avery, who had shuffled closer, a trail of blood behind her and her fingers still gripped around the handle of her hammer. Confirming my suspicions, I looked to see Roger’s skull caved in, his final downfall. Avery’s lip quivered as she stared at me.

 “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. May my sins be forgiven,” she whispered. Her eyes flickered, and the only sound that could be heard was the whistle of her final breath. Her cannon fired.

 I was the winner.

 The sound of uncertain applause came from the speakers of the Capitol’s live audience. Of course, they must have been as confused as I was. I pushed Roger’s body off me and managed to stand, using my abandoned sword as an aid for me to lean on. The first hovercraft appeared to scoop up the broken bodies of Roger and Avery. Avery. My saviour. I said a silent prayer for her, hoping that if a God existed, he’d have mercy on her.

 I couldn’t feel happy. I couldn’t even force a smile with the state my face was in. I just stared skyward, listening to the applause growing in fervour. The second hovercraft appeared to take me away from the horrors of the arena. The ladder froze my body in place and lifted me into the plane. I collapsed in a heap, and then, sympathetically, darkness engulfed me.













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