Silence [Hunger Games Fanfiction]

Traumatized by her brother’s death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 31st Hunger Games, that becomes impossible.

An unwanted admirer.

A true soul mate.

23 enemies.

Let the Games begin


52. Fifty-Two

The Victory Tour arrived, and everything was set in place for my plan. I was awoken by Eddie and Pandora to be told my team had arrived to prepare me for the journey. Despite the thudding of my heart at the thought of what the journey to the Capitol meant for me, it was good to see them again. As they trimmed my hair and perfected my body, they chatted non-stop, even Leonie, about everything they’d been up to, and how exciting my wedding had been.

 “Show me the ring again!” Annabella cried, and I shyly presented my hand to her for her to marvel over. Felix swooned at the sight of it, before declaring that I had the most handsome husband he’d ever seen. Surprised by the unwanted male attention, Eddie blushed and left me with my prep team.

 To my relief, Sophia had ordered only minimal makeup, and my face was relatively normal. Good I thought. I wanted people to remember my face. Remember my sacrifice for Panem. When I saw Sophia an hour or so later, she smiled and hugged me, kissing my cheeks delicately.

 “How is your talent coming along, Raven?”

 “Just fine. Drew and I have been working on it for ages. I’m all set for the cameras.”

 “Good, because we’re about to start!” Eli said, waltzing into the room, and clapping his hands “Would you like some notes? To help you with your speech?”

 “No thank you. I know what I’m doing,” I said with determination. I led the camera crew through to the piano room which Eddie and I had installed specially. The piano was made of mahogany with ivory keys that played sweet musical notes when pressed. I made myself comfortable on the stool, whilst everyone gathered round. Eli and Valeria stood with my Father, who looked on proudly. Eddie had returned to watch with Pandora, who hung her head at the sight of Capitol people. My prep team and Sophia clustered in the corner of the room trying to get the best view. Drew stood nervously beside the stool, ready to sing.

 All too soon, the cameras were running, but I knew what to do. I looked confidently into the camera, as though I was looking straight into the eyes of my enemies.

 “Today, I sit before a piano,” I began. “A piano can tell many stories through song. Of happiness, or of sorrow. Today, I sit before this piano a happy woman. I have everything I could wish for. A loving husband. Loyal friends. Money and fame. But as I sit here, I think of the fallen. To get me where I am today, twenty three others died. Some of them friends and others foes. This is my song to Logan, my fallen friend. To my mother, the lost soul. And to anyone whose story has been cut short by the Games.”

 The last bit about the Games seemed to shock the observers, but no one stopped me. I smiled, knowing the first part of my plan had been successful. The song was the second part.  I looked to Drew to check he was ready, and he gave me a slight nod. Oddly, I think he was more afraid of singing than the third part of the plan.

 “This is called Blank Pages,” I added, before readying myself to play. The introduction filled the room with softly played chords. I played it a second time with a harmony added in, before nodding to Drew his cue. With shaking hands, he began to sing

A story untold

Waiting to be unravelled

A winding road

Never to be travelled


A shattered heart

Needing to be fixed

A collapsed wall

Of tumbling old bricks


Around my soul

The war still rages

And in my hands lie

The white blank pages

The pieces of your heart

The pieces of your mind

Tucked between the sheets

All that’s left behind

 Drew stopped for the instrumental, breathing deeply. The risky part was coming up. One single line of the song would be all it took to spark anger in President Snow’s heart. Drew reluctantly continued.


Just one more tragedy

Another unheard cry

A field of broken passions

The last place that you lie


Hell is ever closer

The light is far away

But I can promise now

For your loss they’ll pay

 I saw Valeria’s eyes widen from the corner of my eye. She looked furious. She obviously knew what a risk I was taking, openly threatening the Capitol with my words. Little did she know that more than just a threat would be hitting the Capitol very soon.

Around my soul

The war still rages

And in my hands lie

The white blank pages

The pieces of your heart

The pieces of your mind

Tucked between the sheets

All that’s left behind

 I finished off the song with a flourish, and applause came from the small audience. Other than Valeria, they were clueless to what I had just done. We played a couple of other, meaningless love songs that I thought the Capitol citizens might like, and then we headed off for the train. I kissed Eddie goodbye and told him to care for my father and Pandora. He had no idea what was going on, and I wasn’t about to tell him. After dinner on the train, I sat alone in the television room, staring out the window at the fields of District 11 as we passed it. Valeria approached me, her hands shaking with fury I’d never seen her with before.

 “You’re going to get yourself killed, Raven. And what for? Logan’s sacrifice will be for nothing. Eddie will be alone again. Nothing will have changed. How can you be so selfish?”

 I turned to face her “I know what I’m doing. Don’t you understand? This is about avenging Logan. And everyone else the Games has hurt. And I’m willing to do anything it takes to see this through.”

 It was then that I pushed past my mentor and walked away. The plan was going to work. It had to. On to round three.

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