Silence [Hunger Games Fanfiction]

Traumatized by her brother’s death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 31st Hunger Games, that becomes impossible.

An unwanted admirer.

A true soul mate.

23 enemies.

Let the Games begin


53. Fifty-Three

District One. The home of Roger. And the place I’d been most dreading visiting.

 The Victory Tour, up until then, had passed rather uneventfully. It hadn’t been easy, seeing the homes of Clementia and Kai, but I’d got through it, offering my condolences to my allies’ families. I even said thank you to Avery’s family for her sacrifice, though their eyes burned with hatred for me even so. It had passed quickly, but I felt like I was moving in slow motion as the train entered District One. Fortunately, plans to dine in the District had been cancelled so that I could dine in the Capitol that night. And that was where the final showdown would take place. One more day, I reminded myself.

 After a short tour of the District I stepped onto the stage placed in the town centre so that I could make my speech. Looking down at the observers, I saw Layla’s family, a mother and father with three stunning daughters who looked just like her. Though I expected them to be furious at the sight of me, if they felt anything they kept it well hidden. I reminded myself that for a child from District One to win the Games, it was a great honour. For them to die, and so early on, may possibly be considered shameful.

 Roger’s family consisted only of his parents. They had no other children, it seemed. His mother stared at the ground and she was clearly holding back tears. I swallowed as I began to read out my prepared speech. The observers watched on in stony silence, obviously thinking of fifty different ways to kill me with their bare hands. I finished the speech and they applauded with little enthusiasm. I was about to step off stage, when I seized the microphone again.

 “I have something to add,” I said. Everyone’s eyes were on my, intrigued by my outburst. “I believe that the Games affect us all in the end. There can only be one winner. Ultimately, I didn’t win the Games because I was strong. I certainly wasn’t the strongest. I wasn’t the best prepared. And I wasn’t the bravest by any means. Roger had courage. He was brave. He was strong. And I admire that. I admire him.”

 There was probably more I should have said, but I left the stage then, leaving the audience to ponder on my actions. Eli grabbed my arm, hurrying me to the car to take us to the train. The Capitol was growing ever closer, and that terrified me.

 Sophia dressed me in a leather jacket with boots over a simple white shift dress. I felt almost normal. I looked in the mirror and saw no more than a girl. Not a murderer. Not a Victor of the Games. I held on to that thought as I stepped into the Capitol train station. Not a murderer. Not a murderer. Not a murderer…

 “Oh!” I cried, “I forgot my bag…”

 “It’s alright, Raven, you probably don’t need it anyway…” Valeria said, trying to move on.

 “Yes, but I want it,” I insisted, hopping back aboard the train. I couldn’t leave without it. It would spoil to whole plan. I got back off with a cheery wave to the citizens who had gathered to greet us. They cheered my name and chanted inaudible compliments. I smiled. They didn’t know what they were dealing with.

 A chauffeur drove us to the building the President had pointed out to me. I looked at Drew for confirmation that he was still up for the plan. He winked with a grin. I’d never seen him so happy. I think the fact that he was finally doing something against the Capitol excited him.

 The building was already booming with noise from the party, which I assumed had been going on for a while. I walked across a specially laid purple carpet, allowing photographers to take pictures. Meanwhile, Drew slipped around the side of the building unnoticed.

 I spent an hour or so meeting people at the party. Some wanted autographs, others congratulated me on my marriage. But I never stayed with anyone for too long. In truth, I knew that most of the people there would be affected by my plan, and that bothered me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone I might grow fond of. After all, many of them were just citizens of the Capitol. They were innocent. At least in their own minds they were. Wasn’t it a crime to enjoy watching children slaughter each other for entertainment? I held on to that thought, knowing it was what would get me through the night.

 As agreed, I met Drew outside as midnight approached, telling the others that I needed air. He stood next to a gawky man with glasses, who I guessed was around twenty or thirty. I fumbled in my bag, and drew out a wad of money.

 “As promised,” I said, wafting it in his face. It bothered me that he was willing to fulfil our order just for money, though without him, we wouldn’t have been able to go ahead with the plan. “How did you get here? From District Three I mean?”

 “I snuck on a cargo train a few days back,” he said, eagerly grabbing the money. Drew handed me the rectangular package, covered in brown paper. It amused me that what was inside would change our lives forever.

 “I’ve set everything in place for you,” the man told me, “You have an hour to go.”

 “Thank you,” I said, nodding curtly to him “That’s plenty of time to get out. Let’s go back in, Drew.”

 I stuffed the package in my bag and went back inside with Drew in tow. Valeria and the others were sat at a table, evidently worn out by the party. Slipping into the booth, I hid the bag underneath the table. Annabella was missing, apparently sick from overeating and drinking. I kept small talk up for another forty minutes, before complaining of a head ache.

 “Can we go now, please?” I asked, clutching my forehead dramatically, “I need some sleep.”

 The others seemed all too happy to comply. It was a good job we left early, as it took a while to get back outside, having to thank all sorts of important people, including Brigham Roach, my volunteer during my private sessions before the Games. Finally, we were all outside, with only a few minutes to spare. I insisted that we walked faster, wanting to get as far away as possible from the building.

 “What’s your hurry, Raven?” Eli panted, wobbling on his high heeled shoes “I could have stayed all night!”

 “Tough. I need to get away…”

 “Raven, where is your bag?” Valeria asked. I froze, turning to look at the building. We were far enough away to be safe, but we could still see it clearly. Valeria’s eyes were cold as she took hold of my shoulders.

 “What have you done? What have you done, you foolish girl?”

 As though on cue, a loud explosion destroyed the entire building, debris flying in the air and landing nearby. The blast sent aftershocks rippling through the nearby streets and knocked us to the ground. The sweet sound of silence followed, dust collecting in the air and filling my lungs.

 Slowly, I smiled.





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