Our Own Rules

Megan Royal is an international pop star. She's on the charts right below One Direction. They're the only thing standing in her way. Has fame already consumed her or can one particular boy bander save her and keep her on track? Want to know who he is and what she plans on doing? Read is the magical word to open your doors to the one direction Narnia.


6. Safe and Sound

 Sorry i havent updated in awhile. I promise to update more often. also im thinking of deleting one of my movellas. Vote for which ones you want to keep and delete. :)






  I here them yell "Ready or not here we come!" They are never going to find me. Oh, I'm a genius! 1 minute passes and I hear the balcony doors open. I feeze and almost stop breathing. They start climbing the side of the house.

  Oh no, please be Selena, please be Selena, I don't want to be stuck with someone for an hour and it be awkward! They come closer and see who it is oh great. just great just what I need (sarcasm)! Why him, what did I do to deserve this?




   "Harry! How on earth did you find me?" This is very good question! "I may or may not have put my number in your find and used a tracking app?" "oh.." how have i never used that one before. Hmmm.....he's one smart cookie. Dangit!!! Now i'm hungry! "Come sit curly" Harry walks over and scoots next to me. For next 10 minutes we talk about anything and everything. Then for another 20 minutes we watched the stars.

   Suddenly we hear the balcony doors open. Then they start climbing the house. Dang it! Louis' head popped up from the house. "FOUND EM!!!" "Shut up Louis your supposed to hide with us in order to win!" "oops sorry." Justin and Selena heard him so now their sitting with us along with Zayn and Simon who saw Justin trying to get up here and also Peyton and Leo who found us shortly after because Louis is too loud.

   "Lets play Truth or Dare while we wait for Niall, Liam, and Olivia." "Ok" everyone said at once." Ok. I'll go first, Leo, T or D?" "Umm.....Truth." "Ok, How much do think Olivia is Hot, 1-10?" I let him think a bit. "9, ok....Selena, T or D?" "Dare sukka!" oh Selena... "I dare you to swap clothes with justin and wear it for the rest of the night!" "oooooh burn" louis and zayn said. by now everyone is laughing.

  "This is punishment for me not her!" Justin complains. "True i dont want him ripping my dress." "Fine, but cost your chicken card." "Fine! Deal!" now it is currently Selena's turn. So basically the night goes on like this. Yes, Olivia, Niall, and Liam found us eventually. Now everyone is climbing down and going back to the living room.

  Sardines is officially over and no one will ever let me hide first again. What can I say, I'm just that good. Tehe....

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