Our Own Rules

Megan Royal is an international pop star. She's on the charts right below One Direction. They're the only thing standing in her way. Has fame already consumed her or can one particular boy bander save her and keep her on track? Want to know who he is and what she plans on doing? Read is the magical word to open your doors to the one direction Narnia.


5. Ready or Not

  So after everyone left but Selena and JB, Peyton, Leo howard and Olivia holt, and One Direction, we all come inside. We all sit on the couches with Simon and decided to play Sardines(kinda like hide n seek, look it up). I was gonna hide first since i'm the birthday popstar.

  They start counting to 100. Its a huge house, but I my ways. I go up the 2 flights of stairs and went to the balcony. I know what your thinking, but, I climb up the side of the house, using the balcony as a boost. I walk to the middle of the roof and sit down. It's dark so they shouldn't be able to find me.

  Here them yell "Ready or not here we come!" They are never going to find me. Oh, imma genius! 1 minute passes and I heard the balcony doors open. I feeze and almost stop breathing. They start climbing the side of the house.

  Oh no, please be Selena, please be Selena, I don't want to be stuck with someone for an hour and it be awkward! They come closer and see who it is oh great. just great just what I need (sarcasm)! Why him, what did I do to deserve this?



   sorry for the short chapter but it has to be a cliff hanger or else it would've been longer.

 Also I need another girl for this story so please comment if you want to be in it! thx!


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