Our Own Rules

Megan Royal is an international pop star. She's on the charts right below One Direction. They're the only thing standing in her way. Has fame already consumed her or can one particular boy bander save her and keep her on track? Want to know who he is and what she plans on doing? Read is the magical word to open your doors to the one direction Narnia.


7. Leave Me Alone

 Hey so i have a co-author now! Yay! Aaaaand she is awesome because she likes Harry Potter! So do I! And I'm thinking about doing a Harry Potter Fan-Fiction! anywaaay please like, favorite, and fan! Thx!


This is my first co-author story and I will try and do my best! Thanks!

 ~ GryffindorGirl123xxxxxxxxxxxxxx




                        Sardines is officially over and no one will ever let me hide first again. What can I say, I'm just that good. Tehe................  




  After we played truth or dare I decided to go to sleep. I went to my room and changed into some comfortable pajamas. When I got comfy Harry started knocking on the door oh great(note the sarcasm) now I have to get up and open the door. I opened the door and Harry came in. I went back to my bed and sat down .He sat down also. So then I asked "Harry what do you want"?




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