Our Own Rules

Megan Royal is an international pop star. She's on the charts right below One Direction. They're the only thing standing in her way. Has fame already consumed her or can one particular boy bander save her and keep her on track? Want to know who he is and what she plans on doing? Read is the magical word to open your doors to the one direction Narnia.


4. Best Song Ever

   Well, you've got to admit, Harry's sorta cute, or very cute, or handsom, you get the point. "fine" I still didn't like this, not one bit. "Yes! Okay, then, uhum, may I have this dance miss Royal?" He said in a very posh accent. He's cute when he's funny.He did some prince bow thing. "Of course mr.Styles."

   I said in a better posh accent. Lightbulb!!!! This has nothing to do with whats going on right now but I just had the best idea ever!!! I'm trying to get the highest on the charts right now soooo, Harry can help publicity wise! Perfect!!!

 I'll tell Lane my manager later.I take Harry's hand and he leads us to where other people are dancing. When I was your man came on. It's more of a slow song so we danced like that.

   "Has anyone told you that you are beautiful in every way possible?" O, My, I think i'm gonna cry, no i'm not dramatic! If a cute guy said that to you wouldn't you be touched? That truly was the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

   "No, you'd be the first, that sweet Harry, you really are a ladies man."I said to him. "Aw, thank- hey! What do you mean by I really am a ladies man?" "He backed up a bit."Harry, have you ever said that line to any other girl?" "Honestly, no." Wow, shocker. "well, then I meant that in a good way." I say to him.

   Best song ever came on. I looked at Harry. "Shall we?" I asked "We shall." We both start dancing like crazy drunk people, aka, he danced as Marcel, And I was Leroy. And sadly Everyone posted it on twitter and instagram. In the middle of the song Liam came in and danced like Leroy too. It was awesome!!!!!

 It was the best night ever, listening to the best song ever!!!

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