Our Own Rules

Megan Royal is an international pop star. She's on the charts right below One Direction. They're the only thing standing in her way. Has fame already consumed her or can one particular boy bander save her and keep her on track? Want to know who he is and what she plans on doing? Read is the magical word to open your doors to the one direction Narnia.


3. Bad Romance

  "OH MY GOSH!!!" "SUPRISE!" Everyone screamed. By everyone I mean from 5th harmony to Ed sheran. Almost every star was there, I can't count, even my cousin Peyton List is here!!

  Selena and Peyton come up to me. "Happy 19th Birthday Megan!!!" "Oh m y gosh!!!!! thank you guys so much! Who did all this!" I wonder hmmmm.

  "Simon and your secret admirer!" Peyton says/queals. " I have lots of admirers but this one must know Simon so he has to be either famous or related to him."

  "Famous!!!!" Selena screams with a grin on her face." Then who the fricken hulk is it!?!?!" I scream/ask. " You'll find out soon enough. Peyton lets go find Simon and tell him that she loved it."

  They waked through the crowd of people.Seriously, their just gonna leave me here!? Great family and friends huh.

  I wonder who it is. I start to walk towards Daniel Radcliffe my all time favorite actor, when someone grabs my hand.

  "Harry, the flirt is it?Come to flirt with me, cause it ain't gonna happen." I smirk at my smart words. "Megan,Megan, Megan. Did you know, I'm your secret admirer?" Not I'm just plain shocked!

   "Harry......you......are......my.....what?" "Yeah, I am, I can't hide it any more. Ever since I met you at Simon's welcome to the direction family, with us, I fell for you from the moment you walked in. It was almost like slow motion for me."

  "So, you really helped put all this together, and now trying to get me to 'Love You'." I did finger quotations around those words."Yes! Give all night to make you love me."

  Seriously, I thought, well he did help put all of this together, he had to decorate Simon's whole backyard, Which is like a mile long.

   Well, what did you expect, how are we supposed to fit all these famous people in 1 room. Um......my point has been thought out and it is impossible, so my point proven!

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