Something New

I walk into the house trying to find Jessica but instead I find Dax playing video games while lying lazily on the sofa, when he sees me he shoots up. Leaning against the doorway, I keep my eyes on him just thinking about how he must find me intruding when he steps over to me.

"What are you-" Then Dax kisses me, only slightly and then pulls back.

"Sorry-" But then I pull him back down and we stand there kissing with the fireworks going in our hearts and stomachs.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


2. {chapter two}

I step into Miles’ house after him and throw my bag on the sofa just as he does. I then follow him into the kitchen, leaning my head in my hands I let a large sigh loose. I stand up straight.

“Do you want anything to drink?” Miles asks me as I walk to the stairs to go to his room.

“No, I’m fine.” I shout to him as enter the room and I lie on the bed staring up to the ceiling, I am so tired but I need to go to that party, my life depends on it.

Miles enters the room with two cups of tea and goes to hand me one. As I stand to get take it from him I raise my eyebrow at him and he just smiles. That is the good thing about Miles; he knows when I say I don’t want something that I really do.

I sit on the bed and watch Miles switch the TV on. Then he sits next to me and lets me lie in his arms. We sit and stare at it until I drift off to sleep in Miles’ arms.

I wake to Adam laughing at me in the doorway; I sit up and wipe my dribble using my sleeve. Miles is also half asleep, now on the bed. I flip Adam off, he walks away.

I pick my phone up I see there is a missed message from Archie so I open it quickly.

What time do you want picking up?

Looking up at the clock, I find that it is half 6, I have half an hour to get ready for the party and I am not even at home.

I shake Miles awake and he groans a little before shooting up just like I did not long before, “What? What’s going on?”

“I have half an hour to get ready!” I say, panicking. Miles laughs at me and then grabs his keys, sorting his hair out a little.

“Let’s go.”


I do the finishing touches to my hair as Miles dresses in the clothes he left here last time we went to a party, also the ones that I washed for him because I am just that nice. He messes with his hair in the mirror from behind me as I do the exact same thing. I stand from the chair and turn to him, “Do I look alright?” Miles smiles at me and nods before speaking.

“Alright, you look perfect.” I blush a little and thank him before the doorbell goes. I hear Luke open it downstairs and gulp a little; Luke is a little protective over boys with me.

I run downstairs, Miles following me closely and we see Archie stood at the door, hands in pockets nervously. He is wearing a black Rolling Stones t-shirt and jeans and here I am wearing a pair of tight jeans and a flimsy top the hangs down from my boobs maybe a little tight and revealing for my first party.

Luke is staring Archie down now so I jog over to Luke and kiss him on the cheek and go to leave when he stops me and checks my outfit before saying, “Let me just talk to Archie, Lex.”I stop and turn with a brave face as Luke throws his arm around Archie’s shoulder, escorting him outside onto the porch.

Miles joins me and gives me a grin, “Do you dare Miles!” I say, poking his arm with a force so he has to rub his arm because it hurts. I laugh at his pouting face and that just encourages him. I am sure glad to have Miles there to make a joke out of every situation I am in.

I lean on the sofa and wait for Luke to return, it doesn’t take him long and he nods at me, I hug him and leave the house with a smile on my face.

Archie gives me a quick kiss on the cheek and moves me towards his car. “Are you drinking tonight?” I ask Archie, as I jump into the car. He shakes his head and starts the car up.

“So, how is school treating you?” Archie says trying to make small talk, as the air feels awkward. I hold my bag close to my stomach.

I turn to him, “Alright really, only had two days so I don’t know what to make of it.” I answer while shrugging.

Archie pulls up to the party and I can hear the music from out here, I jump out of the car and so does he. We stalk up to the party and walk in to find most of the school here. “When are Miles and Luke coming?” Archie says, leaning into my ear. I shrug and we continue through the party until I find Jessica with Isaac and another boy.

“Hey Jess.” I say and then wave to the two lads. Jessica greets me with a tight hug using only one hand because the other has a drink in it.

“Hey Lexie, Archie. This is Robert.” Jessica says as the other boy, Robert, steps forward to shake my hand. I give him a kind smile that he returns awkwardly.

I want a drink but I am waiting for Archie to ask. After 10 minutes I get bored of waiting and just head off to get myself a drink.

As I get to the drinks table I turn to find Dax stood there staring at me from across the room, my brow creases and he turns away. I grab a drink and stand there sipping it slowly, looking around the room I see people from my classes but not Luke or Miles yet. I wish they were here; Archie isn’t even trying to make an effort with me right now.

Archie approaches me and puts his hands in his pockets awkwardly. “You want to go outside?” I nod and place my drink down.

The breeze greets me and all of a sudden I realize how hot it actually was inside. With all of the people and dancing it all added up and now I feel a little bit sweaty, I hope it isn’t obvious to Archie.

I see that there is another couple making out at the garden table and Archie sees that too, now I am really nervous.

Archie wraps his hands around my waist and kisses my neck, I stiffen up a little and turn to try and push him away when he thinks I am agreeing and goes into kiss me, I don’t want this to be my first kiss a forced one.

One moment Archie is almost kissing me and then next he has let go.

I open my eyes and see Archie lying on the floor clutching his face; Dax stood looking down at him. I run over to Dax and hold him back, “What the hell do you think you are doing?” I shout at him. Dax looks deeply into my eyes.

Miles runs over accompanied by Luke, who stares at Archie rolling around on the floor groaning. “What happened?” Miles asks as Luke glares at Dax, there is clearly some rivalry going on between them but I push that from my mind.

“Archie was trying something with Lexie.” Dax explains, Luke rolls his eyes and walks over to Archie picking him up by the scruff of his neck.

“I told you not to touch my sister.” Luke threatens him before throwing him back on the ground. Isaac runs over and starts shouting at Luke. “It wasn’t just me, it was Dax too.” Luke pleads.

“Both of you, out!” Isaac shouts and as they leave I am met by a few girls who want to know about the situation.

“Dax just hit him, for you!”

“He is so hot.”

“What did Archie do?”

“Why did Dax do that?”

I just shrug my shoulders and then leave the girls to follow Dax and Luke from the house. I find them outside arguing so I eavesdrop, I know it isn’t good to eavesdrop but I want to know what the feud is about.

“Why did you beat him up for her?” Luke shouts at him, pushing him.

“Dude, I was just trying to help.” Dax replies, anger clear in his voice. Then he stops and just stares at Luke. “I not going to ruin anything this time, I swear.” Luke also stops and I see him do his annoyed expression where his tongue runs along his teeth.

Then Luke just walks away without saying anything else on the matter, Dax sees me and storms over to me. “Did you hear all of that?” I nod and Dax just turns and walks away from me. I run after him and stop him.

“What was that about Dax? I barley know you and you are punching guys for me and arguing with my brother.” Dax stares into my eyes like he did earlier and doesn’t say anything.

This time when he walks away I let him and just watch him leave.


I walk into the school alone as Miles was sidetracked with a few guys. I spent my weekend around at Miles’ house or arguing with Luke over everything. Lately he has just been...distant with me and it is starting to piss me off big time. I have agreed to sleep at Miles’ house until he learns to grow up.

I didn’t move all the way across the country just for arguments and awkward living arrangements.

As I make my way to my locker I see a few eyes on me like I have done something wrong but soon realize that it must just be about the party on Friday, the party from hell in my mind.

I hit my head against my locker as I close it and turn to find Dax stood staring at me weirdly; I jump back a little and clutch my bag as I do so. “What the fuck Dax?” I say, letting go of my bag and walking down the corridor.

Dax follows me.

Then I turn and he stops too. “What do you want?” I ask.

“Nothing.” Dax says shrugging his shoulders.

“Then why are you following me?”

“I’m not.” Dax tries to pass it off but he smirks at my expression. Then his expression changes at the sight of something and I turn to find Archie stood there looking at me.

He walks over to me and goes to talk to me when Dax stands in front of me, “Dax, he can talk to me.” I argue, Dax looks to me and then steps back.

“I thought I’d come and say sorry Lexie.” I sneer at him.

Thought you’d come and apologize? Thanks for thinking of me.” I snort at him and his expression is priceless as he thinks something like that wouldn’t come from my mouth. I storm past him and head to my lesson with a grin on my face.

 Luke stops me when he sees me, “What are you doing?” He asks, gripping my arm tightly.

“You are hurting me Luke.” Luke’s grip loosens but he doesn’t let go. “I was sorting out the problem.”

“Don’t ruin things for me Lex!” Luke says and my brow creases.

I pull my arm back, “Ruin things? What the fuck are you talking about? Leave me alone till you grow up Luke and then, only then, will I talk to you.” I walk away and don’t even look back to see what Luke’s expression is.


Jessica pulls me into the girl’s bathroom and sits on the counter, “Right, I want all of the gossip.” She draws out the all to put emphasis on it, meaning she really wants the whole package.

I put my back down next to the sink, “Did you not see it?” Jessica shakes her head. “Dax punched Archie because he was coming onto me.” Jessica’s eyes go wide.

“No, way!” I nod, head held high.

“Then I caught Luke and Dax arguing outside over Dax ruining things again.” Jessica seems to know what this means, or at least her expression shows it. “What aren’t any of you guys telling me?”

“Like who?”

“You, Dax and Luke himself. Luke is being a total dick at the moment.” Jessica slides off of the side.

“Miles knows.” And with that Jessica leaves. I stand there in a daze, then I grab my bag and run out of the bathroom calling for Jessica but she is already lost in the crowd.

I head for the library because I have a free period and hide in the corner head in a book all until I am disturbed by someone coughing at me; I look up from my book to find Adam stood there. He sits down next to me and looks at the book I am ready, “Cinderella eh?” I shake my head and point to the book cover.

“Cinder, it is a re-telling sort of. Better than the original, well if you like the original maybe not but in my opinion.” Adam gives a little laugh and the librarian coughs to signal for him to stop.

“You are such a nerd.” Adam whispers, I give him a playful punch and put the book back into my bag, standing so does Adam. “What do you want to do now?” He asks me with a smirk.

“Something fun.”


I follow Adam until we come to the football pitch, in his hand is a football, he places it down on a stand and tells me where to stand. It is cold out but I don’t care, it is better than being kept in that school. “Don’t hit me.” I say standing in front of him. He cocks his head in a playful manor.

Then he kicks it and I run, jumping in the air and catching the ball perfectly. Adam stops running at me and claps, gaining a giggle from me. “Who would have known that quiet Lexie would be good at football?”

“No one.” I answer with a laugh. “Now let me kick.” I say excitedly and he does.

Adam doesn’t catch it and I point and laugh to make fun of him, he pouts and we end up sitting on the grass talking about Miles, Rosie, Luke and even California.

I do like Adam, he is kind of like another brother to me, he is fun to be around and doesn’t ever get mad at me, and he always jokes around and is never serious. When I am with Adam I can be myself and he doesn’t care, I just wish that I could find a boy that would like me more than just a friend that I could be myself around.

Reminiscing about California kind of makes me want to go back, where it is sunny and all my friends are. I might go back for their graduation because I had a few friends in their last year before I moved and so did Luke. But he never talks to them anymore, like he has a grudge against them now he is here.

My phone beeps and I turn to Adam for permission and he nods. Where are you? Miles texts me, I show Adam and he stands, patting himself down. I do the same and pass him the ball; we walk back towards the school.

I don’t really want to, part of me just wants to stay on the field with Adam and just talk about everything because I know he will listen and share as well. Playing football was fun and it is hard to go back into the school and see people again.

Miles greets me and looks to Adam, “We were just playing football.” Adam states showing Miles the football, I nod. “Lex can really catch.” Adam says before waving to us and walking away down the wall. I wave after him.

Miles shakes his head and laughs.“You two really.”


“You are probably better friends than us two are.” I smile. “You’re not hooking up with my brother are you?” Miles jokes.

“No way M, you are the only guy for me.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Remember Miles, never been kissed.” Miles laughs and begins to walk down the hall with my arm linked with his. 

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