Something New

I walk into the house trying to find Jessica but instead I find Dax playing video games while lying lazily on the sofa, when he sees me he shoots up. Leaning against the doorway, I keep my eyes on him just thinking about how he must find me intruding when he steps over to me.

"What are you-" Then Dax kisses me, only slightly and then pulls back.

"Sorry-" But then I pull him back down and we stand there kissing with the fireworks going in our hearts and stomachs.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


3. {chapter three}

I wake to the sun shining through the curtains and I roll over and end up falling off of the bed with a loud thump and groan. Miles leans over the bed and as I look up I see him giving me a wide grin at me. I smack his shoulder and jump back up onto the bed.

       I lie back down and roll over to look at Miles who is doing exactly the same as I. “What?” He says moving a piece of hair from my eyes.

       “Nothing, just admiring your beauty Miles.” I joke, he pushes me a little. “Thanks.” Adam knocks on the door and we both turn to the door.

       “If you two are going to get together just do it already.” Adam says walking in, me and Miles both begin laughing at exactly the same time. It isn’t even normal laughter; we are literally rolling around on the bed laughing. “Calm down, both of you.” Adam says smiling at us.

       I stand and grab my clothes, taking the bathroom before anyone else can. There I dress and get ready for school, Miles has the day off so I asked Jessica to give me a lift today. She said she’d be here at 8:10 so I have around 10 minutes.

       Adam stops me in the hall, “Have you talked to Dax or Luke since Monday?” I shake my head, it is now Friday and the two people that are keeping the most from me haven’t been seen for a while by me.

       The past few days I have spent in lessons, with Jessica and Isaac or meeting a few more people that are in the popular group with me.

       Robert has been talking to me and so has Grace but no Luke, Archie or Dax.

       “To be honest Adam, I have been avoiding them.” Adam shrugs and nods at the same time.

       “Well have you asked Miles about it?” I told Adam what Jessica said to me about Miles ‘knowing’ but I still haven’t asked him because I am worried about what he will say to me.

       I stand to the top of the stairs and shake my head and as I walk downstairs Adam follows me. I pull my hair into a ponytail and grab a drink of orange juice from the fridge. “Hey, you want a lift with me and Jess?” I ask Adam as he begins making breakfast.

       “Nah, I’ll be fine.” I shrug and then hear the doorbell go.

       As I open the door it isn’t Jessica stood there it is Dax. “Hi Dax?” I question, his head snaps up and he looks at me.

       “Jess didn’t feel too well; she thought I could give you a lift.” I think for a moment, should I really get in a car with Dax even though he is keeping things from me? Then I look to the clock to find that it is quarter past. I will have to go with him.

       “Fine.” I say as I close the door and step out onto the porch.


As I step into the school accompanied by Dax I am bombarded with girls asking why I am with him and to each of the questions I answer with, Jessica is ill, because I can’t really be bothered with all of this girly gossiping anymore.

       Robert joins me to head to Chemistry and as we sit down together he asks, “You going to the game tonight?” I turn to him, I didn’t know about any game until now. Should I go, just to watch Dax, Luke, Archie and Adam run up and down a muddy field? I’d go for Adam to see him play but the others I am trying to avoid.

       “I never thought about it.” Robert opens his textbook.

       “You should, all of the team and a couple others are going to get something to eat afterwards.” I think about it before nodding and then Mr. Scott starts going on about some chemical patterns and I almost doze off.

       As I am writing I begin to think about Dax looking nervous today, he looked pretty nervous to see me, or Adam maybe. I have no idea. All I know was he was told to drive me to school so he did and now he will probably just avoid me again.

       Maybe I should talk to Miles about it but I just can’t find the courage to do it, I turn to Archie.

       “What is going off between Luke and Dax?” Robert raises his eyebrows and with that he starts telling me about everything, it is hard to follow at first but then I get it.

       Ever since Luke moved here Dax and him have been fighting for top dog in the school and Dax took his last girlfriend and then told Luke that he would take all of his girlfriends until he admitted defeat.

       “That’s it?” I ask and Robert responds with a nod.

       “Well, all I know.” I nod and begin to think about what else there could be to all of this feuding other than top position.

       Though I can’t help thinking that it would be something Dax would do, take all of my brother’s girlfriends because I take him for a player, a bad boy, someone to not be messed with.

       I am not just accusing Dax of being a player because I know all too well that my brother has had a lot of flings, back in California and here. He is a little bit of a brat when it comes to getting what he wants and that is one the reasons he moved here, because Dad wasn’t giving him what he wanted, a father.

       The bell rings and I slide my book into my bag carefully and Robert walks with me to Phys Ed.


In my Phys Ed group are Jessica, Grace, Molly, Tamara, Suzie, Ruby, Matilda, Olivia and Katie. And today we are doing track, my favourite lesson of the week, sarcasm intended there. All we do in track is run, if you didn’t know.

       The teacher yells at us when to start running and we do, using the right technique, elbows up, legs striding. I run with Grace and we end up just chatting and jogging until the teacher shouts at us and we stop chatting.

       I end up running along and around the track faster than most of them, I don’t know how. In California you had to get and keep a great body because you never knew when it was going to be boiling and you’d have to show some skin, or when you were going to the beach with friends.

       Keeping healthy and fit used to be one of my top priorities and it kind of still is I have fallen into the routine now.

       I stop as the teacher blows her whistle at me, “That’s was brilliant Alexis.”

       “Lexie.” I shoot at her and she nods in reply.

       I stand from where I had been sitting on the grass, resting and hold my sides as I head for the changing rooms.

       Looking up to the bleaches I see Dax looking at me, when he sees me he quickly turns away but it doesn’t go unnoticed by me, I walk away from the changing rooms and to the bleaches.

       “Hey!” Dax turns and looks up to me, pointing to himself. I nod. “Yeah, you. Why are you acting like this?” I ask.

       “Like what?” He replies, stupidly.

       “Mysterious, nervous, all around me and no one else.” Dax shrugs. I groan, “You are really annoying me.”

       Dax stands and he is now towering over me, I feel especially undermined and small now with him stood there. “Can’t I just be myself?” Dax says.

       “It is just...weird. I know you are all big shot, Mr. Bad boy, trouble, great grades. I have you sussed out Dax Stevens.” Dax smirks at me.

       “Oh you think you know me Lexie Reed, but you only know the me that I show to others, you don’t know me.” I roll my eyes.

       “Fine, have it your way.” And with that I leave and go to the changing rooms.


Miles meets me at the football field at 7pm for the game and we find a seat on the bleaches around half-way up from the front. Miles has never liked playing football so that is why he isn’t on the team, I am a better football player than him and that is saying something.

       Miles always thought that if he was on the team he would become like Dax or Luke, getting girls, having flings, getting a reputation of being a player and he didn’t want that and still doesn’t. Miles is a down to earth person with the right morals and that is another reason why he is my best friend.

       Back in California we had volleyball and beach sports instead of football because obviously our school was near a beach so we could use it for our games and stuff.

       The game begins and I immediately spot Luke and Dax running onto the field side by side as the rest of the team follows, they wave to our set of bleaches and don’t acknowledge the away team’s bleaches.

       As the other team runs on there are cheers from their audience and loud boos from us.

       Chatter fills the air as the match begins and we all watch and discuss everything that is happening, cheering when appropriate and booing when the other team does something good.

       I love events like this where no matter who you are, popular or not, hate each other or love each other, we all work as a team to cheer on our team and help them win. Even Luke and Dax get along when they are on the field.

       Dax makes a touchdown and we all stand to cheer, even I do.

I walk with Miles out from the bleaches and towards the car park, “Did you bring your car?” I ask Miles, he shakes his head.

       “Did you-oh wait, you don’t have one, haha.” I shoot Miles a glare and he just laughs, throwing his arm around me.

       “You are so mean. Anyway, who is giving us a lift?” Miles shrugs again, I roll my eyes and then Dax approaches us.

       He places his bag and pulls out his keys, “Need a lift you two?” Miles nods and I just let a little sigh out.

       We follow Dax to his car and I get in the front while Miles sits in the back, “Hey! You didn’t call shotgun.” Miles moans at me as I sit.

       “I don’t need to, I have girl’s privileges.” Miles laughs at me and opens the back door. Dax throws his bag in the boot and starts the car up, pulling out.


       I lean my head on Miles’ shoulder as we wait for our food. We ended up on a table with Robert and Tamara from my Phys Ed group while Dax went to sit with Grace. I watch as Luke stares at Dax, boring his eyes into him. I want to stop it and tell him to grow up but it is obvious he has a thing for Grace.

       Robert clicks his fingers in front of my face and I snap back to reality. “Sorry.” I apologize.

       “I was asking why you have been staying at Miles’.” Robert says pulling his hand back, I turn to Miles and he answers for me.

       “Luke is just being off lately so I said she could stay at mine.” I find myself not listening to anymore of the conversation but staring at Dax with his arm around Grace but mainly at Dax. I don’t understand what annoys me so much about him but whatever it is, it attracts me to him as well.

       It is probably just because he is so hot; did I really just think that? Truthfully I think he is good looking but his reputation and feuding with my brother just makes anything between us forbidden and that is just the thrill of it all.

       But I’m sure Dax doesn’t like a quiet girl like me who is the sister to his almost enemy; well the way he is heading they will be enemies soon.

       Dax’s head turns and he makes eye contact with me, winking at me. I turn away and lean my shoulder on Miles’ again and wait for my ice cream sundae.

       When it arrives I dig into it end up finishing it quicker than expected, getting brain freeze. “You are such an idiot.” Miles says, handing me a napkin to wipe the ice cream away. I smile at him but don’t feel like smiling, my mood just seems down.

       “Miles...” Miles turns to me.


       “I’m going to go get some air.” Miles nods and slides out of the seat so I can go outside.

       As I stand outside I watch my breath crystallize in front of me and just stare into the night sky morbidly, I want to go home but I am worried that Luke will just be the same with me again, arguing over small things and just being plain rude towards me.

       I think about going into the diner and storming over to Luke, creating a scene so he has to be nice to me and solve it like adults but I decide not to because then people would turn and stare, borderline making the whole situation worse than it already is.

       The door closes behind me and I turn to find Dax walking over to me at the curd of the sidewalk. “Hello Lexie Reed.” Dax says standing beside me.

       “Hello Dax Stevens. How was the game for you?” I ask, trying to make conversation.

       “What are you doing out here alone on a dark night Lexie?” Dax asks, almost sounding considerate towards me. I shrug and look up to the clear night sky, I can almost see millions of stars all spotted around.

       “I was just thinking about...stuff.” I say glancing over to Dax, he turns and looks deep into my eyes; the way he does it is so sudden I have no time to prepare as he leans in. I step away and apologize, running back into the diner. 

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