Something New

I walk into the house trying to find Jessica but instead I find Dax playing video games while lying lazily on the sofa, when he sees me he shoots up. Leaning against the doorway, I keep my eyes on him just thinking about how he must find me intruding when he steps over to me.

"What are you-" Then Dax kisses me, only slightly and then pulls back.

"Sorry-" But then I pull him back down and we stand there kissing with the fireworks going in our hearts and stomachs.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


6. {chapter six}

The door opens and Dax immediately throws himself on the sofa and starts playing his game again, for a few moments I am confused until Jessica walks in and Dax gives me a caring look, trying to say, don’t tell and I know why.

Jessica smiles and hugs me. “Sorry, I had to nip out.” I nod. “I hope Dax made you welcome.” Oh yes he did. I look to see Dax smirking a little and then look back to Jessica.

“He was just playing his video game the whole time.” I say, lying but Jessica doesn’t notice and just walks into her kitchen to get a drink.

“I wanted to take you shopping, is that okay?” Jessica asks, I walk into the kitchen and nod at her.

I sit on a stool. “Yep, that’s fine. Hey, where’s Grace?” I ask.

“I think she went to go see Rob.”

“I went out with him last night.” I say a little quieter, so that Dax doesn’t here and think I’m cheating on Robert. Jessica turns to me, eyebrow raised.

“I thought he was with Grace.” I shake my head.

“But I’ll tell you what, when I walked in the house last night, my brother was doing some girl in the living room on the floor.” Jessica coughs and goes back to the drinks.

Then she hands me one, “Yeah, did you see who it was?”

I shake my head, “I was too grossed out seeing my brother’s butt to see who it was but I’m sure it was just some girl.” I say meaninglessly.

“Yeah, just a random girl.” Jessica confirms. “You ready to go?” I nod and place the cup down, ignoring Dax as we leave.


We take my car because it is easier and head for the mall. Next Friday is another game and Jessica needs another outfit because she is bored of her others and I want to buy a new book.

We head to the book store first and I find a book called, Scared of Nothing, all about a man who moves into an old creepy house and he says, I quote, ‘I am scared of nothing and this house will not scare me.’. Plot twist, he gets scared and possessed and all of that stuff.

I have read it before and liked it even though it is a cliché plot twist but the writing is brilliant and the way the story is told really grips me.

Once I have my book and the guy behind the cashier is done flirting with me, we head for one of the clothes store and immediately Jessica is off with, ‘does this look nice’ and ‘you’d suit this’ or ‘do you think Isaac would like it’. All of the annoying girl stuff isn’t really my division right now.

I have grown up with boys around me and now I literally have 2 girl friends and 6 or 7 guy friends. There isn’t anything girly about me apart from the fact that my gender is female.

Though I don’t like shopping I do find a nice t-shirt that would go nice with my tight black jeans and denim jacket so I pick it up and buy it on impulse.

Jessica decides she wants something to eat so we head over to the food court.

As we sit down I see Noah with a guy on a table near us so I stand and excuse myself.

“Noah?” I ask and he looks up and seems surprised.

“Hi Lex, um...this is Danny.” I shake Danny’s hand and give him a large smile. Then I wink at Noah and he blushes a little.

“Hey, I just wondered if before you go home you could pick some milk up. I think Jessica is going to be about 10 more hours.” Noah nods and grabs a pen, to write it on his hand. “Well, thank you, see you at home.” Then I turn to Danny, “Nice meeting you Danny.” Danny smiles up at me from his seat.

“You too.”

I smile warmly and go back to Jessica who is now tucking into a large sandwich. I grab some food from the Starbucks we are sat at and a latte because I am too tired to focus on anything, but yet I can think about Dax and the kiss.

Damn it, I knew this would happen. I knew I’d end up kissing someone who was a player, hated my brother and is my best friend’s brother. Yay, my life just got 10 times better.

What makes it worse is the fact that Jessica walked in straight after this kiss so we couldn’t even discuss it, make sense of it. Nothing, we couldn’t do anything. How am I supposed to know what he is thinking, feeling? If I am just another piece of him trying to get my brother?

“What’s up?” Jessica asks I shrug.

I can tell something is up with her too, I suppose we both have secrets to keep from each other. I am currently violating to school’s split system anyway. But I suppose us two being the sisters of the two fighting we can do what we want.

“This school this is getting a little out of hand. I shouldn’t even be out with you right now.” I say to Jessica and she agrees with me, nodding.

“Sure is but what can we do, I say that it will die down soon. Everything will be back to normal.” Not everything. Dax and I won’t go back to normal.

I look to my phone for the time, half 5, where did the time go? “Hey, I have to go. Do you want me to drop you off?” I ask Jessica as I stand. She shakes her head.

“I need to meet someone else anyway.” I nod and head off out of the mall.


By half 9 and I am sat on my bed with my pjs on, scrolling the internet for presents as Miles’ birthday is coming up soon.

There is a knock at my door, I shout and Noah walks in. “Hey.” I say.

“I was wondering if Danny could come in.” I put the laptop down and walk to the door, holding onto it.

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” I say to him, Noah smiles and goes to the top of the stairs, saying something and then Danny walks up, waving at me.

“Hey.” He says.

“Hi.” Then they go into the spare room and close the door. I am alone again.

My thoughts wander to Dax and I wonder what he is doing, thinking or feeling. I wonder if he is thinking about me. I shut the door.

Snap out of it! I sit down on the bed and sigh. Why can’t I get him out of my mind? It’s not like I have a chance with him, never in a million years.

There is a tap at my window.

I turn my head abruptly to see the top of someone’s head or something. I walk over and open the window to find Dax hanging off of the ledge.

I step back and watch him jump in, falling to the floor. He looks up to me and smiles. “What the hell are you doing here?” I say, helping him up and closing the window.

“I needed to see you.”

“That is sweet but Noah is in the next room and my brother the room after that.”Dax shrugs.

“I couldn’t stop thinking of you.” My heart stops, you couldn’t stop thinking about me? I couldn’t stop thinking about you!

“Do you know how messed up that kiss was? You are my brother’s bloody enemy and my best friend is your sister.” I say with a hushed voice.

“But yet, I want to do it again.” He says, stepping towards me.

“It is wrong.”

“But yet, so right.” As Dax steps closer to me I find he is almost touching me and I want to just kiss him again, see if the fireworks are there.

My heart is going a mile a minute.

Then I do something that I shouldn’t but I can’t help it, I push my lips on his.

His hands grip my waist and mine go around his neck, the kiss is perfect. He uses a little tongue and let him. We are pressed against each other. The passion, the frustration is all there, firing the kiss.

I pull away for air and he leans his head on mine. “That was...amazing.” He says, almost out of breath, I smile.

“What is this?” I ask.

“What do you mean?” Dax replies.

“Am I going to be a fling?” Dax steps backward.

“There is a lot you don’t know about me Lexie.” He sounds a little defensive. I step back and lean on my desk just staring at Dax. Then there is a knock at my door.

I run to the door and tell Dax to hide or just make himself less visible. “Oh, hi, Luke.” I say opening the door and slipping in the crack.

“Um...hi. I just thought I’d tell you that I am going to stay at Robert’s tonight. Are you okay?”

“Oh, Robert’s cool. Yes, just a little tired. Have a good time!” Luke gives me a weird look before nodding, picking up his bag and going downstairs.

I go to Noah’s room and knock on the door. No one answers so I open it a crack and see the light is off and no one is it but I see a note on the bed. Gone to Danny’s, love you.

Great, I am alone in my house with Dax. Should I tell him? Maybe then we can talk things through? I don’t know, well this is a great dilemma.

I step back into my room, “ is gone.” Dax raises an eyebrow at me. “Maybe we could talk?” Dax nods and sits on my bed.

I sit down too and cross my legs. “I want to tell you now Lexie, if you don’t want to be with me in any way then just tell me now, I’ll understand.” I give him a weird look.

“It is hard to see you.” I say. “As in, I just see the bad boy, my brother’s enemy, my best friend’s brother, the player.” Dax sighs.

“Everyone thinks I am a player, truth is, I’ve never had a girlfriend, that’s why everyone says that I am a player.”

“So, you don’t sleep with girls?” Dax looks away and then back to me.

“I have slept with girls but I don’t do it all of the time. Girls say they have been with me. But no girl wants to be with someone who gets into fights and has a reputation.” I nod. “But I will tell you right now that I wouldn’t just sleep with you and leave.”

“Why me?”

“There is something about you.”

“Like what?” Dax moves closer to me and caress’ my cheek gently, sending shockwaves through my body.

“You won’t beg me to be with you.” He says and it is true, I wouldn’t even be with him now if he didn’t want me. I wouldn’t have even thought about it.

“This is something no one can know about.”I say and Dax nods, leaning into me.

I kiss him like it is the end of the world. It seems he doesn’t know I haven’t had any practise as he kissed me back hard. I adjust myself so I am sat on his lap with my legs around him, I’m sure this is what boys like?

Dax grips my back, pulling me close and I let him. It is exhilarating kissing him. I pull back and look down into his eyes deeply, kind of searching to see if he is telling the truth.

The he stands, my legs still wrapped around him. Then he places me down on the bed and I go wide-eyed, pulling away from the kiss. “Dax...we can’ that.” I say. Dax pulls back.

He shakes his head. “Sorry, I wasn’t going to. No, I didn’t mean to come across like that.” I smile at his awkwardness toward the situation and he kisses me gently, leaving me wanting more.

Dax lies down on the bed next to me and turns to look at me, I do to and then I fall asleep.


I wake to find Dax sleeping next to me, I smile a little and he smiles back. “Morning.” He says.

“Morning.” I reply. Then he sits up, looks at my clock and starts getting his shoes on. “What’s up?” I ask.

“It’s half 10.” I nod and Dax stands, heading for the door, I sit up. Dax turns to me and runs over, he kisses me gently and stands, looking down at me. “This is fun, isn’t it?”

“What?” I say.

“Sneaking around.” I smile, I suppose so it kind of is fun, the thrill.

I wrap my arms around Dax’s neck and kiss him hard before he pulls away, smiles and runs out of the door.

I hear the door slam and throw myself back down to the bed.

Yes it is thrilling, sneaking around but how long is it until he gets bored or we get caught. How long until the excitement runs out? How long until Dax realizes that I am not the girl for him?

Forget it. So I do. Because if I think about it anymore I will be jinking it and then it will be doomed and there will be no chance.

But for the moment, Dax is mine, secretly. 

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