Something New

I walk into the house trying to find Jessica but instead I find Dax playing video games while lying lazily on the sofa, when he sees me he shoots up. Leaning against the doorway, I keep my eyes on him just thinking about how he must find me intruding when he steps over to me.

"What are you-" Then Dax kisses me, only slightly and then pulls back.

"Sorry-" But then I pull him back down and we stand there kissing with the fireworks going in our hearts and stomachs.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


1. {chapter one}

“Miles? Are you in here?” I say stepping into the garage looking for my best friend, I know that he will be in here, messing with his new car that he got for his 18th a couple of days ago. I hear a clatter and then a few moments of cursing before Miles’ dirty head with a pile of messy brown hair on top pops up over the counter peering at me. “What the hell are you doing over there?” I joke and Miles laughs before standing and dusting down his clothes.

As Miles picks up his tools and puts them on the counter he speaks, “And what are you doing here Lex?” I shrug my shoulders and watch him drop yet another tool. I begin messing with soft brown hair as I watch him take off his jumpsuit and walk to me.

“Suppose I wanted to see my best friend?” Miles shakes his head and chuckles a little, taking my hand in his and moving me into the house.

Rosie, Miles’ mother, greets us with a cup of tea each and we stand chatting for a few minutes until the front door flies open and Miles’ brother stomps in, wet hair slapped to his face. “Adam, at least take your bloody shoes off at the door!” Rosie shouts at him, charging over to playfully hit him.

“Sorry, mum.” Adam says in a droning tone laughing a little. Then he turns to me and Miles. “Hi Miles, Alexis.” I roll my eyes at him; Adam knows I liked to be called Lexie or Lex not Alexis but still likes to use it, just to get on my nerves. Miles shakes his head chuckling a little to himself.

“Where have you been Adam?” Rosie says closing the front door so the rain doesn’t blow into the house and create a mess in the hallway.

Adam sighs, “I told you earlier, I was out with the lads!” Adam answers and Rosie does a little ‘you’re right’ noise with a frown on her face.

Miles turns to me, “Want to go upstairs?” I nod and place my cup down on the counter walking for the stairs.

Miles follows me up the stairs and I throw myself on his bed with a bounce, sighing. “What’s up?”I sit up a little, leaning on my elbows for support.

“School tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry.” Miles reassures me, lying down on the bed next to me.

I turn to him, “Don’t worry?” I repeat. “I’m so worried right now Miles. No one will like me.”

“Then why did you move here?” Miles asks staring into my eyes.

“To be with my best friend and brother.” Miles smiles at the ceiling.

“Right then, stop being such a wimp and shut up.” I punch him playfully and throw myself back again with a large huff. “And hey.”


“You might finally get your first kiss.” I hit Miles for mentioning it and he just laughs at my reaction.


I roll out of bed and check the time, 7, great and I have to shower, eat, do my hair, get dressed, the list could go on but why waste time making a list of things I need to do instead of actually doing them.

       I jump into the shower and wash my hair quickly, running out of the bathroom I dry my hair straight away and pull it into a ponytail with no complications in the process.

       Clothes, what do you wear to your first day at a new school, half-way through the year when it is still chilly? How am I supposed to know, from where I am from, California, it was sunny most of the time so my wardrobe didn’t consist of jumpers, coats, jeans, all that stuff. It was all dresses, skirt, shorts, tank tops and t-shirts.

       Shopping was really boring when I moved here, Massachusetts, I went with my brother and all he did was complain about why I didn’t do it before moving and each time he asked I explained how I couldn’t cart my old clothes and new clothes across the country just so he wouldn’t have to endure shopping.  

       I just settle with a pair of blue denim jeans and a red t-shirt with a cool ‘Hogwarts Quidditch’ logo on it in white. Then to finish it a pair of blue and white sneakers.

       Next on the list is food so I run downstairs and as I check the clock I find it is 7:40, where has the time gone. It sure didn’t feel like 40 minutes showering, dressing and doing my hair. 

       Before I can even grab my food there is a beep of a horn from outside, I sigh, grab a cereal bar out of the cupboard and grab my satchel, calling goodbye to Luke as I skip out of the house.

       I jump in the car and buckle up, “Hey.” Miles says, pulling out of the drive and down the road. 


The school we approach is ten times bigger than my old private school, today is my first day at a new school which is also public.

       Miles agrees to meet me back at the front door at break in case we don’t have the same lessons, “Miles, where do I go?” I say desperately but he has already been dragged off by a few lads.

       That’s just one thing that I don’t like about Miles, the fact that he is almost head of the school with the amount of people he knows and then there is the lacrosse team that he is in. My Miles is one of the popular ones.

       I stare at the signs and finally see one that says ‘reception’ on it so I head on that way, in the hope of finding someone useful.

       It isn’t that hard to find the receptionist and when I do she is kind enough to me. “Here is a planner, map and key to your locker.” I thank her and walk off in the direction of the locker she circled on the map to help me.

       Red, my locker is bright red, not a fashion statement at all and it is fire fighter red. I want to just slam my hand into my face and shake my head.

       I shut my locker once I have placed my coat in and then I follow the map to find Room 24 where Chemistry is held.

       As I reach the room the bell goes and I as I enter, everyone turns to see who the new girl is, me. “Alexis?” The teacher asks me.

       “Lexie.” I answer. He nods and points to a desk at the back next to a blonde girl who is chewing her gum with her mouth open, how rude. The teacher hands me a book and I walk to the back of the class, swinging my bag off of my arm and under the desk.

       The teacher begins speaking and I try to concentrate but the girl next to me is trying to amplify the fact that she is chewing gum to the whole class. I turn to her and put on a kind facial expression, “Would you mind just quietening down a little?” The girl snorts and sticks her hand out to me.

       “Jessica, Jessica Stevens.” I take her hand wirily and shake it slowly, eyeing her down trying to get her personality and reputation down in my mind.

       “Lexie Reed.” Jessica immediately sits up.

       “Are you Luke Reed’s sister?” I roll my eyes and nod at the same time. I knew someone would recognise me against Luke’s looks and name. Luke being a previous student here, he made a name for himself and ended up having to repeat his senior year, this year.

       Jessica seems to be freaking out, “Oh. My. God. He is such a badass.” I sigh and turn back to the teacher, trying to avoid more conversation with the girl. “Hey, hey.” Jessica pokes my arm.


       “We should be friends!” Jessica says with enthusiasm.

       “Pardon?” I ask trying to grasp what queen bee is saying to me.

       Jessica thinks before repeating, “We should be friends.” To me. I think about it for a moment before slowly nodding, having a popular friend shouldn’t be too bad.

       The bell rings and I jump up from my seat, my bag flying onto my shoulder.

As I exit the lesson I clumsily bump into someone, dropping my planner on the ground as I look up I almost have to bend my next fully to look up at the tall boy standing in front of me. He smirks and hands me my planner, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Watch where you are going.” My brow creases and Jessica comes from behind me.

“Dax, watch where you are going!” Jessica says hitting him a little.

I push past him and head for my next lesson, American History.


Miles meets me outside like we agreed and he has friends with him, as I join them he throws his arm over me happily and I let him, it is just something we do normally. His friends are eyeing me down now and I feel self conscious. “This friends, is Lexie.”

“Hi!” I give a little wave and cuddle my books more. Most of them greet me but others don’t say anything and just in that moment Luke stalks past us and notices me with Miles’ arm around me.

“Lexie?” My head shoots up and he gives me a stern look, some people turn and greet Luke with a smile like they are his friends.

Miles waves at him, big grin on his face. “How are you Luke?” Luke pushes into the circle the group had formed and fist pumps Miles as he holds his fist up.

“Alright, hey, have you seen Grace?” Miles shakes his head but one from the group shouts out.

“She was with Isaac and Jess earlier.”

“Thanks George.” Luke says and he is gone, I turn to Miles.

“What do you have next?” Miles takes his arm and pulls out his planner from his bag, showing me that he has Math with Mrs. Hudson. I smile and nod to tell him I have the same and we head over to Math.


Lunch does come quicker than I expected and when I exit Woodwork I head straight for the cafeteria.

Miles immediately calls me over and I see Jessica sat with him too, also most of the people from break. He pats the seat next to him so I sit. “Lexie has come from California, haven’t you?” I nod and the people respond in different ways.

“Is it sunny?”

“Did you see any celebs?”

“Why’d you move?”

I answer all of the questions at once, “Yes, a few and because my brother lives here and my dad is going through a rough patch.”

“How do you know Miles?” Miles decides to take this one and explains how he spent a few weeks over in California a few years ago and he met me and then each year he has visited.

“I met Luke there and recommended here so he moved.” Miles bragged. “Now I am glad enough to have my best friend here with me too.” I smile and put my planner down on the table.

Miles grabs my legs and lifts them onto his lap, tracing his finger up and down them to calm me. Jessica sees this and gives me a wink, I shake my head immediately. I know what she is thinking, it’s exactly the same as everyone at home, thinking me and Miles are an item. We are just super close.

Then Jessica taps me and I turn, “Yeah?”

“You want to come to a party?” I think about it before smiling and nodding.

“Tomorrow at 7 and try to find someone to go with.” My brow creases, how am I supposed to find someone in one day, there is Miles but he might already be going with someone.

And then the boy I bumped into walks over and winks at me, “Klutz? Is that you?” I roll my eyes.

“I do not enjoy that nickname.” He laughs a little.

“You sure?”I nod and shoot him a glare.

“Dax, shut up!” Jessica shouts. A boy who is wearing glasses steps around Dax and sits down across from me.

He smiles at me, “Archie.” He says introducing himself, I shake his hand.


“I know. Dax said earlier.” How does Dax know my name? Maybe Jessica told him.


As the last bell rings signalling for the end of the day I head to the doors to meet Miles when I feel someone tap my arm, I spin around to see Archie stood there, a little taller than I.

“Hi Archie.” I say smiling, he smiles back. “Hey I should really be getting off; Miles will be waiting for me.”Archie nods and I go to leave when he runs in front of me.

“Do you want to go to Isaac’s party with me tomorrow?” I think about it for a moment, I’ve just met this boy and he is already asking me out. “It’s just, I don’t have anyone to go with and I heard you don’t either.”Archie babbles on.

“Yeah, I will actually.” I nod and smile at him and he returns the smile. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then I pull a piece of paper out and scribble my phone number down quickly, handing it to him as I see Miles walking over. “Text me.” Archie nods and I walk to Miles.

“What was that about?” Miles asks as I link my arm with his.

I look at Miles in a surprised way, “I just got myself a date.” Miles woops at me and we both walk out of the school laughing to each other.

This school isn’t looking too bad now, in one day I have gone from new girl to it girl. All of my fears have just disappeared into the distance. 

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