Something New

I walk into the house trying to find Jessica but instead I find Dax playing video games while lying lazily on the sofa, when he sees me he shoots up. Leaning against the doorway, I keep my eyes on him just thinking about how he must find me intruding when he steps over to me.

"What are you-" Then Dax kisses me, only slightly and then pulls back.

"Sorry-" But then I pull him back down and we stand there kissing with the fireworks going in our hearts and stomachs.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


4. {chapter four}

I walk into my house and look around to see if anyone is here, I don’t think Luke is back just yet and I don’t think he will come back tonight. So I am going to throw a large ass, last minute party.

       I pull out my phone and send a broadcast message to all of my contacts, apart from Luke, which has quadrupled over the last week or so as did my popularity.

       Tonight, Saturday, I, Lexie Reed, is holding a party at my place (also Luke’s), be there at 7pm and pass this message onto anyone and everyone. Bring booze.

       Then I click send and don’t feel one ounce of guilt at all. Luke should have seen this coming, but I doubt he’d ever think that I, Lexie, would ever do something so impulsive. My phone beeps and I see it is a text from Miles.

       I’m heading over right now.

       I smile and then my phone beeps again while in my hand and it is the one name that I am pleased to see a reply from, Dax.

       I’ll be there. ;-)

       Oh my god, wink face. What is that supposed to mean?

       The other night when he was going to kiss me, or so I thought, I just wimped out because I wasn’t too sure I wanted my first kiss to be with someone I didn’t like, let alone the school player who would kiss and leave. But for some reason the sight of his positive reply sends my stomach into a frenzy of butterflies.

       There is a knock at the door that was quick, I walk to it and open the door wide to my old best friend, Noah stood there. For a moment a stand frozen to the spot until he steps forward and I throw my arms around him. “Oh my god!” I say loudly and happily to him. I pull back and cup his face staring at him. “What the hell are you doing here?” I say ushering him inside and bringing in his case.

       “I thought I’d come see how my best friend is doing.” Noah puts his bags down next to the sofa. “I just got your text by the way. It’s kind of like a welcome party.” I laugh and walk into the kitchen.

       “Want a drink?” Noah nods. Noah graduated last year and I thought he was going to college but I don’t know now since he is here. “How are you here? What about college?” I ask, handing him a juice.

       Noah sits on a kitchen stool and spins on it like a child, when he stops he answers my question, “I decided to take a gap year.”

       “Oh.” There is another knock at the door but I don’t go to it because I know it is Miles. I just call to him and he walks in but stops when he sees Noah.

       “Who’s the bloke?” Miles asks, shaking his hand.

       “Miles, this is Noah. Noah, this is Miles. Finally, my two best boyfriends meet.” I say happily and they both give me the same baffled expression. “Miles, Noah is my best friend back home. Noah, Miles is my best friend here.” I explain and they get it but just grunt at the same time, almost identical movements follow.

       “So, this party Lex, why are you holding it?” I sit on a stool across from them. “And has Dax contacted you since,” He pauses and glances over to Noah. “You know.” Noah looks a little annoyed that he doesn’t know but I can’t exactly explain Dax to him at this point in time.

       “To get back at Luke and he said he is coming to the party.” I answer both questions in one and watch Miles nod and stand.

       “I’m going for a nap, anyone going to join me?” I laugh at him and as I join him at the bottom of the stairs I look to Noah and help him take his bags upstairs.

       I place his stuff in the spare room as Miles takes his top off and climbs into my bed. I go to leave but Noah stops me, “Is he gay?” I step back and shake my head.


       “Are you actually going for an actual nap?” Noah sounds concerned I nod and laugh.

       “He is my best friend Noah; he doesn’t have to be gay like you.” I stop at the door and before I leave I turn to Noah again. “I saw you checking him out.” I wink and close the door.


I woke at 5 and now it is 6, I am rushing around trying to move furniture and serve up food and drink and clear expensive things while Noah sets up the speakers and Miles gets ready, in a few moments he will be down and I will go get ready.

       As I suspected Miles jogs down smelling of some strong male deodorant and takes over my job. I run upstairs and turn on my iron for my hair. Then I find my tightest denim jeans and a nice flowing top that shows off my bra and has a collar.

       I straighten my hair until it can’t be any straighter and then carefully apply some nude make-up to make it seem like I have made an effort but it isn’t too noticeable.

       I spray a little bit of my favourite perfume of which Adam got me for my birthday.

       As I make my way downstairs the house is already filling, the lights are down and the disco lights we had put in are flying around the room. The music is blaring and the first song is Holy Grail.

       I spot Miles chatting up a girl already and head out to find Noah, who I know will be at the speakers as I put him as DJ because he knows no one. “Hi.” I say shouting into his ear; he turns and throws his arms around me.

       “I thought you’d never come to find me.” I laugh and look at the computer to see that Bonfire is up next and I realize how much I actually like that song. I give Noah a kiss on the cheek with surprises him a little.

       “I missed you Noah.” Noah smiles and then the next song comes on and there is a cheer and hands move in the air to the beat, it is a little overwhelming how many people are actually here.

       Someone tugs at my arm, “Shots!” He screams and I laugh, waving a little as I am dragged away and into the kitchen. Miles winks at me as he pours the shots.

       We all pick one up, me, Robert, Miles, Miles’ girl, Tamara and Adam, and toss them back. My throat burns a little but we all end up laughing because we put the glasses down at the same time. “God that hurts.” Robert says, shaking his head.

       “I know right, urgh.” Miles’ girl says before turning back to Miles and cuddling into him. At that moment Lost Generation comes on and I watch as we all start singing and so do most of the people do at the party, reciting the words and singing at the top of our voices we say, I said I’m living in a lost generation, I said I’m living in a lost generation, I’ve got a my heart, I found my soul, I’m living, I’m living life man.

       Each time the chorus comes on we all sing but even in the verses someone is singing, he jumps up on the coffee table with a hairbrush and starts rapping, we all clap him on and watch as he dances.

       Internet Friends begins fading in and everyone goes back to chatter and dancing or just walking around. As I turn I see Dax across the room with Luke and I find that Luke is pretty angry. I don’t know whether it is because of me and the party or the fact that Dax and him are talking right now.

       Then Luke spots me and starts storming over, it’s me. “Hi.” I say awkwardly but Adam doesn’t shout or even have a go at me or talk all he does in look around and then back to me.

       “How did you do this?” I smile at him and hug him tightly and he hugs back.

       Then Dax walks over and nods at Luke and at that Luke just turns and walks away into the crowds, what is going on? Why did he just walk away? Dax hands me and drink and I take it, sipping on it carefully.

       “What was that about?” I ask him.

       “What?” He asks.

       “You and Luke, he just walked away.” Dax turns to stare at the crowd of people of the dance floor and takes a sip of his drink.

       Then he glances to me, “We’ve sorted things.” I turn to stare at the crowd and we just stared at the crowd with nothing to say to each other. Then a slow song comes on and I see Noah wink at me and Dax and in that moment I want to slap him so hard but I can’t because everyone is pairing up and I see Dax turn to me so I turn.

       “Do you want to dance?” I gulp and take a deep breath; the school bad boy wants to dance with me?

       We join the rest of the couples and he takes my waist as I take his shoulder. Dax stares into my eyes, it cheesy but nice and I kind of like it. The intimacy from it is fun, exciting and I am so happy that Jessica isn’t here because if she was I wouldn’t be doing this, I wouldn’t be thinking of her brother.

       The slow song ends and I part from Dax and walk away quickly because I don’t want it to go beyond that but I feel Dax following me as I step outside into the backyard.

       I sit and when I do I feel someone else sit behind me. There is a tap on my shoulder and I turn, lips pressing against mine. I pull back quickly, my first kiss, damn, my first kiss.

       I search in his eyes for an answer to that and I go to say something when there is a laugh from the back doors and it is once I recognise, Jessica. “Shit.” I sit back a little so when Jessica does turn nothing looks suspicious.

       “Hey you guys.” Jessica walks over to us and pushes Dax, she seems a little tipsy. Jessica wraps her arms around me and sits on my lap. “What are you two doing out here alone?” I look to Dax and he makes something up.

       “Lexie needed some air and I wanted to ask her something.” Jessica looks to me and I nod, smiling.


I wake on my bed and roll over to find Miles snoozing next to me. As I stand I have to shake my legs and run my head because they both ache.

       The first thing I do is head downstairs to get some aspirin. Then I see the state of which the living room is in, cups thrown everywhere, party streamers screwed up and a couple footprints on the carpet, nothing that can’t be fixed easily.

       I step into the kitchen and toss back some aspirin with a drink of orange juice. As I turn the corner I see someone snoozing on my floor, I kick them and they stir. It is Robert; he smiles at me and stands.

       “Morning Rob.” I say, “Time to go.” Robert stands and heads for the door sleepily; I close the door behind him and begin cleaning up and thinking about last night.

       I don’t remember everything but I remember most things. I remember the dancing and the guy on the table, I remember the first round of shots, the girl who was cuddling up to Miles and then I remember...a slow dance?  I strain my mind, with Dax. What the hell?

       Then a kiss.

       Shit, what? A kiss? Me actually kissing someone? I had my first kiss? Now I am seriously freaking out. I had my first kiss last night and I can’t even remember who it was with.

       There is a bang from behind me, I abruptly turn and see a boy sneaking out or he was trying to until I saw him but he hasn’t seen me and I decide not to make him seen.

       Miles heads downstairs, hair strewn around. “Who was that?” He asks looking to the door which has just closed loudly.

       “That’ll be the remains of Noah’s night.” Miles goes wide-eyed.


       “Yes, Noah is gay.”

       “Wow.” I shake my head and go back to picking up the rubbish.


       I pick up my phone to see that it is Dax calling, I let it ring but then decide to finally answer it. “Hi.”

       “Hello Lexie Reed.” I smile a little.

       “Can you tell me what happened last night?”

       “Um...what part?”

       “All I can remember up until clearly is a slow dance, with you and then, a kiss but no straight after the dance.” I hear a little breath leave his lips.

       “I can’t remember either.”

       “Well, okay. Anyway, I have to go, cleaning up to do.”

       “Okay, well, bye Lexie.”

       “Goodbye Dax.”

       With that I hang the phone up and go back to cleaning up but still thinking about how he reacted when I mentioned a kiss, I know I couldn’t see him when I was on the phone but I could hear it, the nervousness, the lying. Now I am determined to find out the truth and I’m sure I will but I will have to ask Dax for it and I am not too sure he will tell me. 

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