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It's a story of a lovestruck boy, hoping to get lucky with a girl as he finally finds the one, yeah the one we all think about


1. Myself to you

Epic crowd, why wudn’t it be… It’s the holy occasion of Krishnastami(the day Lord Krishna was born)… It’s like Christmas for the Christ lovers, the holy Hindus here showing great devotion to their lord.

Where am I at? Right behind the “Krishna Temple”, on a sidewalk, sat on a small stairway to a closed antique store just facing the temple from backwards. A huge mass covered the frontal part of the temple, women and men lined up in two rows, eager for a peek of Lord Krishna..

Wait he’s not alive, it’s his statue… and No, no , no I’m not an atheist but that still doesn’t imply I’m a theist either… Yeah it’s complicated

And u must be thinking like “Why the hell are u there then?”

I just came for a fresh air, yeah funny, a fresh air in a place where there’s hardly any room for air… Infact I’m here cause I just wanted to watch some people, observe them and make out something from their gestures and rendering a play inside my head

You should try it sometimes, it’s kind of creepy yet it’s fun.

Oh, Look at this pair… the guy looks like an alien, only little shorter and much weirder *smiles*

Damn, the girl is a bombshell!!! Score… this guy can definitely play. The guy just said something. And she’s laughing her ass off covering her mouth as she goes as if to stop her teeth from falling (a typical female gesture). They’re just a distant from me… the rattling crowd is too loud for me to eavesdrop and catch up with em.

Talking about this god they have stoned in this temple, he’s said to be awesome with girls at his time of life. I think they said twenty thousand, I guess. Unbelievable man, he used to wander around with his flute and crank some melodies and the girls would swoon and follow him like beast would follow his prey. Gosh! That guy must have been astonishingly awesome, pretty much outa this world.


However back in the real world, I wonder why the girls wouldn’t dig a geek like me. Ya, geek that’s what they call almost everywhere I go. “Geeko, fathead, dumbass, freak, ”. Ya, it was a bit too much to take in since those early times at school but boy I’ve learned to live. My circle of friends is kinda lame, rarely a few to call upon. Bully, ya that’s what my life is, a fucking bully.

You’d be far gone, if u ever really saw a picture of what my days are like. Creepy glances exchanged around the street, inside the tram. They don’t look at me like I’m someone similar to them, a human. Their stares speak “What the… , Creepy, urghh, ewww, E.T. monster”. And college is just the bigger picture of my grotesque life at junior high, more uglier and much worse. I’ve got this enormous head hung above my neck. Well, that shall explain all those cheeky names. The doctors are still investigating on what the problem is and still it seems to me, they are million miles from finding. It’s not a tumor for sure according to them. They somehow managed to find a med to stop it from growing or I’d even fail to stand carrying a huge lump around.

Thanks to god, I guess. My brain works fine and so does my rest of the body. I’m one of the smartest in my class, didn’t mean to brag :P.

There u go, I said it all… a lusterless life, somber summer days and even harsh cold winters. Whatever it is, I am, u surely wouldn’t wanna be me. And I’m proud of myself to have lived through all this, tumbling and tripping my way here. I made it to the college.

Listen carefully, I haven’t yet told you about the girl. Yes, like every man’s story there’s a girl, in this gianthead’s brain or the only thing that makes my stay at college worthwhile including my studies. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you she’s a perfect fit to the word beautiful. In fact, if you see her I guarantee you’d just be swept away with the grace she brings as she walks in… an absolute perfection. Whenever she enters the class, all gazes fix on her not to skip the teachers’. She sits right behind me with her besties seated around. Surprisingly, she’s so nice to me, almost only one to treat me as someone from this planet. Whoever said “Pretty girls are mean” probably haven’t met her yet *smiles*

This usually happens, I don’t know why but every time I think about her, a smile appears out of nowhere. Maybe there’s a reason, something I can hold on to.

Maybe there are some people in the world to whom love is more than just a pretty face. And maybe I’m fortunate enough to be around one. With the summer vacations approaching near, I guess I might need someone to call at night and I definitely want it to be her.

Standing up, prepared for a lonely way back home. Talkin to myself.

Well, that’s it tomorrow’s the day, I’ll finally confess, open up my heart and tell her everything she makes me feel. I’m gonna tell her I love her :)


Hopefully, the worst is behind and tomorrow I'll end up with having something I've always felt I've needed...love










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