He's a vampire!

English fanfic • Three parts • Harry Styles, One Direction • Twilight/One Direction in one


3. Part 3

To your surprise he leaves a small trail of kisses going up to your jawline. His cold lips start to become warm against your skin. You’re in shock but you do what your instinct tells you to do. You kiss him back. His hand goes to the back of your head, bringing your face closer to his. You can tell he’s not human, the kiss is too perfect, it’s the type of kiss you imagine a princess and her prince to share. It’s the type of kiss shared between two people who love each other with every bone in their body. Yet here you are, kissing this man whom you’ve just met. He must feel the same urge to keep kissing you, he pushes you against a large tree trunk and finally, his lips leave yours.

He places his forehead against yours and stares into your eyes.

“Please, don’t try to hurt yourself again” he whimpers.

“I won’t” you say, and actually mean it. It’s a strange thing. To think a few minutes ago you were prepared to end your life, but now you’re staring into the eyes of a man, who you don’t even know his name and want to continue living.

“It’s Harry, by the way” he smiles.

You eye him suspiciously; it’s almost as if he just read your mind. “I’m Y/N” you smile.

In that moment you want nothing more than to have him take you by the hand and bring you anywhere. Just you two, anywhere. You just want to be with him. He makes you forget about all the bad things in your life, he makes you forget about everything.

“Come on” Harry mumbled grabbing your hand and pulling you behind him.

“Where are we going?” you ask really hoping he can’t read your mind. Your mind was your diary, it’s where you keep all your secrets hid.

“To have a good time” he smiles.

He pulled you off the bridge and into the light of the streetlights. Standing with this very dangerous man, you felt extremely safe.

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