He's a vampire!

English fanfic • Three parts • Harry Styles, One Direction • Twilight/One Direction in one


1. Part 1

It’s a cold night. The kind of coldness that makes your skin fills with goose bumps, your nose freeze. The kind of coldness that you would do anything to get away from. Well normally you would do anything. Now you’re trying your best to welcome the cold.

Things aren’t going your way. They never have been, for the past year at least. You just hate your life and try so hard to ignore your pain. You would do anything to make the pain stop.

You lost your job today. So you thought taking a walk would take your mind off things. You were right, but the walk did make you get too distanced from reality. So here you are, lost in the woods. What was supposed to be a short walk to clear your mind is now a long, scary search of a way home.

After walking another ten minutes, you make your way to a small bridge. It’s over a lake that looks awfully scary at night time. Everything looks scary at night time, especially when you’re alone and lost in the woods.

You’re staring at the dark water below you, not realizing that you’re awfully close to the edge. That’s when you get an idea. A terrible, yet satisfying idea. You want to jump. Take away all your pain forever. ‘Is it really worth it?’ you think. You close your eyes hoping for some sort of sign telling you to jump or back away.

That’s when you hear it. A quiet, yet loud sound in these silent woods. A tree branch snaps. Your head turns to the directions or the noise but there’s nothing there.

You feel your palms start to sweat and your heart beat going faster as you see a silhouette of a person. It’s a man. He’s standing in the shadows of the night, near a tree. He snapped the twig but looks as if he regretted doing it. He backs away from you, but still observing you.

“Hello?” you barely whisper, taking a small step towards this mysterious man.

“What are you doing out in these woods alone?” his husky voice purrs into your ears. He’s standing behind you, his lips inches away from your neck. You can feel his cold breath on you.

You turn around, your mouth agape in shock. He’s not there. You quickly glance around you, searching in the darkness for this man.

“You know, all sort of dangers are in these woods”.

“Like what?” you ask trying to sound brave while taking a step towards his voice.

“Like me”.

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