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19 year old Stevie Lewis wins a competition to go on your with one direction. Plus one month with them all you herself. She gets to bring along her best friend Serenity. But what will happen with the boys if one start crushing on Stevie, or two?


11. What happened

Chapter eleven: what happened

Louis's POV 

I was just sitting on my bed when I heard a knock on he door. When I opened it I saw Niall and said hello and all I could remember was it all of a sudden went black. When I woke up I saw Harry and Stevie talking and Niall sitting in the corner with his arms around his knees with a scared look on his face. 

"Um hi." I say and they all look at me,Niall still looking scared. 

"Louis. Your awake." Stevie said with relief. 

"Um yeah. What exactly happened." I asked looking at Niall who looked up. 

" don't remember." He said still in the corner.

"All I remember is saying hello and then black." I say still staring at him. Why is he so scared. 

"Louis. Niall knocked you out." Stevie said coming up to me and rubbing my back. 

"What? Why?" I ask confused now looking at Stevie.

"You don't remember what you did." Harry said looking confused." You kissed Stevie." He continued and I just sat there with my jaw dropped. 

"But she's with Niall. Why would I kiss you." I say to Stevie. 

"I don't know. Why did you" she asked me and all of a sudden I remembered. The kiss, her running to Niall and Niall knocking me out. 

"Um it's because. Well I love you." I said and Niall's face went red with anger. 

"What. Louis you know that I love Niall." Stevie said shocked. Now I knew I did something wrong. 

"I....I'm sorry" I said before leaving the room crying a bit. 

I was walking out side when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Niall standing there. 

"Niall I'm so sorry. I know that you and Stevie are together and." I was cut off by Niall laughing." Wait. Niall why are you laughing." I ask confused. 

"I'm laughing because your in love with my girlfriend." He said still laughing but I was only more confused now. 

"Um I guess we're ok then." I say hopefully. 

"Of course. But if you kiss her again" 

"I know. Bad things will happen." I say cutting him off. 



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