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19 year old Stevie Lewis wins a competition to go on your with one direction. Plus one month with them all you herself. She gets to bring along her best friend Serenity. But what will happen with the boys if one start crushing on Stevie, or two?


14. Truth or dare

Chapter fourteen: truth or dare


Niall's POV I just finished a phone call with Simon. I told him what Stevie does and why she does it. I didn't tell him about me but I did tell him that management isn't letting her stay with me after the tour. He told me that he will talk to them until they let her stay he also told me that he gets why I'm doing this and that no matter what management says she can stay as long at she is safe. I decided that I would tell Stevie she can stay with me after the concert tonight.

Liam's POV We where all together in Zayn and my hotel room watching a movie when it was done we all decided to play truth or dare. Well Louis decided it but we all agreed.

"Well sense you wanted to play so badly why don't you go first." I say to Louis and he nods his head furiously.

"Ok. Niall truth or dare." He said and Niall thought for a bit before responding

"Dare" Niall quickly said.

"I dare you to not eat for two hours." Louis said with a evil grin and Niall and Stevie looked shocked. Then Niall took his plate with his food on it and put it in the garbage on the verge of crying.

"There you happy." He said pouting.

"Yup." Louis said with another evil grin.

"Ok Niall you go." I say to him.

"Louis truth or dare." He said and we all knew Louis answer.


"I dare you to go out in the hallway and kiss the first person you see on the lips." Niall said evilly knowing that one of the members of the group wasn't here and was about to come.

"Sure thing." Louis said running out the door. When he came back in he wasn't alone. Harry was right behind him.

Harry's POV I was just walking out of my hotel room when I saw Louis. I was in the middle of saying hi when he kissed me on the lips. When he pulled back he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the hotel room.

"Ok why did I just get kissed by Louis?" I asked everyone very confused but all they did was burst into laughs. Then Zayn finally caught his breath and told me.

"He was dared to kiss the first person he saw in the hallway and it was you." He said laughing again.

"Ok ok can we keep playing then." I say you everyone and the nod.

"Um can I go next." I say and they nod again.

"Um serenity truth or dare."

"I chose truth." She said and everyone stared at her. I guess she is the first one to pick truth.

"Ok um. Who's you favorite superhero." I ask her and Liam just got very interested.

"Um dare." Serenity quickly said trying to avoid a argument about who's a better superhero with Liam.

"I dare you to answer that question." I tell her.

"Um well thor if he counts." She said and Liam just ignored her.

"Ok um well I'll go now." Serenity said.

"Um Stevie. Truth or dare."

"Dare." Stevie said with a little to much confident

"I dare you to join I'm on Niall's dare." Serenity said evilly and Stevie's smile faded.

"Um sorry to interrupt but what was Niall's dare." I ask everyone.

"Well Louis dared Niall not to eat for two hours and now Stevie has to join in on that dare." Zayn said almost laughing at Stevie. She was throwing away her food almost in tears.

"Stevie your turn." Serenity said.

"Liam. Truth or dare." Stevie asked Liam.


"I dare you to go out side wit just you boxers on and yell. HAS ANYONE SEEN MY CLOTHES I THINK SOMEONE STOLE THEM."

"Ok" Liam said striping down till he was just in his boxers and left. When we where all waited for him to come back we heard him scream out what he was supposed to say. About two minutes later he came back but he had a towel on that he got from the front desk.

"Someone stole my boxers." He said to us embarrassed and we all brush into laughter.

"Ok you go put some clothes on and then take you turn." Zayn told him.

"Ok Zayn truth or dare."


"I dare you to dress up as batman and run around the hotel saying NANANANANANANANA NANANANANANANANA BATMAN." Liam said to him with a smile.

"But we don't have a batman suit here." Zayn said a little to happily.

"Oh don't worry. I always come prepared." Liam said with a grin, ran to his bag and pulled out a batman suit. Zayn put it on and ran outside. About five minutes later he came back and took the suit off.

"Ok my turn. Tony truth or dare."


"Who's your first crush." Zayn asked and tony started to blush like crazy.

"Um well." He said but serenity interrupted.

"It was me." She said and everyone else just stared.

"So your dating your childhood crush." Louis said and tony just nodded. Everyone thought that was really cute.

"Ok last one. Harry truth or dare." Tony asked me.


"I dare you to kiss the one you are crushing on right now." He said and I just looked down at my hands.

"I can't." I say to him.

"Why not."

"Because I told her that I wouldn't ever mess with her and her boyfriend and I am keeping that promise." I say looking at serenity.

"Um ok." Tony said to me.

Zayn's POV The two hour had passed and everyone was leaving well everyone but Niall and Stevie. They where eating sense they couldn't for two hours. When they where done they left and me and Liam just went to bed.

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