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19 year old Stevie Lewis wins a competition to go on your with one direction. Plus one month with them all you herself. She gets to bring along her best friend Serenity. But what will happen with the boys if one start crushing on Stevie, or two?


4. The marathon

Chapter four: the marathon 

When I was about to press play for the first movie I saw Niall jump off the couch. 

"What's wrong?" I ask him confused 

"We need food" he replied. I thought that was cute cause we have plenty of food already but it won't hurt to have more. 

"How about popcorn?" I ask as he sprints off to the kitchen to make some. When he was done I started the movie and he stuffed popcorn in his mouth. 

Niall's POV 

Wow I feel like such a pig around her. Just then she stuffed even more popcorn I'm her already full mouth. Wow she's cute when she eats more then I do. Wait did I just think that? Am I really falling for a girl that I just met this morning? 
Niall's  POV

We are on the fifth movie now when I noticed the time.

"Hey Stevie shouldn't we get to bed now?" I ask her. 

"But we only have three movies left" she said with puppy dog lips.  

"Fine but if you fall asleep I'm not telling what happens." I warned her

"That's fine I've seen them all like a million times" she replied with a grin. 
  *~*~*~*~*after marathon*~*~*~*~*
Niall's POV 

I just woke up from the marathon. When I was trying to stand up I noticed that Stevie was fast asleep on my lap. I could help but stare at her, when all of a sudden her eyes pop open. 

"Take a picture it lasts longer" she told me with a little tired smirk. Then she went back to sleep. 

I dicided I would carry her up to her room so I could pick up some breakfast. 

Stevie's POV 

When I woke up I was in my bed. WHAT I thought I was on the couch downstairs, well I guess Niall brought me up her so he could make breakfast for us. Wait he's making food.  

I ran downstairs to find Niall at the table eating takeout for breakfast. 

"Aw Niall that's not a breakfast." I tell him and he jumps out of his seat. I guess he didn't no I was awake. "Here I'll make some real breakfast" I say still tired. 

" um ok?" He said a bit confused. I guess that's what he usually has for breakfast. "Only if I can take you somewhere for dinner." He added 

Wait did he just ask me out? No he couldn't have we only met yesterday. 

"If that gets you to eat real food then yes." 

Wait did I just say yes? Well all I hope it that he takes me to nandos I've always wanted to go there. 
Niall's POV 

"Um I gonna go upstairs." I say before sprinting to my bed room

When I got to my room I started searching for my phone "ugh where is it" I say to myself. Then I heard my ringtone and leap onto my bed to grab it like it will try and get away.  

"Hello" I say into my phone

"Hey Niall it's Louis"

"Louis just the person I needed" I kinda scream into the phone. 

"Hey can I tell you what I wanted first since I'M the one that called" he said back to me before speaking again. "Me and the guys want to take the girls for lunch to welcome them to London." 

"Um ok, I'll tell Stevie" I quickly tell him before talking once again. "Ok well um how do I put this." 

"JUST TELL ME" Louis screamed into the phone. 

"Ok ok" I say with my hands up in serenader even though he can't see me. "I think I asked Stevie out" I quickly say

"Wait what. What did she say."

"Um well. She said yes" 

"Sorry lad I got to go I left serenity with Harry and well...... You no its Harry."then he hung up. 

Serenity's POV 

Ok so Louis left me. Alone. With Harry Styles, well this should be interesting. I decided to tell him straight out that I'm not interested. 

"Harry" I say a bit scared. "I just wanted to tell you something." But before I could finish he kissed me, and of course the right thing to do is pull back and make sure tony never knows, but the thing is I didn't pull back but I didn't kiss back either. 

"What's wrong?" He asked looking worried 

"You kissed me and I didn't pull back" I say with tears streaming down my face. 

"What wrong with that?" He asked confused. 

"I I have a boyfriend." I say before running up to my room, locking the door and crying into my pillow. How could I do that to tony? 

About an hour later I heard a knock at my door. 

"Hey serenity it's Lou. Can you open the door for me. " he asked 

I opened the door to see he was very worried. I couldn't help but cry into his shoulder. 

"I'm sorry for what He did, but we really need to get going. We have that lunch with you guys, remember." He said sweetly letting me hug him tight. 

"Ok" letting go of him and walking out side with him and Harry. 

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