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19 year old Stevie Lewis wins a competition to go on your with one direction. Plus one month with them all you herself. She gets to bring along her best friend Serenity. But what will happen with the boys if one start crushing on Stevie, or two?


9. The carnival

Chapter nine: the carnival 

Liam's POV

Today me and the guys are going to one of Niall's favorite carnivals. We're taking serenity,Stevie and tony too so it's going to be lots of fun. 

I was getting really for the carnival when my phone rang. 

"Ello" I quickly say grabbing my keys and wallet so I don't forget them. 

"Hey Liam it's Zayn." He said sounding very tired 

"Wow really Zayn, your in the same room as me." I say looking at him. Then he turns his head to look at me to and hung up the phone. 

"Oh right. I forgot" he replied with a embarrassed look on his face. 

"We have to go. Now." I tell him before leaving the room. Then I got another call. 

"Hey" I say annoyed sense I'm going to be late now. 

"Um Liam you forgot something." I heard Zayn say on the other line. 

"What" I say even more annoyed.

"Me" he says with his head poking out of the doorway now. 

"Oh sorry Zayn." I say quickly grabbing his collar and dragging him downstairs. 

"Hey Liam" I hear Zayn say again. 

"What" now I'm really annoyed.

" could you let go of me. I'm perfectly capable  of waking on my own" he says before I let go of him. 
"Sorry " I say as we get into the car.

Stevie's POV 

Today me Serenity's and the boys (which includes tony) are going to a carnival. 

When I just finished putting my outfit on Niall came in. 

"Hey we need to get going, everyone else left already." He said before I jumped on his back and we went to the car. 

When we got to the carnival I quickly jumped out to find everyone else. 

"Hey Niall I found them." I tell Niall. Not yelling it or we'll get mobbed. 

"Ok let's go." He said as we walk to the guys. 

Niall's POV

When we just got to the carnival and found the guys I heard Harry ask us something. 

"What took you guys so long." He asked me confused. 

"Well, Stevie here took forever to find her outfit." I say and she just laughs. 

"And Niall here just couldn't get his hair right." She continued still laughing but this time everyone else joined in. 

"How about we go on some rides now" I say trying to get them to stop laughing at me. 

"Aw Niall do you not like it when he laugh at you." Stevie said to me and I just nod. "Ok let's get on some rides." She says and everyone got wide eyes and we got into two groups. Me Stevie Louis and Liam, and serenity Harry  Zayn and Tony. When we got into the groups we all went for the rides. 

Liam's POV 

I'm in a group with Niall Stevie and Louis. We all wanted to go on a roller coaster. When we found one that looked really fun we got in line. 

"Hey Niall this one has a row is four seats, we can all sir in he same row then." Stevie told Niall quietly so no one would notice us. 

When we got in our seats the ride started. 

Louis's POV 

On the ride I was sitting beside Stevie then it was Niall and then Liam. When the ride started I noticed Stevie grabbed Niall's hand. Wait she grabbed my hand too and I felt a spark. Nt a crazy one just a little one but it was still a spark. 

Stevie's POV 

When the ride started I grabbed Niall's and Louis's hands. When I grabbed Louis's hand I felt a little spark, but when I grabbed Niall's it was bigger then Louis's. 

When the ride was over we went for food then we had to wait for about an hour so we could go back on rides. 

Serenity's POV 

When we finished our first ride we decided to get food. 

So far Harry has kept his promise to me. He kept away from me and he even brought Tony here. 

After we were done eating and waiting an hour we went on about five more rides before everyone wanted to go home. 

Zayn's POV 

When our last ride was over I called up Liam to tell him that we where done here. 

"Hello" I heard him say but it was a bit to clear. Right when I said hello I heard Liam yell boo. 

"Liam don't do that ever again." I say tariffed and he's just laughing like crazy and everyone else joined in. 

After our laughing fits where over we all gathered up in our cars and left for the hotel. 


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