More than this

19 year old Stevie Lewis wins a competition to go on your with one direction. Plus one month with them all you herself. She gets to bring along her best friend Serenity. But what will happen with the boys if one start crushing on Stevie, or two?


8. Ireland

Chapter eight: Ireland 

Stevie's POV 

When we got off the plane we got our luggage and went into the car to go to the hotel. When I got into the hotel room that me and Niall are sharing I heard serenity scream from the room next to mine. I ran to her room and I scream to. 

"Tony what are you doing here." Serenity asked him before giving him a kiss. 

"A certain  someone told me to come and he paid for me to come." He said looking at the doorway. Me and serenity look and see Harry standing there with a smile on his face showing off his dimples. 

"I thought that would be a really good way to say sorry for what happened." Harry said before he realized how he worded it. 

"Wait what happened. Did something happen between you too." Tony said his face turning red with anger. 

" Harry kissed me" serenity says sweetly trying to give tony a kiss on his cheek but he stopped her and tackled Harry trying to strangle him but Harry flipped him over and pinned his arms on the floor.  

"Just let me explain." Harry said trying to keep the wriggling tony down on the floor. 

"Fine explain the details of the time you kissed my fucking girlfriend." Tony yelled to Harry. 

" I didn't know that she had a boyfriend she was going to tell me but I kissed her before she could. I wouldn't have done it if I new. I promise." Harry yelled and started to cry a little bit. 

"Tony blame me I didn't pull back" serenity said crying and tony just looked at her with hurt in his eyes. 

"I'm going home." Tony said and walked out of the door and serenity followed him still crying. 

Tony's POV 

I can't believe she would do that to me I mean well a guy kissed her when she was thirteen but that was before we where dating and she said she didn't feel anything with that guy. Wait I never let her explain. Ugh I'm such a jerk, I'll go back and talk to her. Right then I felt a light touch in my arm I knew it was serenity so I turned around to see her beautiful blue eyes filled with tears. Did I make her cry? Aw I am a jerk I'll let her explain. 

" I'm sorry tony I really am." She told me still crying 

" I know you are I just want to ask you something." I quickly say to her. 

" anything." 

" did it mean anything to you. You know the kiss" I ask her still hurt a little bit. 

" of corse is didn't mean anything to me. Your the one I love and that will never change." She told me and I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a peck on her cheek. 

Stevie's POV

After all of that madness was worked out Niall brought me to this little park that he always went to when he was little. 

" this is where I always wanted my first kiss to be. " he told me. 

"How about we pretend this is your first kiss" I tell him before I give him a kiss on the lips. This was our first real kiss. We did kiss each other but it was only a quick peck on the lips but this one was full of passion. He just smiled at me before kissing me back after what seemed like forever we pulled apart and just stared into each others eyes. 

Niall's POV 

Wow that was our first real kiss and well I didn't want it to end. After we just stared into each others eyes. She smiled at me showing off her dimples and I smiled back after we found a tree to sir under. After a little while she fell asleep In my arms and not long after I fell asleep too. 

Stevie's POV

When I woke up I noticed we were still in the park. Niall was just sitting there staring at me not knowing I was awake. 

"Take a picture it lasts longer." I say to him and he jumps a little. We decided to go back to the hotel so we could get some food and so the guys won't get worried. 

Niall's POV 

When we got back to the hotel we found Louis looking I'm our room for us. Right now he was looking under the bed. 

"You really think we would be under there." I say and he jumps hitting his head on the bottom of the bed. Yes his head was under the bed. 

" where were you guys." He asked us with a worried tone in his voice. 

"We were at the park and well we fell asleep. I say the last part looking at Stevie. Then I looked up to see Louis look a little hurt. 

"Well we have our first concert today so get ready. We need to practice." He said before leaving the room. 

Stevie's POV 

Right now I'm picking my outfit for the concert. Serenity is going to straighten my hair but I really need to find a outfit.

After for what seemed like forever I finally found the outfit I was going to wear tonight. It was black skinny jeans with white tall boots,a light blue shirt with a white leather jacket and my hair was straight with a  ribbon the same color as my shirt tied into a bow. 

Right when I was ready we had to leave. Yes it took me all day to find out what I was going to wear. I got into the limo with the rest of the guys and we where off to the concert. 

Louis's  POV

We've already sang three songs. She's not afraid, little things,and tell me a lie. Now we're going to sing more than this. I love this song and right now it's kinda about me. 

Stevie's POV

Me, serenity and tony are in a box seat and we can see the stage perfectly. They already sang three songs, it's funny cause they are three of my favorite songs to. During little things Niall was looking at me the whole time and he started to cry a little when it was his part. 

Now there singing more than this. It came up to Louis's part and he just stared at me the whole time he was singing like he was singing to me. Wow that's weird he knows I'm dating Niall, why would he want to sing a song like that to me and not have it mean anything. I'll have to tell him that I'm in love with Niall and only with him as a brother but I'll have to say it very nicely. 

Niall's POV 

During more than this I noticed Louis staring at Stevie during his part. Does Lou like Stevie or is he just looking at her cause she's being silly. I looked up at her and she looked as confused as I was. Oh well I'll just forget about it. 

Louis's POV 

After the concert we all met up backstage and Stevie pulled me aside. 

"Lou do you like me" she asked me. I could feel my cheeks turn red. 

"Lou you know I'm in love with Niall. I mean I love you too but only as a brother." She tells me. I know it's true but I was still hurt. I mean I really like Stevie but I don't want to hurt Niall. 

"Ok I'll leave you and Niall be. As long as we're still friends" I say and she just laughs. 

"Of corse we're still friends. How could I not be friends with you." She asked with a big smile on her face showing her dimples. Aw she's so cute, but she's Niall's not mine so I have to let her be. 

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