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19 year old Stevie Lewis wins a competition to go on your with one direction. Plus one month with them all you herself. She gets to bring along her best friend Serenity. But what will happen with the boys if one start crushing on Stevie, or two?


13. I promise

Chapter thirteen: I promise

Tony's POV 

I was talking to serenity when I heard something in Niall and Stevie's room. 

"Um one sec. I'm just gonna check something." I tell serenity and she looks confused but still nods. 

When I walked onto there room Niall wasn't in there but I heard something from in the bathroom so I when in. There I saw Stevie, with a knife in her hand and old and new cuts on her wrist. She was crying to. 

"Stevie what are you doing." I ask her hugging her and rubbing her back. "If Niall did anything I will murder him." I add on, Then call serenity. 

When serenity came in aware of what was happening she immediately started to cry. 

"Stevie. Why" she said between sobs. 

"Please don't tell Niall. He thinks I stopped." Stevie said crying. 

"This isn't your first time." I ask my heart breaking and she nods. 

"Stevie I have to tell him." I say taking out my phone and calling him. 

"Hello." Niall said into the phone.  

"Hey Niall it's Tony. You have to come to your hotel room. NOW" I say hanging up the phone and going back to Stevie. 

About five minutes after I called Niall I heard the door open. 

"Hey Tony you here." I heard Niall ask. 

"Ya I'm in the bathroom with serenity and Stevie. 

Niall's POV 

After Tony called me I rushed to my hotel room. When I got there I heard crying. 

"Hey tony you here." I ask him. 

"Ya I'm in the bathroom with serenity and Stevie." He said. Why is he in the bathroom with Stevie and serenity? When I went into the bathroom the first thing I saw was blood and a knife. 

"TONY, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY GIRLFRIEND." I yell to him and he just looks surprised. 

"I didn't do anything to her. I heard something in here so I came in and saw her on the ground with a knife in her hand and cuts on her wrist." He said to me and my eyes started to water. 

I immediately   sat by Stevie and hugged her. Then I took the knife out of her hand and gave it to tony. 

"I'm sorry for yelling at you tony." I tell him. 

"It's ok you were in shock." He says to me then leaves with serenity to leave me alone with Stevie. 

"I thought you stopped cutting." I say to her after giving her a light kiss on the lips. 

"I I I can't." She said between sniffles. 

"I'll help you. I promise." I say truthfully. She smiles a bit and I wash of her arm trying not to hurt her but she still flinched a bit. 

"Sorry." I say to her 

"It's ok." She says with a little smile but I knew it was fake. 

"So why are you cutting. If you don't mind me asking. " I ask her as we walk to the bed. 

"Well when I was in Winnipeg I was bullied but the kids in my class and at home I was abused by my parents." She says tearing up again and I start to rub her back to calm her down. 

"But your not in Winnipeg anymore. So why are you still cutting." I ask her 

"Because I no that I will have to go back to that." She say now full on crying. 

"Not if you stay with me." I say to her and she just looked at me. 

"Did you just ask me to stay with you after the tour." She asked me and I nod and pulled her into a hug. 

"Of corse I'll stay with you."  She said to me and I kissed her again. 

"As long as you don't go back there where it caused this to happen I'll be happy." I say in her ear.   



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