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19 year old Stevie Lewis wins a competition to go on your with one direction. Plus one month with them all you herself. She gets to bring along her best friend Serenity. But what will happen with the boys if one start crushing on Stevie, or two?


15. Forgetting

Chapter fifteen: forgetting

Stevie's POV

At the concert me , serenity and tony where all sitting together. The boys where going to sing back for you, truly madly deeply, best song ever, still the one, magic, little things, and I want. The reason I know this is because Niall told me. When the concert started we all stopped our conversation to listen to the boys.

Liam's POV

When we started to sing little things everyone went quiet. It got up to Niall's part and he started to cry a little bit so I decided to help him out a bit. I sat beside him and started to help him sing his part. When we finished the concert we met up with Stevie, serenity and Tony to go out for food.

"So where should we go?" Zayn asked everyone.

"Nandos" Niall and Stevie say in sync and the rest of us laugh at them.

Stevie and Niall went in Niall's car and serenity Tony and Zayn went in Zayn's car and the rest of us went in Louis car. When we got to nandos we noticed that Niall and Stevie where not there.

"Hey do you guys know where Niall and Stevie are." Zayn asked. " they should be here by now." He continued and we all saw a ambulance rush by. Right when we saw the ambulance rush by we all jumped into the cars and rushed after it. When we got to the hospital we saw the paramedics take Niall and Stevie out on stretchers.

Serenity's POV

When I saw Stevie on a stretcher all I could do was cry. Then Tony pulled me into a hug.

"Don't worry they will be ok." He says tearing up. That's when I knew that even he didn't know what was going to happen. We all went into the hospital and went up to the front desk.

"Um hello. Can we see Niall Horne and Stevie Lewis." Liam asked the lady beholder the desk.

"How do you know them." She asked and I saw Liam's face go red.

"He's In my fricken band and she's his fricken girlfriend so let us see them now." Liam said really mad.

"They are in room 216." She told us and we all went up to there room. When we got up to there room I just stopped at the door.

"What's wrong. Don't you want to see Stevie." Harry asked me and I just started to cry again.

"I can't." I say quickly and run back to the cars.

Tony's POV

"I'll go talk to her." I say and start walking back to the cars but then I felt someone stop me.

"Can I." Harry asked me and I just nodded and he left.

We all went into the room and I noticed that they didn't look like they where in a car accident. In fact they looked totally fine. When I nurse came in the room I asked what happened to them and she told me that they where both shot and if they didn't get the call when they did they would probably be dead. About ten minutes in the room I saw Stevie's and Niall's eyes open.

"Guys there awake." I whispered to everyone and everyone looked at them. They where very pale and looked scared.

"Hey." I said to Niall and Niall looked confused.

"Hey Stevie." Louis said and Stevie looked just as confused as Niall.

I called a nurse again and asked her why they where so confused and she told me that they lost part of there memory. So I decided to ask them questions.

"Hey Niall." Niall looked confused but still answered.

"Um hi." He said quietly. "Do you remember these four guys.

" I say pointing to Louis Harry Liam and Zayn. All Niall did was nod. Good he remembers being in the band.

"Hey Stevie." I say to her and she smiles at me.

" hey tony." She said to me.

"Do you remember serenity."I ask her.

" of corse I do why would you ask such a question." She say almost laughing.

" Niall do you remember meting Stevie."

"Um. Yes I remember being in a relationship with her." He said to me and I smiled.

"And Stevie do remember meeting Niall." I asked and she said no.

"We'll you two where together and well you loved each other." I said to her and she looked surprised.

"But how am I in a relationship with someone I don't no." Stevie asked me and well I really didn't no how to answer her. Then I looked at Niall again and he looked heartbroken.

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