You Can't Have Both

Katie Pierce was your popular girl in school. had all the friends, and even the hottest boyfriend. she loved her life and she wished it could stay like that forever.

that was until her and her dad had to move half way around the world just after she finished senior year, forced to leave everything behind she loved.

she promised things to people that she now realises she cant keep. hatred soon grew back in her home town over her, after only a month in her new house.

will she try and regain all friendship with her old friends, or will she create a whole new life in an attempt to forget?


2. Chapter two

The plane ride was surprisingly long. Like really long and really boring. 


But now were off and wandering around another airport like lost tourists and to be honest it really embarrassing. So many people are staring at us like we have three heads or something. 


"Dad, I'm just gonna ask someone." I said, turning around in a few circles to see who I could ask. 

"Oh no you don't." he spoke, grabbing a hold of my jumper hoodie and guiding me up beside him. After another minute had passed, I slowly dipped back behind dad and looked around for someone who I thought could help us once again.




I fell flat on my face right in the middle of everyone. And worst of all, I had tripped over someone else as well. I looked up and met a pair of sparkling brown eyes which mirrored what I was doing. Getting lost aimlessly in the others eyes. This guy, he had long brown curls that hung down to his shoulders, and wore a black beanie on top. I scanned my eyes down his body and could tell he was pretty built, so I'm guessing he went to the gym a lot. 


wow hes like the my perfect boyfriend I thought in my head. shit. i have a boyfriend katie. remember? back in australia? whom you love dearly.


"Well who knows you could be my perfect girlfriend" I jerked my head up real fast and met his eyes again, but this time he had the biggest smile planted on his face. My cheeks turned a bright shade of red as I realised I actually mumbled about him. I fumbled for my bag and hooked it around my shoulder. I pushed off the floor before quickly scurrying away amoungst the crowd. 


When I finally caught up with dad again, he had found the exit and so I strolled out the glass doors beside the trolley filled with luggage bags, trying to forget about what had happened before with that guy. 


And his perfect jaw line.

And his sparkling eyes.

Cute smile.

Ripped body.


For some reason, I wanted to forget, but hes stuck in my mind like someone had used bubblegum up there in my brain. 


my oh my oh my.


Hot Guys Pov

This beautful girl crawled off the floor and ran into the crowd and I still sat there shocked. As I got up and bent down to grab my bag, I noticed she had dropped her phone. It was slightly smashed in the top right hand corner, probably from when we crashed. I scooped up my bag and began to run after her, but she was no where to be seen. I ran out the exit and through the car park, but still no sign. It's like she had just disappeared into thin air. 


At least I have her number I chuckled to myself. 

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