You Can't Have Both

Katie Pierce was your popular girl in school. had all the friends, and even the hottest boyfriend. she loved her life and she wished it could stay like that forever.

that was until her and her dad had to move half way around the world just after she finished senior year, forced to leave everything behind she loved.

she promised things to people that she now realises she cant keep. hatred soon grew back in her home town over her, after only a month in her new house.

will she try and regain all friendship with her old friends, or will she create a whole new life in an attempt to forget?


21. chapter twenty-one

I woke up fully clothed and a missing Harry. 


I climbed out of bed and stumbled to the door, pushing it open. I shuffled through to the kitchen, pouring myself a cold glass of water. 


I steadily leaned against the bench, contemplating what to do today. I still wasn't feeling the best, but at least I was better than yesterday. 


"I know what ill do." I cheered, pushing myself off the bench and walking towards the bedroom. I changed from my pjs into a pair of skinny jeans and a band tee. I slipped on a pair of converses and then headed for the elevator. 


Once i was out of the hotel, I began walking down the sidewalk, heading to the shops. 


"Oh sorry." I mumbled, after I accidentally bumped into someone. 

"Katie?" They asked. 

"Yeah?" I turned around to see Luke standing in front of me. 

"Katie!" He yelled, bringing me in and smashing his lips on mine. I relaxed into the kiss, and soon pulled away,  I was speechless. 

"I'm so sorry for not calling or texting, but I promise I will be the best boyfriend ever!" He smiled, entwining his fingers with mine. 


Wait what?

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