You Can't Have Both

Katie Pierce was your popular girl in school. had all the friends, and even the hottest boyfriend. she loved her life and she wished it could stay like that forever.

that was until her and her dad had to move half way around the world just after she finished senior year, forced to leave everything behind she loved.

she promised things to people that she now realises she cant keep. hatred soon grew back in her home town over her, after only a month in her new house.

will she try and regain all friendship with her old friends, or will she create a whole new life in an attempt to forget?


1. Chapter one

"Promise me we will talk everyday?" he said, tears welling up in both our eyes. "I promise" I whispered as I softly kissed his pink lips, hoping this moment could last forever. 


I forced my eyes open as I had felt a set of strong arms wrap around my waist, and pull me backwards, separating myself from my boyfriend. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I got pulled further and further away from him, and through a pair of large double doors behind us. As the doors closed shut, I was placed gently on the carpet covered floors by my father, before I scrambled myself up off the ground and to the doors once again. I clasped my hands around the large handles and pulled them open, but they wouldn't budge. I shook them vigorously before sliding to my right and peering out of a circular window, which sat about my height. As I peered out, mass crowds of people filled my view from left to right. 


He was no where to be seen. 


"Come on sweety. The plane is about to take off. We have to take our seats otherwise they will leave without us." my Dad sympathetically said, knowing too well i knew we had to go. 

I took once last glimpse through the window before turning around and walking by my dads side. 


As much as I didn't want to leave, I was doing it for my father. He had gotten a promotion the other month and his boss told him if he wanted it, he would have to move. So of course, he took it. 




A tall, petite woman wearing the usual flight attendant uniform greeted us at the plane door, before scanning our ticket, and handing us to another flight attendant to show us our seat location, whilst she shut the door behind us. I followed the smaller, more plump lady as she guided us to our seats. Dad let me have the window seat and so I slid across and sat down, immediately pulling my legs up to my chest, and resting my head on my knees. Dad finally sat down after putting some bags in the over head compartment and not even 30 seconds later, and announcement had been spoken. 


"Excuse me ma'am, but you will have to place your feet under the chair in front of you, and buckle your seat belt while we ascend into the air. after that, you can sit however you wish." The same small, chubby lady from before told me. I did as I was asked and she smiled and wished us a safe flight, before leaving and talking to more passengers. 


As the plane began rolling, I turned my head and watched aimlessly out the window. I squinted my eyes and I saw a huge sign being pushed against the airport window with my name on it. And as the plane wheeled closer, I could only just read the sign clearly. 


'Summer, i love you' 


I felt a small wobble from the wheels of the plane disappeared below us as the plane flew up higher and higher into the sky. I rested my head back against the pillow as more salty tears fell from my eyes. 


I sure was going to miss Australia.


and Him.

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