You Can't Have Both

Katie Pierce was your popular girl in school. had all the friends, and even the hottest boyfriend. she loved her life and she wished it could stay like that forever.

that was until her and her dad had to move half way around the world just after she finished senior year, forced to leave everything behind she loved.

she promised things to people that she now realises she cant keep. hatred soon grew back in her home town over her, after only a month in her new house.

will she try and regain all friendship with her old friends, or will she create a whole new life in an attempt to forget?


15. chapter fifteen

The next day had come so quickly, and I was so excited. I jumped out of bed and dragged the suitcase down the hall. I went and had a long shower before hoping out and getting dressed. I decided on a floral dress for today with a pair of plain black converses. I let my hair dry in its natural curls and walked back out to my suitcase before grabbing my make-up bag and applying a small bit of make-up, before putting it away again. 


"Ready pumpkin?" My dad smiles as I walk outside to greet him. 

"Ready." I smile back, dragging my heavy bag behind. I turned around and met Harry's gaze as he was standing at his lounge room window, looking sad. I rolled my eyes and chucked my bag in the boot before slamming it shut. I climbed in the front seat and shut the door, before dad started the car. I plugged my headphones in and started listening to Ed Sheeran, as I aimlessly stared out the window. 


Memories of me andHarry soon appeared, but I fast pushed them aside and thought of my friends I would be seeing soon. 


Harrys Pov

Where was she going? 


Why would she have her suitcase?


She's leaving?


Tears started falling from my eyes as I realised she didn't love me. I was too late. 


But I wasn't giving up on her that easily. 


I quickly grabbed the keys and my wallet and headed for my car, before jumping in and starting it up with a roar. 


I was heading for the airport. 


As I arrived, I searched for a car park, but couldn't find a free one. After another minute or so, I spotted one in the distance. I parked, climbed out and locked it before bolting for the doors. As I walked in I was bombarded by tourists. I stood on the tips of my toes and searched for her. She was no where. 


I scrambled through the crowd and up to the ticket machine. London is so technological now.


Thinking back to all the conversations we had about where she was from, I pressed the buttons for the correct ticket information and soon one appeared from the bottom. I checked the time on my phone and cursed as the plane left in 5 minutes. I checked the gate number before pushing my way through. I reached the gate and soon let the lady scan my ticket so I could go on. I found my seat in no time and sat down with a thump. I let out a heavy sigh and stress fully ran my fingers through my tangled hair. 


I hope I'm on the right flight. 


Sydney, Australia. 


Katies Pov

Dad and I boarded the plane and were seated up the front. I again got a window seat, whilst dad sat beside me. I leaned forward and searched around my carry on bag for my diary. Once I found it I searched for a pen, and soon I found that as well. i leaned back and re positioned myself so my back was against the window, so dad couldn't read it. 


I opened up to the page I was at yesterday, and then turned over, my mouth fell wide open. There was a note from Harry. 


As I read it, tears were welling up in my eyes. I have just made a huge mistake leaving Harry behind. All this time I thought he didn't like me at all, and here it says he loves me. I read over the letter a couple more times before scribbling on the page next to it. 


Diary entry 7

What have I just done.


I stood up and excused myself to dad, before heading straight for the back of the plane, to the toilets. As I walked past someone caught my eye, but I continued for the toilets, as I was sure it wasn't who I thought it was. 


As I waited in line, I felt someone behind me. My breath hitched in my throat and I got shivers, but then thought I was being kinda silly considering I was in fact in a line. When the person that was in front of me earlier came out of one of the two occupied toilets, I walked in and closed the door behind me. I sat on the closed toilet seat and cried into my hands. The door suddenly opened and closed and my head shot up real fast. 


My breathing became heavy and I began shaking. I instantly felt dizzy as I stared aimlessly at the tall figure standing opposite me. 


"Harry?" I whispered.


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